What to wear to the office in fall 2020

We learned what to wear to the office in autumn 2020 in accordance with the leading fashion trends and are happy to share these findings with you. Choose which bow you repeat first!

Actual ideas

Suit + turtleneck

If you have established yourself at work as a real style icon, then you have probably already managed to acquire a trendy trouser suit. The modern cut now hints at the oversized style, that is, it does not restrict movement and provides a full sense of freedom. For example, a combination of flared trousers with arrows and an elongated loose jacket is rightfully considered a win-win option for autumn 2020.

In the basic autumn wardrobe for the office, stylists recommend including a plain turtleneck – it should be combined with the aforementioned trouser suit to create a stylish look. For a modern take on the look, make sure the turtleneck isn’t too tight.


Trousers are considered to be an integral part of the autumn office wardrobe. In the 2020 season, designers recommend betting mainly on straight or flared models, with or without an arrow. The oversized fit often becomes a stylish highlight of the trousers – a cut feature that perfectly corrects the female silhouette and is conducive to fashionable combinations with a tucked-in top. The ideal color for the cold season is a deep and rich color.

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In the fall of 2020, a business fashionista can complement her favorite trousers:

  • oversized shirt,
  • a blouse with a bow or discreet frills,
  • jacket,
  • vest
  • or turtleneck.

Stylists suggest completing bows with trousers with exquisite pumps, elegant oxfords or practical ankle boots, depending on the weather. Also, do not forget to pick up an elegant geometric handbag – it will perfectly complete a stylish business outfit.


The fashion of the 2020 season also suggests wearing a stylish skirt to the office for work in the fall, adjusted for tight and warm clothing textures. Such clothes will add a touch of sophistication and femininity to the usual business ensembles.

Stylists advise including discreet skirts in the working capsule that cover the level of the knees. However, modern midi-length products often feature vertical cuts that make the image more attractive, but still do not contradict its restraint.

As for the winning styles of fall 2020, wraparound models, oversized pencil cut variations, flared A-line silhouettes and discreet straight skirts come to the fore.

In the assortment of fashionable colors, deep blue, chocolate, burgundy and emerald tones can be distinguished. To add a touch of variety to office fashion, a woman can use a vertical striped or plaid skirt, embodying a combination with a solid top.

Perhaps you will be inspired by stylish images and a trendy leather skirt. This model promises to harmoniously fit into the dress code, provided the matte texture of muted colors. A fashionista is unlikely to have problems with a combination of a leather skirt, because this bottom looks good with any basic clothing. A winning solution would also be a combination with a knitted jumper of a similar palette.


And what to wear to the office in the fall of 2020 for a woman over 50? Stylists unanimously believe that the current models of midi length dresses can underlie an elegant and sophisticated look. This season you can bet on:

  • classic cut case,
  • wrap style,
  • straight dresses
  • A-line models.

Strict office dresses will make business images more feminine and elegant.

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It is worth mentioning the cut of a jacket in a dress, which has not lost momentum in popularity for several seasons. Such models advantageously sit on any figure and make its silhouette more attractive. Stylists recommend choosing a long-sleeved jacket dress for autumn 2020 and combining it with a turtleneck according to the fashionable principle of layering.

A knitted dress can also harmoniously fit into an office capsule. An example of a winning ensemble is demonstrated by Miroslava Duma – she successfully combines a gray cozy dress with an elongated jacket to match and dilutes the restrained palette with brown boots and a handbag with crocodile embossing to match.


In the fall of 2020, at the peak of the popularity of office fashion, there are also promises to be elongated jackets in a free cut. Such a model will perfectly complete business sets. If the dress code in your workplace is loyal, it can allow a trendy tandem of laconic jeans and a stylish jacket. Such a current trend will also advantageously complete ensembles with a dress or skirt.

Stylists also mention fashionable elongated jackets in response to the question of what to wear to the office in the fall of 2020 for a fat woman. Such an actual cut will advantageously disguise the imperfections of the figure. If a lady wants to give her parameters femininity and harmony, she can bet on a jacket with a belt at the waist – such models are also among the leading trends. The monochrome technique also works great, which involves the embodiment of a slimming color vertical in the image.

Fashion trick! To transform the image with a familiar jacket, a fashionista can use a contrasting leather belt – it should be fixed at the waist with some unusual knot.


A stylish alternative to a classic jacket in 2020 can be a cozy cardigan that perfectly warms with the arrival of autumn cold. The most relevant model can be recognized as a loose fit cardigan with large buttons. Restrained solid colors are best suited to complement the office capsule.

Accent blouse

If your office wardrobe is dominated by basic laconic trousers and skirts, an accent top may be a winning technique for you. So, in the 2020 season, you can adopt a blouse with a romantic bow – it is she who will bring a touch of charm and sophistication to a strict business ensemble.

A stylish idea would also be to use a printed top in a company with a discreet solid bottom. So, in the 2020 season, designers recommend adopting checkered, floral and animalistic motifs. As part of a strict dress code, graphic geometric patterns like vertical stripes or polka dots promise to look advantageous.


You can also show your stylish individuality in office bows with the help of the current principle of layering. This technique involves a combination of several layers of clothing at once for expressiveness and warmth of the image. To make such an outfit look advantageous, make sure that the color scheme is consistent, and that each next layer is denser than the previous one.

In such ensembles, business women of fashion most often use a basic shirt. For example, such a thing can successfully rhyme with a jumper, jacket and even a turtleneck.


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