What to choose in 2020 season: coat or jacket

Coat or jacket: which is better? – the eternal female question that worries many fashionistas on the eve of the cold season. In this article, we will try to help you make a choice based on current fashion trends and practical components of outerwear.

Coat: pros and cons

Arguments for”

Stylists call the coat an indispensable attribute of women’s wardrobe, because they have no doubts about its versatility and impeccable appearance. And why do fashionistas themselves love such outerwear?

  • If you are ready to walk for a flawless look and pay enough attention to caring for outerwear, you can bet on a coat. There is no doubt that it will become for you an elegant, feminine and sophisticated touch to any image.
  • A trendy coat is the best friend of fashionistas who are constantly freezing in autumn and winter. Of course, such outerwear boasts more impressive cold protection abilities than the usual jacket.

  • The coat has an amazing ability to change the appearance and behavior of a woman. Complementing the image with such outerwear, the lady automatically straightens her back, becomes more attractive and self-confident.
  • Images with a coat should always look impeccable, so a fashionista usually selects successful accessories for them with special diligence.

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Arguments against”

However, a coat, along with all its advantages, cannot be called a universal option for all women. Below we have listed the arguments that may prompt the choice of alternative outerwear.

  • Coat or jacket: which is better for a womanwho has a catastrophic lack of time in her life? In this situation, it is better to express a preference for a jacket, because it is unlikely that you can just throw the coat into the washing machine: most likely, dry cleaning services will be required. If you are not ready to put up with the capriciousness of the coat, you can find a dark model that is not too whimsical to care for.
  • A coat always imposes a certain responsibility on a fashionista – with such outerwear it is unlikely that it will be possible to hide the lack of makeup, hair that is not the first freshness or things in spools. Of course, when drawing up an outfit with a coat, you won’t be able to relax: you always need to look your best.

  • Sometimes an elegant coat looks too strict, so it adds a few years to the look. This property should be taken into account by fashionistas who would not like to look older than their true age.
  • For the sake of the external gloss of images with a coat, women often sacrifice many things: maneuverable trips on public transport, hugs with pets, active games with children, because after all these actions, the appearance of a coat can really upset. An alternative option is a more comfortable and practical coat with a shortened length mark – in the 2020 season, such models are presented in a jacket cut.

Current trends

Coat for autumn 2020 a priori should have a loose or semi-adjacent fit – too tight models have long faded into the background. The choice of a fashionista can fall on a straight cut or on an elegant wrap with a belt at the waist. The last style is especially loved by many girls for its ability to visually adjust and transform the figure.

In the 2020 season, stylists recommend paying attention to loose midi and maxi length coats – they hide excellent elegance and relevance.

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By right, the most sophisticated and feminine version of a stylish coat can be considered a cape – a model with special slits for the hands. Such novelties can be adopted by women who like to wear straight basic trousers, skirts and dresses in the cold season.

For fashionistas who like to rhyme coats with casual ensembles, better choose the current model in quilted fabric – these new items are easy to care for and look great in company with everyday things. In fact, this is a fashionable symbiosis of a jacket and a coat, which embodies the advantages of two options for outerwear. A real salvation for fashionistas who can not decide on a single favorite!

If your goal for this season is to choose stylish yet versatile outerwear, you can head for trendy checkered coats. Such a motif looks quite non-trivial and at the same time successfully combined with various things.

Jacket: pros and cons

Arguments for”

The choice in favor of a stylish jacket in the fall of 2020 will be made by many fashionistas who prefer practical and comfortable outerwear. Let’s find out what are the reasons for this decision!

  • If you lead an active lifestyle, and your deadline is shocked by a to-do list, then this jacket can be the perfect finish to your bows. It is enough to throw it on in a matter of seconds – and now a stylish look is ready.
  • When choosing outerwear, you should not discount the weather conditions. Based on their capriciousness, a girl may prefer a jacket, because it is easy to wash and can withstand many such operations.
  • The versatility of the jacket is another bonus in the treasury of arguments for it. Once upon a time, fashionistas combined such outerwear exclusively with jeans and sneakers, but modern trends insist: combinations with beautiful dresses, skirts and high-heeled shoes are also welcome! In addition, the latest tandems promise to look more interesting and non-trivial.

  • The jacket is also more suitable for a car lady due to its obvious convenience and comfortable length.
  • The choice in favor of this outerwear is often made by young mothers for daily tasks. With your favorite jacket, you can create a stylish and comfortable bow in a matter of seconds.
  • An autumn-winter jacket can also be the best solution for women who use public transport and often get into rush hour.

Arguments against”

However, we also have a list of shortcomings of the jacket in stock – perhaps they will also help you make the right choice.

  • No matter how elegant novelties designers offer, anyway, a jacket is always more of a sporty style of clothing. Accordingly, if you want to create an emphasis on femininity and elegance in your images, take a closer look at the trendy novelties in the range of coats.
  • The jacket invariably imposes some restrictions when composing images. For example, it is difficult to include it in an ensemble with strict office or evening clothes.

  • The relaxed look with a jacket is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Many girls believe that in such outfits it is permissible to put on old sweatpants and make a careless bun out of hair. However, this is not so: a modern lady should look perfect even in casual clothes.
  • Another disadvantage of the jacket is the transience of fashion in its design. Among the coat models, there are several classic variations that always look…

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