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What the dudes look like with their hair and makeup

People of the older generation, whose youth passed into the 50s and 60s of the last century, remember very well the times when young people had the “Stilyagi” makeup in bright colors and even in non-standard clothes called dudes and subjected to all kinds of persecution, insults.

Dudes like that could easily be taken to the police just because they don’t look like most townspeople. And then, as in principle, today there were just young people who wanted to somehow be different from the gray boring crowd.

The image of “dudes”, unique for the girl, consisted in brightness and some defiant notes. It can be just a tight-fitting dress that emphasizes the waistline.

Traditionally, at that time, everyone dressed and made up almost the same, so from a distance it was difficult to understand who was in front of you: an adult woman or a young creature.

Is it so today – choose your preferred style, help – modern technologies, the availability of any materials, scientific results and the free availability of all necessary drugs and information on their use.

And for the image of fashionistas, nothing special is needed, and you can do it without problems. but this is today, with the possibilities of today, and the distant 60s is something completely opposite.

There were practically no ready-made cosmetics or fashionable accessories – fashionistas did everything themselves from what was at hand. There was no question of any variety, and at the same time they managed to put on a bright make-up.

How it was?

How to tone the face is the first question. There were two bases in the market. One of them is clearly not for light-skinned, “Tonac” is a dark base that was very popular with black girls.

The second tonal base is “Ballet” with many charming flaws. Something like powder, diluted with toothpaste.

Well, and another cosmetic masterpiece of those years – compact powder, but how to use it or use simple chalk – the effect will be the same.

The girls, who somehow still managed to cope with the application of foundation, once again met their eyes. The hipsters focused on them.

The eyes had to be expressive, wide open and look very innocent. This, too, was not an easy task. This was done in stages.

The first is to draw arrows. Eyeliner hadn’t been invented yet, eyeliner wasn’t soft enough either. Therefore, I had to fantasize and invent.

One such popular invention was the black pencil lead mixed with water. If the correct proportionality of the components is achieved, the composition can be applied with a thin brush.

Sometimes lead was replaced with ink. At the time, the ink was a hard black streak that was scraped off with an included brush.

To make the eyes even more expressive, shadows were also applied to the upper eyelids. But not everyone could afford a blue, green or gray shade, there were very few shadows, which means that they were not a mandatory touch of sensual makeup.

How to color eyebrows and lips

Also – eyebrows, they are thin, like a thread for guys. Some fashionistas are so carried away by their tweaks that in the end the eyebrows just drew.

Now, lips. The eyes and lips made the guy’s face bright and attractive. But even here everything is complicated: in the Soviet Union, lipstick resembled something similar to plasticine, not only in taste, but also in appearance.

Here, fashionistas again had to be smart and find a way out – they began to mix paint with petroleum jelly. Then the lips became shiny, and this home remedy was much more enjoyable.

All this beauty was complemented by other accessories in the form of suits, lush hairstyles, a bold independent image and, of course, a big smile and loud laughter.

Makeup “under the dude” today

Today, fashionistas no longer face the hardships that dudes of the 50s and 60s faced. If you want to transform into a guy, you have a million opportunities for this, and a solid arsenal of cosmetics for every taste will help you with this.

What is behind the trends?

Elegant makeup differs from any other style with an atmosphere of ease and the absence of rules, coquetry and bondage.

Such makeup must be created in stages: the first is to create a beautiful shade on the face. To emphasize smooth, perfectly healthy and beautiful skin, it is necessary to use a scrub or scrub.

When dead particles are removed, a moisturizer is applied to the face. To even out the tone, you can use foundation, and concealer will remove dark circles in the lower part of the eye.

Powder applied on it will complete the effect of flawless skin. No problem today, you can take it a tone lighter than your skin, but which will be in perfect harmony with the natural shade.

The corrective agent must be applied carefully and distributed very carefully so that it is almost invisible.

The convex part of the cheeks is covered with a corresponding blush. Although few girls used them, as a rule, they either did not apply blush at all, or applied very little.

If a girl has blond hair and blue eyes, she will have makeup like Brigitte Bordeaux – with loose peach or pink blush.

Subsequently – eyebrows, in the style of the 60s – this is a thin and beautiful line. It should not be too bright and should not be a tone darker or lighter than your hair color.

Makeup “Dandies” for a blonde

For a blonde, an ash or gray eyebrow pencil is the best solution, for red-brown, and for a brunette – dark brown.

A girl with light blond hair is advised to refuse to emphasize the eyebrow line in principle, since the everyday look does not at all provide for their selection. Usually this is done only as an addition to the festive makeup.

When you are done with the basic makeup, move on to the eye makeup. You can use black eyeliner or liquid eyeliner.

A straight line is drawn along the top of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid, extending beyond its edges. A light shade is applied to the lower part of the eyebrows, and the moving part of the eyelid is covered with golden, beige, yellow or brown.

But this is not a panacea – you can choose the shades of your choice: blue, light blue, light green. It’s all about the shadow of your eyes.

If they are brown, then shades of green and purple are suitable for you, if they are blue, gray or brown, and for gray eyes, blue shades are best.

When applying shadows, you need to make the eyes brighter, the arrows will help you with this. Dovetail arrows are considered the most suitable for such a trick.

They are applied with both a solid pencil and liquid eyeliner, drawing a line along the top of the lash growth and extending it to the entire eyelid.

Finally, thick black mascara is applied to the eyelashes. Eyelash extensions or false eyelashes will also look good, especially if a themed party is planned.

What shades of makeup does a girl with green eyes have? The best choice for her would be shades of gold, yellow and purple.

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