What tights are considered fashionable in 2021

Fashion tights 2021 is a “cunning” tool that can draw attention to yourself. They emphasize beauty, harmony, grace. Someone is afraid to buy tights, believing that they do not have slender legs. And, as it seems at first glance, the best solution is to hide them. But no: the designers have prepared different options for tights. It remains only to choose the right model, and the legs can be made visually more elegant and even longer. So now let’s learn more about fashion models of tights!

What tights will be in fashion in 2021

Spring is close enough. So, whether we like it or not, very soon we will have to change the insulated models of jeans and trousers for lighter looks with skirts and dresses. The beginning of spring is a great time to experiment. Everything begins to play with new colors, so in the new season it is better to buy tights in the following colors:

  • Green;
  • Blue;
  • Purple;
  • Yellow;
  • Red;
  • Khaki;
  • Gray.

The texture and color of these tights is somewhat reminiscent of the appearance of the first colorful flowers. Therefore, designers recommend at the beginning of spring to abandon the usual black models and choose something brighter and juicier. Here is how unusual and beautiful photo images look with fashionable colored tights 2021.

Animal print

We figured out the colors of fashionable tights, now let’s see what prints will be in trend and will occupy all store shelves in the spring of 2021.

The first option is animalistic. But the “animal” color causes certain difficulties: it is not easy to find clothes for it. Nobody wants to get an image that is “oversaturated” with colors. Here are some tips on how to combine animal print tights with:

  • Clothes of a simple and simple cut;
  • Do not wear animal print tights with a miniskirt;
  • Solid colors of basic clothing;
  • Refuse jackets / jumpers / blouses with a deep neckline to avoid an overly extravagant look.

And here is a small example of a casual look with animal style tights:

  • Dark top;
  • Solid dark shoes;
  • You can optionally add a bracelet and earrings in leopard print.

As you can see, it is not difficult to combine such tights with other clothes. Of course, someone wears leopard print clothes from top to bottom. But such images are definitely not for everyday or office style. But going to a party to impress everyone with your “love” for animal print is just right.


Tights with peas look quite cute and feminine. Moreover, now there are quite a lot of models with a print of different sizes.

Feminine nylon tights in dark color with pea print have gained particular popularity. The main rule when choosing clothes: the larger the size of the pattern, the simpler the complementary clothes and accessories.

To choose a gentle and beautiful fashionable look in 2021, we recommend choosing dark shades of tights with small peas, as they visually make the legs slimmer and longer. With such a print, it is definitely possible to create a spectacular look and attract special attention to yourself. Especially if an elegant dress and high-heeled shoes are chosen as the main clothes.

coarse mesh

  • Tights with a large mesh can be worn not only under a dress and skirt, but also under ripped jeans.
  • For a light spring look, make up the following look: a miniskirt, large mesh tights and a long sleeve shirt.

  • You can draw attention to tights with a wide mesh if you roll up the legs; wear a crop top or miniskirt/shorts.
  • Don’t be afraid to play with colors and clothing combinations. Fishnet tights allow you to experiment and wear them under jeans, massive shapeless sweaters, elegant dresses, etc.

Black tights

The fashion trends of 2021 and black classic tights have not been spared. If in one case it is enough to wear stockings, then in another you can not do without pantyhose. And in this case, there are models with interesting designs, additional prints, which, by the way, can complement the pattern of clothes.

For example, there are tights with colored polka dots, imitation chains, brands, hearts, anchors, flowers, stars, etc.

In 2021, designers are focusing on femininity. This means that very soon you will have to change your usual jeans for comfortable dresses, skirts and, of course, tights.


The stripe is a trendy clothing print for 2021. Designers have found unusual and interesting use of stripes in tights. Vertical, oblique, horizontal, different colors – any option will help create an interesting and unusual image.

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natural color

Soft beige or light tan – any shade of brown will only emphasize naturalness and naturalness. Beige tights are a must-have in your dresser for special occasions: they’re the easiest to pair with your outfit because they go with everything, anywhere, anytime.

Interestingly, etiquette experts do not recommend wearing tights tighter than 40 denier. In addition, they should not be shiny, unless, of course, this is a designer exclusive pair created for a special occasion. Tight brown tights are out of the question! This is not the new “Black”, so it will never replace them during the period of cold and frost. But to use these rules or not is up to you, of course.

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As you can see, there are a lot of different and interesting models in the list of fashionable tights 2021. Some are designed to emphasize the elegance of the legs, others – beauty and femininity. So that every woman will be able to reveal her elegance and originality!

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