What to wear to the office in summer 2021

What to wear in the summer of 2021 to the office? This question worries many working women. Undoubtedly, the best clothes for sunny summer weather are a light sundress, short shorts and tops. But to imagine that you can come to the office like that is simply unrealistic. Today we will tell you what clothes to choose for work in order to look stylish and at the same time take into account all the nuances of summer weather.

Basic rules for creating a summer look for the office

To get an appropriate image and at the same time feel comfortable, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • give preference to clothes made from natural fabrics – silk, linen, cotton;
  • choose things in light shades – blue, peach, beige, olive;
  • if the dress code prohibits sandals and flip flops, wear open-toed shoes;
  • pick up things of a free cut – wide elongated shorts, voluminous light trousers.

Next, let’s talk in more detail about what to wear to the office in summer in order to create a fashionable and practical look.


Suits will help to create an elegant image for work. If it is very hot outside, the jacket can be removed, but in an air-conditioned office, long-sleeved clothing will come in handy.

When choosing a suit, preference should be given to summer options. The ideal model will be sewn from linen or silk, lining in this case is not required. As for the color, feel free to choose suits in bright summer shades, as well as white and beige tones.

If the dress code allows, you can wear your favorite light-colored sneakers under the suit. Otherwise, you will have to limit yourself to stylish shoes.


Despite the fact that a pencil skirt is considered a universal model for the office, for the summer you should choose a more spacious version of the A-line or give preference to a wrap skirt (it seductively opens the legs). A light chiffon or cotton blouse is suitable as a top.


Summer and the office are the perfect time and place to “walk” your favorite sleeveless sheath dress. When choosing the perfect model for work, give preference to options just above or slightly below the knees (too short and maxi dresses in the office will be inappropriate).

To create a stylish bow with such a dress, light shoes or sandals will help. In addition, if you choose beige shoes, you can visually make the figure more slender and your legs longer.

Long vest

Such clothes will be a good addition to any summer outfit. An elongated sleeveless jacket can be combined with a dress, with trousers or a skirt. A straight, not fitted vest is one of the top fashion trends for 2021. If you want to emphasize the waist, you should use a belt or strap.

Maxi skirt

Despite the fact that a floor-length skirt is not always appropriate for the office, in the summer you can choose the right model. Give preference to plain and simple styles, leaving skirts with ruffles and bright prints for another occasion. Wear maxi models with light blouses – they will make the image more businesslike and restrained.


If a plain bottom is used to make a summer office bow, then you can safely experiment with the color and color of the blouse. An ideal option would be a bright silk model of a shirt cut.

A striped oversized blouse and light-colored trousers will be a great set for women over 50, which can be worn to the office in the summer of 2021. This image looks very stylish and elegant, and also rejuvenates, allowing you to visually throw off a few years.

If the dress code does not prohibit going to work with bare shoulders and arms, then be sure to pick up a light silk top for the summer. Complete the look with a jacket.


Along with bright and bold blouses, loose-fitting shirts will be in trend. Tight models are no longer in fashion, but voluminous options are worn fully or partially tucked into trousers or skirts. Rolled up sleeves will help to add an image of slight negligence.

Denim shirts look very interesting – be sure to pay attention to such a model, it will refresh any boring office dress code.

Marine theme

To create a summer mood, add red and blue to the image, as well as a stripe. To make the image more office, complement the vest with a beautiful jacket, add accessories in the form of a metal belt.


According to office fashion for the summer of 2021, the look will look as attractive as possible if you complement it with high-heeled pumps. However, stiletto heels are uncomfortable. If you pick up practical ballet shoes, then the outfit will turn out to be too boring. Loafers are an ideal option for the summer – this is an elegant alternative to shoes with heels.

Images for full

Plus size ladies can easily afford all the same options as slimmer women.

You can choose an interesting set with an elongated vest, which, in addition, will allow you to adjust the proportions of the figure, or wear a light trouser suit. As for dresses, it is better to give preference to models with a midi skirt and short sleeves, complementing it with a belt.

Now you know what to wear to the office in the summer of 2021, and the photos presented in the article will allow you to make the best bow in a business style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and styles – be on trend this summer!

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