What to wear on a date in winter: the best looks

We figured out what to wear on a date in the winter to look feminine and not succumb to the whims of the weather. Get armed!

Sweater with cutout

To make your date look warm and elegant at the same time, bet on knitwear that flatters your figure. Knight’s move – a sweater with a flirty neckline. For example, the fashionable heart shape excites the imagination, which is ideally combined with a stylish necklace or chain.

As a bottom, stylists advise choosing wide trousers, an elegant midi skirt or high-rise jeans – the choice depends on the location of the date.

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Delicate monochrome

The next idea for a trendy date look is a feminine monochrome in light or pastel shades. According to men, the delicate palette of onions gives the owner fragility and charm. Another nice bonus is that against the backdrop of a winter landscape, a monochrome look looks especially stylish.

Monochrome outfit is easy to create if you take one color as a basis and select different shades. For example, a beige and caramel palette is considered a hit of this winter.

Knee-high boots

What to wear on a date in winter to look feminine and spectacular? Stylists suggest: high boots with steady heels will make an indelible impression. Successful combinations are endless – in the top duets with a mini and midi skirt, an elegant dress, jeans or wide trousers.

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Pleated skirt

An image for a date in winter will turn out graceful and elegant if you take as a basis a pleated midi-length skirt, which is best combined with fashionable winter shoes – high boots.

The potential of the pleated skirt is inexhaustible: the fashion trend is combined with a blouse, turtleneck, shirt, cardigan with an exciting V-neck or jacket as part of a beautiful date look.

Knitted dress

With the onset of winter, it is not necessary to wear shapeless and baggy clothes for a date. Fashionable knitted dresses are the best proof that comfort and beauty can be combined in one look.

If the date is in the winter, you can wear a ribbed knitted dress – it will provide comfort and beautifully emphasize the figure. As suitable styles, stylists also name a wrap cut, a fashionable variation with a slit and a pleated model.

Leather clothes

The density of the leather texture makes it a suitable solution for stylish and comfortable looks for winter dates. Decide what is easier to fit into your outfit – a leather skirt, dress, sundress or trousers – all models approve of fashion trends.

Current idea! With leather clothes, the game of textures looks cool. For example, with a bold fabric, delicate chiffon, lace or organza will open on a new side. A tandem with elegant prints is also welcome!


The question “How to dress for a date” will disappear if you play with a combination of a romantic dress and an elongated jacket. The first layer will be responsible for the romantic touch of the image, and the second will not allow you to freeze.

A fashionable move involves a combination of a printed dress with a plain jacket that repeats one of the tones of the pattern. On a winter date, a motif with flowers is also appropriate – rightfully the most romantic and feminine.

Red color

The image with the scarlet color in the lead role is the case when the palette decides everything. Next to the red accents, basic black things will sparkle in a new way – you get a win-win color duet, perfect for a date.

Romantic blouse

If you put on the most romantic blouse from the wardrobe for a date, it is permissible to choose basic jeans or trousers as the bottom – the top will respond to the desired mood of the image.

Frills, ruffles, sheer inserts, flirty prints, bows and lace inserts are considered true criteria for a romantic style in blouse design. The ideal color is a delicate pastel, taking into account the characteristics of the color type. For example, light yellow colors are suitable for brunettes.

Our photo selection proved that the look for a date in winter can be feminine, beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Add a romantic mood to your outfits, and let your winter meetings with your missus be truly warm and unforgettable!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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