What shoes will be fashionable in the summer of 2019

The summer season is approaching, and more and more fashionistas are wondering: “What shoes are in fashion in the summer of 2019?” If you have not yet decided on your favorite couple, then let’s look at the current options for the next seasons together.


Main trends

You need to choose shoes for the summer, taking into account your occupation, wardrobe style and personal wishes. Buy the models that will go with the most of your clothes.

If you always want to be in trend, then remember that fashion designers and designers are increasingly paying attention to open-toed mules, high platform shoes, ugly Snickers with massive soles. Fashionable summer shoes should be unusual, bright and interesting, attract attention and be one of the main elements in the image.

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Various accessories, stripes, fringes, faux fur, transparent details are in trend today, photos are presented in our review. Such jewelry can become a link in the image, for example, if the fringe details are repeated on a bag, earrings or a T-shirt. This will make the image more solid, thoughtful, and distinguish you from the crowd.

current models

Let’s take a closer look at what shoes will be in fashion in the summer of 2019.

  • Mules – shoes that look like slippers. They are distinguished by a closed toe, an open heel, a low heel. They look very simple, but noble, fit perfectly into a semi-business and casual style. In summer, they are especially comfortable because they cannot rub the heel, they are convenient to take off and put on, and provide good air exchange. These mules are worn with 7/8 length trousers, skirts, T-shirts, blouses, oversized jackets.

This year, models with short faux fur are especially popular. They are not warm, on the contrary, they are ideal for warm summer weather, since then the fur is the least dirty. Fur shoes are perfect for a classic bow, will be an interesting highlight. You should not choose additional clothes with fur along with such mules, otherwise you risk becoming like a Bigfoot.

  • Thin strap sandals – ideal for a normcore wardrobe, in which everything is basic, there is no clearly defined or bright style. To add a little femininity, to make the image more tender, choose shoes with thin straps, no more than 1.5 cm.

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Active lacing, a low thin heel will make the ankles visually slimmer, slightly lengthen the legs. Cross-lacing, straps that tie around the ankle, parallel lines at the fingers will be especially relevant. The sock can be anything, but most often they choose open.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! With such sandals, you should wear midi length skirts, culottes, flared jeans. They will create an interesting contrast, a voluminous upper and fitted, lace-up shoes will look as impressive as possible.[/stextbox]

  • Sneakers and sneakers

For cold weather or if your wardrobe is dominated by sports items, you should choose sneakers. These are comfortable fashionable women’s shoes, which in the summer of 2019 will be found in every fashionista, photos can be seen in our review.

Nike sneakers

Choose models with a massive, voluminous sole, they are also called “ugly Snickers”. Take a closer look at the current brands that have been releasing trendy sneakers for decades: Vans, Converse, New Balance, Nike, Adidas. These are time-tested companies whose shoes have already become real classics.

Fashion sneakers Adidas

Fashionable sneakers can be worn not only with sweatpants and sweatshirts, today’s new items are suitable for any look. Combine sneakers with jeans, 7/8 length trousers, dresses and skirts. Most likely, such images will not be considered completely businesslike, so they should be worn carefully to work, but in everyday life, a comfortable pair of sneakers will definitely become an indispensable assistant.

What to wear with ugly sneakers

  • high platform

For lovers of high heels this summer, you should pay attention to platform shoes. Heels this year are made deliberately massive, voluminous, attracting attention. Square, rectangular shapes are especially relevant, if you want something unusual, then choose glass heels or trapeziums.

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Many girls like just such models, because when walking for a long time, the legs do not get tired, the foot is comfortably fixed. So that such shoes do not look too out of character, high massive heels should be supplemented with voluminous buckles and straps.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! The current trend is metal chains, round details, leather inserts that make the bow more down to earth, stricter and more courageous.[/stextbox]

  • Mini heels

If you prefer small heels, long walks, then the Kitten Hills model is just for you. These shoes can be presented in any form: pumps, ankle boots, lace-up sandals, but the main feature is always preserved – a small, no more than 2 cm heel. Most often, it is thin or medium, has a standard shape, since the emphasis is on the length. Many girls do not like that the leg looks big compared to the heel, but that is why such summer shoes are suitable for tall girls, you can see the photo in our review.

Wear these heels with regular length jeans and trousers, midi skirts or a little higher, any dresses. It is important that the clothing does not cover the ankle, the shape and size of the heel is visible.

  • pointed socks. Choose these shoes if you like to draw attention to yourself, because they are back in fashion. Of course, you should not choose models that have an overly sharp end that wraps inward, such options will look inorganic.

Get discreet shoes with medium heels and various embellishments. You can combine them with office flared trousers up to the middle of the heel, strict jackets and blouses. Also, these options look great with midi-length wrap dresses.

Trendy colors and prints

The most popular color of 2019 was named “Living Coral”, so you can safely choose delicate pink, peach, rich scarlet, beige tones. They are universal, suitable for any color of clothing, sometimes it is interesting to contrast with them. If you want to complement the shoes with some kind of print, then pay attention to:

  • Animal patterns. In vogue today fakes under the skin of a zebra, leopard, giraffe. Of these, both individual parts and the entire surface of the shoe can be made. Remember that such prints already attract attention, so in addition to them, you need to choose solid colors.

  • Strict geometric prints – a great way to emphasize the length of the legs. Polka dots, asymmetric patterns, rectangular or square shapes will be fashionable. They can only be placed on heels, on straps, and …

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