What shorts are in fashion in summer 2019

Do you want to know what women’s shorts are in fashion in the summer of 2019? Then meet our detailed guide to the most current models!


Colors and prints

  • In the hot season of 2019, white shorts are especially in demand. Such models look spectacular with a beautiful tan.

  • The top is all pastel shades – pale pink, lilac, lavender, beige, sky blue and cream tones.

  • Of the bright colors, red, orange and pink tones are preferred.

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  • Indispensable is the black color, which perfectly slims and masks figure flaws. In addition, he is able to beautifully emphasize the tan.

  • This summer, tie-dye print with creative color streaks will be at the peak of popularity. Shorts in such an original design look provocatively in summer and are perfectly combined with any plain top.

  • Trendy animal prints can coolly refresh a fashionable bow.

[stextbox id=’info’]The most stylish idea is snake or leopard print shorts.[/stextbox]

Designers in their shows reminded that such an extraordinary thing looks best with plain clothes.

  • Shorts in metallic colors look just brilliant in the summer season. In this design, the designers presented several models at once: cycling shorts, ultramini and an elongated style.

  • Another trendy print is a beautiful cage.

  • Polka dots are the most adorable and cute print for this summer.

Polka dots – trendy summer print 2019

  • Tropical motifs also do not lose their relevance. But it should be understood that such a color is good for a vacation and rarely looks appropriate in urban images.

high waist

The most fashionable women’s shorts for the summer of 2019 will certainly have an oversized fit. This is not just a hot trend – it is also an effective way to transform the figure. This style emphasizes a slender waist, makes the legs visually longer, and the figure is slender.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! If you want to accentuate your waist, simply complete the look with a wide belt in this area.[/stextbox]

These shorts are perfect for both vacation and city summer. If they are complemented by strict arrows and up-to-date folds, they can even organically fit into the business style.

The fashionable embodiment of high-rise shorts is models with a belt made of identical fabric. It can be tied with a bow, making the image more romantic, and the waist elegant.

You can replicate the fashionable look that has been featured in many fashion shows. Designers offer to combine such a model with a laconic top with thin straps and, if desired, add a jacket or jacket to this bow.

Another stylish idea is to create a monochrome look with these shorts. It is easiest to embody it with a fashionable suit of oversized shorts and a jacket or vest.

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Bicycle shorts

With a light pitch from Kim Kardashian, cycling shorts have firmly established themselves in the list of leading trends. The main condition for the relevance of such a model is a tight-fitting style. At the same time, the length is not strictly regulated – in the 2019 season, both mini-options and bicycle shorts are presented, which strictly cover the knees.

The material of fashionable cycling shorts allows you to experiment a lot on a summer look – it can be denim, knitwear, leather or vinyl.

Not all women of fashion have yet figured out what to wear bike shorts with. Among the most relevant ideas, a tandem with a T-shirt or T-shirt, or an oversized jacket, or a blazer is noticed. Any option is slightly beyond the boundaries of public opinion, which means that riveted admiring glances will be provided.

Denim is irreplaceable

Any stylist will tell you that a summer wardrobe is incomplete without denim shorts. Moreover, they advise to have such a universal model not in a single copy.

[stextbox id=’info’]In the summer of 2019, a variety of models of denim shorts are in fashion: high waist, loose fit, large patch pockets, neat lace inserts, short fringe, raw edge, yoke with an elastic band with a denim belt are in trend.[/stextbox]

With such a bottom, it is easy to embody a monolook, which is still at the peak of popularity. It’s simple – you just need to pick up a denim jacket or shirt as a top. The texture and color of denim may be original in this case.

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Long fit

Another fashionable representative of our rating is elongated shorts, which are associated with Bermuda or Capris in length. Such models look strictly and restrained, so fashionistas love to fit them into business bows.

The most fashionable shorts for full ones are just presented in an elongated format, which hides the imperfections of the figure.

The long version of the shorts can easily cope with small imperfections

Shorts + sheer skirt

Among the fashion trends, rather bold ideas of designers are also presented. One of these is a combination of shorts with a long transparent skirt. Although at first glance it is very extraordinary, but such a model quickly falls in love with its versatility.

It successfully combined mystery and audacity – although the legs are visible, they are still coquettishly covered. If you’re all for summer style experiments, take advantage of this creative novelty!


An idea that will appeal to the most daring fashionistas is cool vinyl shorts. We are used to bags, jackets and gloves made of this material, but shorts are definitely something new and interesting.

Contrary to the fears of many fashionistas, such models do not look vulgar. The whole secret is in combination with plain things of a restrained cut.


Leather shorts can also be the central element of a stylish summer outfit. The most fashionable length is up to the middle of the thigh. Longer options can visually shorten the legs, and which length looks vulgar at all.

Black leather shorts are a surefire way to inject some versatility into your outfit. But the designers also offered more creative colors – red, orange and brown tones. If you think that leather is too much for everyday looks, you can use it to create stunning looks for a party.


The most obvious anti-trend of this summer is shorts with a low waist and a tight fit. Today they have been replaced by looser models with a classic or high fit. We’ll have to upset the girls who are firmly convinced that denim shorts are an ageless classic, an unshakable base of the wardrobe. Alas, they are also subject to fashion trends, and some of the models should already be included in the category of anti-trends.

  • It is worth putting aside models with embroidery. Perhaps they will return to us, but obviously not this season.

  • Today, fashion is ruled by conciseness and minimalism. In this regard, denim shorts with bright small prints have sunk into oblivion. If you like such original models, replace the print of flowers or fruits with grunge inscriptions.
  • Decisively left the list of trends shorts with protruding pockets.

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