What to wear to an interview

We tell you what to wear to an interview for a woman, because according to statistics, an HR specialist remembers only 20% of what the recruiter said, but immediately forms an impression in appearance. Choose in which outfit you will get your dream job!

The choice of clothes depends on the position

How to dress for an interview to get a vacancy? Make sure that the image of the desired position matches!

If the job requires the ability to plan, use logic and think rationally, bet on laconic silhouettes, minimalist style and shoes of impeccable quality.

A creative specialty requires an appropriate approach in creating an image for an interview. Think about how you can stand out from other candidates. Perhaps an accent accessory, asymmetry in cut or a non-standard combination of colors will become your feature. A business image, not devoid of zest, will emphasize openness to experiments and fresh ideas.

Follow fashion trends

It is not necessary to study the latest trends from the catwalks before the interview, but it is worth looking at the current collections of business fashion. To dress in the spirit of the time means to show your modernity, dynamism and desire to develop. Excessive conservatism and rigor, on the contrary, will scare away an HR specialist.

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Attention to detail

To create a successful image for an interview, it is important to place accents – two or three focuses of attention will be enough.

Since there is no second chance to make a first impression, it makes sense to carefully choose the details. Bag, glasses, shoes, watches and other accessories should be neat and show high quality – such little things are more noticeable than they seem.

If strict clothes become the basis of the image for the interview, accessories come to the rescue that diversify the outfit. For example, a bright silk scarf will refresh a business shirt, and an accent leather belt will stylishly complement trousers.

There are special requirements for the bag: an accessory of a rigid shape and medium size is suitable, but soft clutches will look frivolous.

Neatness is the main decoration of a business woman. Any little thing in the image should state the fact that you are as careful in business as in choosing clothes and accessories.

Color selection

A good solution for business negotiations is the gray color in the outfit. Calm and elegant shade looks advantageous in combination with refreshing white things and bright accessories.

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If you are planning to take a leadership position, bet on blue in your interview look. This decision symbolizes intelligence, reliability and professionalism. If you do not want to give the impression of detachment, avoid contrasts with white – for example, instead of a boiling shirt, it is better to take a softer color.

For an interview in the creative field, an image with purple or lilac accents is great. These colors are associated with creativity.

Green falls into the rating of unsuccessful colors, as it is associated with unprofessionalism. Also, red, yellow and orange shades are not suitable because of their ability to tire quickly.

The Win-Win Interview Formula

Before an important date, we advise you to study the corporate culture of the desired place. Completing the mission is easy – you can look at social networks and figure out what it is customary to wear in an organization. So you consider the unspoken dress code in the company and will form a positive impression at the first meeting.

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For most positions, a win-win look for an interview is a trouser suit that matches the color type. Actual cut is required – for example, a combination of a double-breasted jacket and loose-fitting trousers.

Your interview look should reflect your personality. If you feel insecure in the perfect shirt, the recruiter will take notice. Let the chosen outfit please you personally, and the desired position will become closer. You will succeed, go ahead!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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