What sunglasses are in fashion in summer 2021

In the summer of 2021, trendy sunglasses are a must-have for any woman. They not only protect our eyes from ultraviolet radiation, but also serve as an important accessory. In the new summer season, sunglasses are presented in completely different, and sometimes very original versions.

Fashion glasses: summer 2021 trends

In any image, everything must be perfect. And with trendy glasses in 2021, creating a stylish look is not difficult. Let’s see what glasses designers offer us for this summer:

  • Oversize. Glasses of this type are simply huge and sometimes obscure half the face. But therein lies their originality and appeal. The shapes, shades and decor of these glasses can be different, so choose according to your taste.

  • Aviators. Aviator glasses have been high on the list of all models for quite some time now. But this year they were presented in a completely new light. For example, designers have made oversized aviators, the lenses of which have a completely uncharacteristic shape. Their jumper is also located quite high – between the eyebrows and even above them.

  • Sports. Sports style glasses can be described in the following words – simple, concise and comfortable. They do not have any decor, they look quite modest, but they are suitable as an addition to various everyday looks.

  • With rectangular frames. These models are the exact opposite of oversized glasses. They are quite narrow and have a very clear rectangle shape. They can be plain, multi-colored and even decorated with various details.

  • “Cat Eyes”. Cat eye sunglasses are very popular among girls. Such models look very coquettish and feminine, and are ideal for images in the same style.

  • Polygons. The geometry of sunglasses has become much more interesting, because designers are bored with simple square, rectangular or round frames. Now polygonal glasses are at the peak of fashion. They look much more original and wonderfully complement the images.

  • Narrow. Spectacles with maximally, or even extremely, narrow frames are the favorite of many. They are so narrow that they barely cover the eyes. If you want to try something new and unusual for yourself, then choose this model.

  • With oval frames. Oval frames are also quite relevant today, and designers add such glasses to their collections. Frames and lenses can be any color.

  • With clear lenses. Glasses with clear lenses look quite unusual. They are rather a beautiful accessory, because they protect poorly from a very bright sun.

  • Partial frame. Glasses familiar to everyone will also be in fashion, where the frame is only on the top of the lenses. But, the designers went further and made a model where the frame frames only the bottom of the lenses.

Fashion trends in 2021 give girls the opportunity to choose the most original sunglasses for themselves. The choice is very large, so each woman will be able to create her own individual image.

Original glasses for the summer

This year, the most daring fashionistas will be able to find unusual glasses that match their special style. Many such models have also been created. Some glasses have gone to a whole new level and are more like screens. They cover half of the face and look very unusual.

If modesty is not about you, then you should also be interested in glasses generously strewn with decorative elements. Stones, pearls, rhinestones and much more are used as decorations.

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Fashionable eyeglass frames and lenses

In 2021, designers presented glasses in completely different shades. The palette is very wide, so there really is plenty to choose from. The classic has always been and will be in fashion, so black and brown frames still remain relevant. But, if you want something brighter, then pay attention to the frames of the following shades:

  • blue;
  • yellow;
  • green;
  • purple;
  • orange;
  • pink;
  • turquoise.

Many well-known brands have introduced sunglasses with a white frame. This is a rather interesting solution, immediately attracting the attention of others. The lenses in these glasses can have a different color – black, brown, or even be transparent.

The most trendy lens color for any glasses is black. These glasses are best for those girls who want to hide from the whole world. But they also look very attractive and stylish. The second place among the shades of lenses is brown. This color is softer than black, so it suits absolutely all women.

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Lenses can also be colored. Why not? Take a look at how interesting the models look in them and imagine yourself in such an image. If you like it, feel free to buy. The most popular shades for lenses are blue, pink and yellow.

The trend will also be glasses with frames with prints. To make the print clearly visible, the frames of such glasses are usually wide. Decorate it with animal print, stripes and polka dots.

In the photos posted here, you can see which women’s sunglasses will be the most fashionable in the summer of 2021. When choosing, consider fashion trends, your face shape, as well as the image for which you choose glasses.

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