What sneakers will be in fashion in 2021

Any self-respecting woman is jealous of her appearance. This applies not only to clothes, but also to shoes. The presented selection will tell you what women’s sneakers will be in fashion in 2021. Information provided by renowned publications based on recent shows in Milan, Paris and New York. Today, such shoes no longer apply to sports. Sneakers are worn not only with tracksuits and jeans. They are combined with dresses, skirts. It is not only comfortable, but also stylish.

Women’s sneakers: fashion trends 2021

Today, no women’s wardrobe can do without these athletic shoes. You can recall an interesting fact about the popularization of sneakers. This happened at the show of the collection of K. Lagerfeld in 2014. Couturier categorically denied sneakers in a female image. And (horror!) A bride appears at the show in a beautiful dress, and instead of stylish shoes, she has sneakers on her feet. Many publications hastened to denigrate K. Delevingne, saying that the inattentive girl forgot to put on her shoes. But the author of the collection was taken aback by the statement that this was intended. And to this day, fashionable women’s sneakers are present at his shows. Based on the latest fashion shows, a selection was made.

It can be briefly noted that in 2021 the following types of women’s sneakers will be fashionable:

  • preference should be given not only to white;
  • bright shades of pink, lemon flowers, electric blue and a combination of these colors in one model are in fashion;
  • fashion returns, today models are fashionable, repeating the style of the 80s;
  • oddly enough, but the girls chose sneakers that resemble football boots;
  • fashion trends in 2021 recommend women’s sneakers where there is a platform;
  • no less popular will be models with a certain amount of decor (rhinestones, sequins, embroidery, etc.).

But the white color is beyond any competition, as a sought-after classic. White sneakers were shown at the shows of Louis Vuitton’s collection, Chromat. Bright, stylish color with an abundance of lemon, red and blue shades in the form of inserts were present in other collections. According to fashion designers, bright color is a call to an active lifestyle.

In the mid-80s, muted tones were fashionable. Fashion is back, and so it happened this time. Fashion house Coach presented their updated look. These are comfortable shoes on a low platform, which were combined with an oversized coat or wide jeans. In one model, blue, red and gray colors were combined at the same time. The images of the 80s were quickly picked up by the stars. For example, Bella Hadid was seen in a stylish classic leather coat, on the legs of the model – multi-colored high-soled sneakers. Lemon, red and black colors, casually scattered laces complemented the image of a luxurious woman. Many noted that this is the most daring highlight.

You can talk about grandmother’s sneakers endlessly, but in the new season, these are all trends. Make an audit in your grandmother’s chest, it will be fashionable. Even the famous Prada brand called its collection “Grandma’s Sneakers”. Feel free to wear them with skirts, jeans and tracksuits.

Special attention deserve sneakers, reminiscent of football boots

In 2021, some fashion models of women’s sneakers resemble boots. Their distinctive feature is small spikes on the sole and rounded toes. All fashion designers simply emphasize that sport and an active lifestyle of modern life are inseparable. Such novelties were popularized by the Marni brand. Thin soles, small spikes and bright lacing are the hallmarks of branded shoes.

Designers recommend wearing them with various clothes. After all, many models are inlaid with rhinestones and other decor. Therefore, they can be combined with everyday and evening wear.

An interesting novelty was presented by the brand Loewe. These are gray sneakers with glitter inserts and a medallion of the same name. But, for the representatives of the fair half, the platform is recommended. Such models were demonstrated by brands:

  • Jamie Wei Huang;
  • Chloé;
  • Alexander McQueen;
  • Acne Studio;
  • Isabel Marant.

Fashion designers recommend wearing during training, using for walking, combined with evening dresses. An interesting offer was sneakers, for the manufacture of which secondary raw materials were used. These are plastic bottles, shoe boxes, recycled paper. A stylish bow can be created with such models.

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Unisex sneakers

Such models promise to become the most popular. They are designed for both young girls and older women. The only difference is the lack of decor in the form of rhinestones, sequins. Seasoned, strict forms, calm tones. But the choice can be safely made based on personal preferences.

Platform sneakers will remain in trend for spring. No less interest was riveted to models with heels. This is a completely new trend in fashion. What can not be said about sneakers with high tops. They are still fashionable. The main thing is restrained colors. White, gray or black. Jeans, flesh-colored tights will complement such a fashionable look. For more active, daring girls, acid colors with a glow effect are recommended:

  • light green;
  • pink;
  • an electrician.

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It is these shades that are in the top and are designed for young ladies. Older women should prefer more restrained tones, about which information has already been presented here.

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