What summer clothes can be worn in autumn

Many fashionistas are wondering what summer clothes can be worn in autumn? In this article, we are just giving stylish tips that will add variety to your looks and will allow you to reduce the cost of a fall capsule.

Stylish Ideas

White jeans

Jeans in a light palette have long been considered the prerogative of a summer wardrobe, but modern fashionistas are decisively breaking this stereotype. In this war, all means are good, but combinations of white denim with blue, brown, beige and black tops look especially stylish. This bottom looks great in the company of fashionable prints – checks, polka dots and calm animalistics. And if you want to look especially chic this fall, you can embody a monochrome look by matching white jeans with a matching sweater or cardigan.


An autumn look for every day can also include a laconic shirt that can migrate from a summer wardrobe. In order for the bow to have every chance of success, it can reflect the fashion trend for layering, which not only looks stylish, but also perfectly warms from the vagaries of autumn weather. Among the most successful duets, one can distinguish a combination of a shirt with a turtleneck and a plaid jacket.

Street style gurus also like to use a shirt as the base layer for a sweater. If the bottom layer is classic white, then the fashionista will be able to pick up bright or printed knitwear.

If you are afraid that the waist will be erased in a layered outfit due to voluminous silhouettes, you can prefer an oversized fit in the image or a fashionable addition in the form of a leather belt. At the same time, it is worth making sure that all elements of the image are designed in a harmonious color palette.

Printed skirt

A printed midi skirt is an absolute must-have in the modern girl’s wardrobe. Such a model is most practical in autumn, as it protects from the cold, does not hinder movements and is easily combined with many things. A fashionable print will allow you to experiment with top options as much as you like, each time choosing a new model to match one of the participants in the motif.

In the role of the top for a midi skirt, you can choose a cozy sweater, turtleneck or cardigan. If the weather is favorable, a fashionista has the right to prefer a shirt or blouse. You can also experiment with the selection of shoes, because a midi-length skirt looks great with ankle boots and high boots, as well as with sneakers, and with rough boots.

Dresses and skirts in lingerie style

A satin slip skirt or a sophisticated slip dress are other ideas that will allow you not to spend a lot of money on an autumn wardrobe. Such models are the best way to add a touch of charm, sophistication and romance to a warm bow, which many girls lack with the advent of cold weather.

If in the summer you combined satin skirts and dresses mainly with tops and T-shirts, then by autumn it is better to switch to combinations with warm turtlenecks, sweaters and cardigans. Stylists recommend leaving the top layer in a straightened form – this technique will give the image a slight negligence and relaxation.

Denim skirt

Fashion for fall 2020 also welcomes high-waisted denim skirts in blue, light blue or black. It is worth noting that such models have a huge stylistic potential – they look cool in the company of a bomber jacket and boots, and in a duet with a turtleneck and ankle boots.

Pleated skirt

In the autumn wardrobe, you can safely retrain the pleated midi skirt. Such a model within the new season will look great paired with elegant heeled boots or rough boots. In the role of the top, it is permissible to choose a jacket in tandem with a turtleneck and a leather belt at the waist, a buttoned cardigan or a voluminous sweater.

In the 2020 season, stylists recommend choosing skirts in nude, powder, pink, emerald, blue, burgundy or metallic colors for the fall.

Linen top

Linen top has long become an indispensable base of the summer wardrobe, which gives any look sophistication and seductiveness. With the advent of autumn cold weather, such a model will easily turn into the bottom layer of images with a jacket or cardigan. In images for work, you should choose strict trousers or a pencil skirt as a bottom, and on weekdays you can prefer your favorite jeans.

Some girls are worried that a silk top can look like lingerie. To prevent this from happening, stylists recommend embodying the bow based on the contrast of textures. For example, a sophisticated top will look cool in a duet with a coarse knit cardigan. A layered look for fall 2020 is easy to pair with a shirt that has a few top buttons undone.

In the 2020 season, it is extremely stylish to combine feminine silk with rough leather. To put such a tandem into practice, you can combine a linen top and a leather jacket in one image.

This trend can play a role in the outfit with a sweater. It is important that the top layer has an open shoulder or a deep V-neckline. The image will turn out even more spectacular if you lower the sweater a little and leave one strap of the top open.

Summer dresses

Stylists assure that your favorite summer midi and maxi dresses do not deserve to say goodbye to them with the advent of autumn. Such models will be able to help you out more than once by taking part in a bohemian and feminine look.

In order to successfully combine summer things in autumn bows, you should take care of the components that adapt the image to changing weather conditions. High boots with stable heels will create an ideal pair for such an outfit. You can also set the right mood with a dark leather belt at the waist. Another stylish feature is a turtleneck combined with a dress, which embodies a fashionable layered look.

We draw your attention to the fact that summer dresses adapted to the autumn wardrobe should be designed in appropriate colors. So, with the advent of cold weather, black, brown, blue, emerald, burgundy, red and gray shades come to the fore. Interestingly, there are no restrictions on the floral print – just let it be done in a classic autumn palette.


If in the summer you wore an unbuttoned cardigan in combination with various tops, then by autumn it can be turned into a full-fledged element of the top. To do this, fasten all the buttons and tuck the cardigan into jeans, trousers or a skirt. Moreover, the bottom with a high fit in combination with a leather belt at the waist will look especially fashionable.

A pair of the top open buttons of the cardigan form a beautiful neckline that can be adorned with exquisite pendants and chains – by the way, such trendy jewelry can also be transferred from summer to autumn.


In the warm season, fashionistas love to combine culottes with elegant sandals and various tops, and then they usually get upset when they have to temporarily eliminate cropped trousers on the far shelf of the closet. However, stylists assure that culottes are fashionable…

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