What sneakers will be in fashion in 2021

Sneakers have long ceased to be considered a part of exclusively sports equipment. Increasingly, fashionable models of these shoes complement women’s bows, made in completely different styles, from casual to business. In 2021, every self-respecting fashionista should have women’s sneakers in her wardrobe. Moreover, there are many interesting options without exaggeration. And after reading our review, you will see for yourself.

The latest sneaker colors for 2021

Buying any sneakers begins with choosing a color. But in order not to make a mistake, you need to know exactly which shades will be considered the most trendy with the onset of the next fashion season. And here’s a cheat sheet for you, in which popular colors for sports shoes for 2021 are announced.

  • White. The most versatile and win-win shade. Every self-respecting fashion brand has white sneaker models. Even Christian Louboutin, Zara, Prada, Louis Vuitton highlighted them in their new collections. However, white does not necessarily have to be pure. It is quite appropriate to dilute it with contrasting inserts. For example, Louboutin, as you probably already guessed, has a red sole. Others made combinations with black, blue, purple, beige stripes.

  • Black. Black color is suitable for absolutely any shoe in 2021, including sports shoes. Sneakers in black can be found at the same Prada, as well as in the collection of Alexander McQueen, who decorated them with an unobtrusive but stylish sheen. This model is ideal for lovers of glam-sport style. And one more important point: since black sneakers are more suitable for wearing in demi-season weather, a dense texture and a massive sole will be relevant for them.

  • Pink. You can get a very stylish feminine summer bow by composing an image with sneakers in a delicate pink color. Moreover, it can have different shades from the most saturated to muted. The combination of pink and black will also look very nice. In such glamorous shoes, it is quite allowed to go not only to the gym, but also on dates. After all, it will be nice to combine with skirts and dresses made of light flying fabrics.

  • Multicolor. Variegation is also considered one of the leading trends in 2021 in this segment of shoes. At least two colors – this is actually a classic. Monochrome is still relevant, but it’s boring. But multi-colored sneakers, looking at which the eyes begin to ripple from the abundance of colors – this is it. And here we advise you to pay special attention to the colorful colors made using the gradient technique. When the color changes dramatically from toe to heel, or from top to bottom.

  • Orange. Sneakers in an orange palette will become one of the main fashion trends in 2021. After all, this color was identified as the most-most famous Pantone organization. Of course, this shade cannot be called classic even for sports shoes, but we are strongly advised to get used to it. Some of the first brands to include orange sneakers in their collections were bigwigs like Nike, VALENTINO, Reebok and Puma.

  • Silver neon. Who would have thought, but in 2021 a hit from the 2000s will return to the fashion pedestal – neon silver sneakers. Of course, they will look modern, but multi-colored overflows, similar to animated graphics, will become their main decoration. However, stylists recommend wearing such sneakers exclusively with ordinary everyday things so that the image does not turn out to be too cosmic.

What other shades will be considered relevant for sneakers in 2021? For spring and summer, these are blue, mint, turquoise, beige colors. For autumn, look for something more restrained. For example, gray, dark purple, dark blue, burgundy.

Current models and new sneakers 2021

There are never too many shoes. We think that every woman who appreciates comfort will agree with this statement. Moreover, these shoes are considered the most comfortable all over the world, so having several pairs of them in your wardrobe is absolutely the right decision. And what trends and novelties will delight us with the upcoming season, we will now tell.

  • Lots of laces. “We lace up to the fullest,” decided the designers of fashionable shoes, and created models of sneakers with double lacing. The first is in its usual place and serves its intended purpose, and the second has an exclusively decorative function and is located either on the sides or creates a bright contrast with the main laces. Yes, it looks somewhat unusual, but young fashionistas and fashionistas liked this idea of ​​​​decorating sports shoes. And it doesn’t matter that each time you have to fiddle with four laces instead of two.
  • Platform. To create a really stylish bow, especially for girls of short stature, unusual platform sneakers will help. They are also called snickers. Of course, they have little in common with sports shoes, but for everyday use in the city, especially in the autumn, they fit perfectly. After all, a thick sole simply will not allow your feet to get wet and supercooled. You can wear this model with any things from the basic wardrobe. It also goes well with cardigans, a classic trench coat or a coat.

  • High models (high tops). Fashion 2021 continues to head for originality, which is probably why high-top sneakers are in the trend. They differ from standard models in that they completely cover the ankle. Such shoes look very interesting and non-trivial. In the summer, the trend has been to wear this model with light skirts or dresses above the knees with a flared cut. And with the onset of the cold season, skinny 7/8-length jeans, tight-fitting leotards, and tight dresses or skirts to the middle of the leg will be used.

Even last season wedge high-tops were very popular. Girls simply adored them because they helped to achieve femininity and harmony while creating a fashionable look. But, alas, in the future of 2021, wedge sneakers will be pretty moved up on the fashion pedestal. And all the same high-tops will replace them, only on a flat sole or a solid platform.

  • in the form of socks. Socks were presented to the fashion world by the famous fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga. Many years have passed since then. But to this day, this model remains one of the most unusual and popular among avid fashionistas. The main distinguishing elements of sneakers-socks are a dense massive sole and an elastic fabric upper that wraps around the leg and ankle like a tight sock. That’s where the name came from. However, it should be noted that such sneakers are suitable not only for creating fashionable images. Also in this segment there are models suitable for sports.

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  • Unisex. Models that do not have a specific gender are another mega-popular trend for the coming season, which is currently a “hot” novelty….

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