мелкий цветочный принт

What to combine with a small floral print in the summer of 2020

Summer is a wonderful time when nature around comes to life and gives the world bright colors. At this time of the year, you want to look especially sophisticated and elegant. Floral prints will help to make the image light and elegant, truly “summer”.

small floral print

What to combine with a small floral print

The use of floral patterns in clothes will give femininity and elegance to the image. Traditionally, flowers are associated with warmth and tenderness, they represent freshness and lightness, the beauty of nature.


A classic option for summer is a dress with a small pattern of flowers. This outfit has been a hot fashion trend for many years. It looks interesting combination with plain shoes and accessories.

Floral dress


Lightweight shirt with a floral pattern is indispensable for the summer. In combination with light-colored trousers or a skirt, it gives a feeling of lightness and airiness. To make the appearance brighter will help the use of similar colors – blue and blue, grassy and dark green.

Floral shirt


It is recommended to combine trousers with shirts and tops in light shades, such as beige or white. Do not wear a floral bottom and top together – this will overload the image.

Floral trousers


A floral print skirt can be a classic summer option. It is suitable for both evening walks and office work. Loose styles below the knees look interesting in combination with neutral shirts.

Floral skirt


A top with small flowers looks feminine and attractive, which can be combined with jeans and trousers. It is better to give preference to a top with bright flowers on a light background.

Floral top


Accessories complement the image, give it completeness. Their selection is an important and difficult task.


A pattern of delicate flowers will decorate a lady’s handbag. Such a wardrobe item will dilute even the most strict business look, give a feeling of warmth and summer on working days.

Floral handbag


An indispensable summer accessory will be a light scarf with a floral pattern. It can be satin, chiffon, various shapes and sizes. Also, scarves can be used as a headdress or an elegant decoration tied on a handbag around the handle.

A scarf is an accessory that goes with a dress, suit or top. It looks good on a sunny day and will dilute the dullness of a rainy day.

Floral scarf

Floral print in clothes is a fashionable summer solution, lightness and elegance in one bottle. With it, the images are bright and memorable, for a long time they cut into memory. Images of delicate flowers cheer up and give a feeling of self-confidence.

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