What to wear in autumn 2020

About what is fashionable to wear in the fall of 2020 for women, our material. As they say – “prepare autumn wardrobe from summer” to be known as a true fashionista. World catwalks were full of new products that we will bring to your attention.

The main autumn fashion trends

One of the leading elements in the fall 2020 clothing at the world fashion shows was the ultra-long fringe. She organically complemented dresses with long sleeves, outerwear, suits, evening and cocktail dresses. It is believed that the longer the fringe, the more stylish the image. You can wear a beautiful element in a free version or belted with a wide belt. The fringe can completely cover the outfit from top to bottom, or simply be its continuation from below.

Interesting! Fashion trends for fall 2020

gradient cell

The cage is a hit for more than one season in a row. Only in the current case, designers offer to wear clothes with a checkered pattern, made in a smooth gradient. Spreading of color within one shade makes the cage as stylish as possible.

In this design, outerwear, woolen suits, classic skirts and knitted dresses look fashionable.

However, keeping track of fashion trends for the fall, remember that a cage is not the best option for a curvaceous figure. As a rule, such a drawing adds a little in volume.

color block

Autumn 2020 dictates new rules. If earlier in the combination of shades in the ensemble it was necessary to be careful, now it is allowed to combine incompatible shades with each other. Feel free to wear bright dynamic and rich colors within one bow. Eggplant and emerald, orange and purple, blue and turquoise, red and coffee paired look beautiful.

Prominent collar

Women and girls are allowed to wear clothes with the largest possible collar in autumn 2020. A cape, a turn-down massive collar, Renaissance collars, collar options from the 70s and 90s are welcome. With this element, you can dilute a business and even a romantic bow.

Knitwear is the head of everything

Autumn is a season that evokes thoughts of coziness and comfort. Create it in an ensemble with knitwear. A beautiful floor-length dress in black or gray, a midi-length dress, two-piece suits from a skirt and a sweater will be relevant. Knitwear is what will allow you to easily emphasize your soft femininity. The most closed clothing models will create the effect of modest impregnability.

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High gloves

At world fashion shows in Paris, London, Milan and New York, models flashed in long theatrical gloves. Moreover, the couturiers allowed themselves the courage to mix them with a variety of images. The version of a light organza dress with long theatrical gloves and high boots with a wide top looked interesting. Feel free to combine high gloves with a business suit and a romantic evening dress. You will definitely be the center of attention.

Formal wool suit

In the fall and winter of 2020, it will be fashionable to wear a gray coarse wool suit. Gray is generally a hit of the autumn-winter season 2020-2021. It is important that the jacket of the suit has a laconic fitted cut, and the skirt is below the knee length. Its distinctive element is a high neckline to the knee. In such a beautiful suit, you can safely go to a business meeting, a friendly walk, even a romantic date. A strict wool suit looks beautiful with high boots and a graceful coat in the style of Oversight.

His Majesty Latex

Forget expressive short dresses or latex rompers. Now light iridescent material is widely used for tailoring business suits, evening dresses, stylish trousers. Moreover, latex does not always fit the figure. The material is quite suitable for tailoring interesting models with a free cut or drapery.

When putting on a latex outfit, keep in mind that it is already an independent accent in the image. Do not overload the ensemble with unnecessary shining elements and accessories. Opt for more modest jewelry.


The patchwork style is one of the most trendy in autumn ensembles. Use it in outerwear or in dresses, trouser and skirt suits. Patchwork is a casual combination of large patches of fabric when sewing clothes. Moreover, it is allowed to use cuts of material of the same shade or contrasting colors. Elongated jackets, coats, patchwork cardigans look fashionable.


Fashion fall 2020 is also stylish outerwear. This year, designers have relied on soft lines, comfort, and tactile sensations. One of the interesting options for outerwear is an artificial cheburashka fur coat. Outwardly and to the touch, it imitates a soft toy from the times of the Soviet Union – a neat plush makes the fur coat elegant. Outerwear can have a straight or fitted cut, be of various lengths.

[tds_warning]Please note that outerwear is no longer relevant in black and brown. The trendy coat color for fall 2020 is blue, saffron, turquoise, plum, powdery and other dynamic, fresh tones.[/tds_warning]


The same applies to colors for leather products. Move away from stereotypes, wear interesting leather outerwear. World-famous designers offered unusual collections at their shows, which included elongated loose-fitting leather coats, interesting trouser and skirt suits, short aviator jackets, and long raincoats.

The main requirement for leather material is excellent vyschinka and uniform color.

“Quilt blanket”

Oddly enough, but the once fashionable pink blanket from the bedroom smoothly migrated to the autumn wardrobe of 2020. Elegant coats with a flared skirt, stylish raincoats, outerwear models with puffed sleeves, a straight free-cut coat with patch pockets are successfully sewn from this material. . Quilted powder outerwear looks beautiful with high boots.

Gray men’s coat

Women pretty much borrowed from the men’s wardrobe. The strict laconic coat of a simple free cut was no exception. It can be organically combined with rough flat-soled boots or with a high boot with a massive heel. A distinctive feature of the autumn gray coat is large metallic buttons.

Autumn shoes

Be sure to replenish your wardrobe with an interesting pair of boots or boots. In the fall of 2020, it is fashionable to wear such shoes:

  • Boots with a wide top. And both on a flat sole and on a heel of any shape. These shoes are the perfect complement to a business, romantic or urban look.
  • High boots over the knee boots fit perfectly on slender legs. They are beautifully combined with any length – mini and midi.
  • Shoes with a massive heel-column. Outwardly, it looks rough, but visually makes the female leg slimmer and more fragile. Boots with massive heels can be worn with breeches, with skirts of any length and with dresses.

  • Shoes with a narrow toe. But be aware that these…

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