What shoes to wear with trousers in autumn 2020

Every fashionista should literally learn what shoes to wear with trousers in the fall of 2020 in order to create not only stylish, but also harmonious looks. In this article, we have created a cheat sheet for you on the most win-win combinations of clothing styles and pairs of shoes. Don’t thank!

Versatile combinations with various styles of trousers


Straight-cut trousers are usually an indispensable part of the basic wardrobe, as they are famous for their versatility and practicality. Stylists suggest that such a model is best combined with ankle boots or boots with stilettos or column heels. But combinations with a wedge and a miniature heel can be considered a failure. Ballet shoes are also among the unsuccessful options.


Many fashionistas have doubts before buying wide trousers – what shoes to wear with this cut? But you should not limit yourself in the desire to look especially sophisticated, feminine and elegant – besides, many models of shoes look harmoniously with the palazzo.

A win-win move is the selection of shoes with heels, which are almost completely hidden by the length of the palazzo trousers. If wide trousers are not long enough, they will perfectly harmonize with block-heeled ankle boots.

The combination of wide-leg pants with heels has another advantage in addition to a harmonious look. Stylists suggest that such a tandem most effectively lengthens the silhouette and slims. This property is especially noticeable if there are vertical arrows or contrasting stripes on the trousers.

It is also worth mentioning pairs that are categorically not recommended to be combined with wide pants. We are talking about loafers, models with miniature graceful heels, rough boots, ugg boots and other pairs in casual design with a flat sole.

However, the combination of wide trousers with sneakers should not be immediately abandoned. Stylists claim that this style of pants can be advantageously beaten for everyday style. For such a transformation, it is permissible to make a combination with a hoodie, a straight coat and a beanie hat. True, in order for the bow to look really advantageous, it should be completed with voluminous sneakers on a tangible platform.


You may be wondering what shoes you should wear wide flared trousers with in the fall of 2020. For a harmonious look with such a model, it is important to consider choosing a pair so that its heel at least half covers the hem of the legs. At the same time, the shoe model can be presented both with a stiletto heel and with a fairly stable heel.

If you want to emphasize the hippie past of flared trousers, you can complement them with platform shoes. Such a look is ideally supported by accessories with a hint of retro style – for example, a felt hat or a blouse with a bow and a colorful print.

The combination of a flared cut with flat shoes also has the right to exist, but such a duet is ideal only for tall and slender fashionistas.

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Before you figure out what shoes to wear with cropped trousers in the fall of 2020, you should first dot the i’s in questions about current styles. So, this season, most fashionistas prefer to rely on a straight or tapered cut with a length of 7/8 with and without arrows. It is these models that we will focus on when creating winning combinations.

When combining short trousers, stylists recommend first of all to pay attention to short pairs of demi-season shoes with heels that do not cover the ankle. The high rise combined with the shortened length of the pants is a winning tandem for short girls who are not going to sacrifice precious centimeters of growth.

Given the fact that cropped trousers focus on women’s legs and ankles, you can safely pick up accent shoes with an interesting design. For example, when complementing an image with the specified bottom, bright or printed ankle boots will come in handy.

To stylishly beat cropped trousers in the office, you can pick up universal pumps, Mary Jane shoes, loafers or heeled shoes with them.

Saving you from fashion failures, we also note which pairs of shoes do not harmonize with cropped trousers from the word “absolutely”. Models on wedges, as well as all pairs that cover the ankle, became such outsiders.


Among all trendy trousers, culottes stand apart – a model that requires adherence to especially strict rules when choosing shoes. The fact is that the original cut, with the slightest mistake, is not able to profitably land and shorten the silhouette of a fashionista, therefore it requires a special approach.

So, high-top ankle boots become very insidious in combination with culottes and visually disproportionate even a slender ideal figure. Such a combination is only permissible if tight matching tights are matched to ankle boots.

To stylishly wear culottes in the fall, you can beat them with classic tone-on-tone ankle boots. In winter, actual stocking boots can easily fit under the wide cut of the trousers.

If you are afraid that culottes will visually steal a few centimeters of height, then you can adopt another trick – namely, choosing shoes that nullify this property. Such a pair can have a vertical zipper, full-length lacing, contrasting straight panels or a pointed toe in combination with a V-neck.


In order to beat bananas as fashionably as possible in the 2020 season, it is worth borrowing a trick from top designers. They invited their models to tuck wide pants into high boots to make basic combinations more stylish and interesting. It is worth recognizing that the idea justified itself by 100%!

We draw your attention to the fact that in this image the shoes can be contrasting with the pants or match the shade with it. However, if you need to visually lengthen the silhouette, it is better to bet on monochrome.


Alas, tight-fitting trouser models in recent seasons are gradually losing their positions of relevance, giving way to the title of favorite for freer and more spacious styles. However, there is one fashionable trick that allows you to beat the usual narrow cut. The whole secret lies in combination with high leather or suede boots with a wide top. By the way, such new shoes are at the peak of popularity in the 2020 season and definitely do not intend to lose their worthy title in the near future.

Under the skinny, another stylish novelty of the 2020 season is perfect, namely jockey-style boots with a small heel or flat sole. This model looks great in everyday looks and adds a fashionable twist to them.


Leather texture is among the unchanging leaders of the cold season trends. It is very easy to fall in love with novelties made of such material, because they perfectly protect from the cold, harmoniously fit into various images and make them more…

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