What to wear to the beach for a fat woman

What to wear on the beach for a full woman to look stylish? We know the answer!


Finding the perfect swimsuit

Many women with plus-size parameters are convinced that finding a swimsuit to fit their figure is a very difficult quest.

In fact, everything is not at all so difficult, because the 2019 fashion also takes into account non-standard body types.

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For example, now the trend is classic and sporty models of closed swimsuits that are perfectly slimming. Also at the peak of popularity are separate suits with high-rise panties.

A high-waisted swimsuit will help hide your imperfections.

Such models perfectly hide the protruding tummy and stretch the silhouette. A tankini model with a top in the form of a T-shirt can also help in disguising volumes on the stomach. We recommend choosing a swimsuit with bones that will beautifully shape the chest and separate it from the stomach.

Also, dark colors, slimming cut and distracting maneuvers in the form of decor, which shift the focus to the upper body, will work to the effect of harmony.

Images with pareo

Pareo not only acts as a stylish accessory. It is also a way to hide problem areas. For example, to disguise large hips and show a beautiful waist, you can tie a pareo just below the waist with the knot shifted to the side.

Large and colorful prints are a contraindication in the design of this accessory, but the uniformity and patterns of medium sizes, on the contrary, are welcome.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Do not swim in pareo. Wet fabric will not be able to hide the imperfections of the figure, but will only create an emphasis on them.[/stextbox]

Beach dresses

A full woman can make a stylish bow with a beautiful beach dress. This summer, flying maxi length silhouettes are in priority. This style looks very feminine and also perfectly hides the imperfections of the figure.

The length of the dress and its style directly depends on the characteristics of the physique. Tall women with beautiful legs can try on a flirty mini length, which will allow you to quickly get a beautiful tan.

A shirt dress can also be a good solution. Everything is perfect in this style – its versatility, stylish look and transforming properties.

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The vertical row of buttons visually slims and lengthens the silhouette. It also allows you to adjust the length of the incision or cutout. Full ladies are recommended a loose or semi-fitted cut, which can be supplemented with a belt to indicate the waist.

Images with tunics

Plus-size fashionistas can also have stylish beach tunics in their beach wardrobe. Stylists highlight several successful styles.

  • A wraparound tunic with a waistband perfectly corrects the figure and creates the illusion of a waist. Models made of translucent material, such as chiffon, look most impressive.
  • Spacious tunic dresses are also great for women with such parameters. These models may have a sleeve to disguise full arms and an underlined waistline.

  • Models with a high waistline are indispensable in masking a protruding tummy and shaping the correct proportions of the figure. It is great if it is complemented by a V-neckline, which creates an accent on the décolleté line and lengthens the neck.

  • In the summer of 2019, knitted tunics are incredibly relevant. Openwork models look very feminine and coquettish.

  • A suitable and, importantly, fashionable tunic will be a shirt cut model.
  • Models with high cuts look impressive. Their main advantage is that they stretch the silhouette. The cuts simultaneously lengthen the legs and hide their fullness.

Images with a cape

A stylish beach cape will help to hide lush hips and sides. She will create a feminine and sophisticated mood in the image.

Shoes matter

In the formation of a stylish image, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of shoes. Ruffles, straps and laces in the ankle area are not recommended for large ladies. This decor insidiously divides the leg into 2 parts and visually adds fullness. If you want to visually reduce the size of your feet, choose classic flip flops with a belt between your toes. Behind this minimalism lies practicality – such shoes are easy to care for and comfortable.

You can also look at clogs and flip flops on a small wedge. The overestimated rise of the shoe will stretch the silhouette and make the woman more slender. It is important to take into account fashion trends in the world of beach shoes. The choice of stylish and modern models rejuvenates and refreshes the image.

The power of accessories

A stylish beach look is unthinkable without actual accessories. Fortunately, the fashion details of the 2019 season do not have strict restrictions on the build of a fashionista.


The undoubted must-have of this summer (and something tells us that the next seasons too) are scarves and bandanas.

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You can think of many stylish ways to use them. The most obvious option is a hat that protects from the sun.

Also, scarves can become an integral accessory of various hairstyles as in the photo – braids, buns, tails. Fashionistas love to use them instead of a belt or as a bag decor.

Ankle bracelets

Often women with a full figure can boast of graceful slender ankles. So why not focus on this virtue?

In such a task, beautiful leg bracelets can help, which again return to the list of trends. At the peak of popularity are accessories with chains, beads and shells.

straw hat

A straw hat will be a stylish end to a beach ensemble. Obese women are recommended accessories of medium dimensions without frilly decorative elements.

The straw hat is one of the most fashionable accessories of 2019.

Beach bag

A beautiful beach bag is not only a practical accessory, but also a way to keep up with fashion trends. Now straw bags of various shapes with wooden beads on the handle and knitted models are at the peak of popularity.

Such stylish details will definitely divert attention from figure flaws and complete the beach look.

How to dress for the beach for a woman over 50

What to wear to the beach for a plump woman over 50? Stylists answer this question with a list with a minimum supply of things that they recommend taking with you to the sea:

  • trapezoid tunic of minimalist design;
  • tankini or swimsuit;

  • wide top;
  • light culottes or breeches;

  • sundress with a small sleeve;

  • nice pareo.

Ladies at this age are not recommended to choose beachwear with sequins, colorful prints, an abundance of embroidery and huge flowers. A win-win option for all occasions is an elegant uniformity combined with a successful style.

A few more tricks

  • The beach towel should be large and wide. On it, a full woman will seem more fragile and slender.

  • It’s no secret that a tan perfectly hides the fullness of the figure. But what to do while the skin has not had time …

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