What to wear to the office in summer 2023

What to wear to the office in the summer of 2023 to masterfully combine comfort and style? The editors of Fashionable Lady have created a memo on successful combinations and added photo tips for stylish looks – look soon!

Bermuda suit

A business wardrobe for the summer of 2023 should certainly include a comfortable and stylish set. We suggest leaving the usual trouser suits until autumn – in hot weather, an ensemble with Bermuda shorts will be a real salvation.

In order for the trend to organically fit into the 2023 office capsule, bet on a model with an elongated laconic jacket and elongated shorts. We advise you to prefer an oversized fit – it is profitable and casually emphasizes the figure and simplifies the creation of fashionable summer looks for the office 2023. It is interesting to experiment with the choice of the bottom, choosing from the assortment of T-shirts, blouses and shirts.

A pantsuit also deserves a place in the summer 2023 capsule – it is important to choose a model from a light, breathable texture. And don’t forget the bright accents!

Light palette

Business fashion summer 2023 adds elegant light shades to women’s wardrobes. Beige, milky and creamy tones will elegantly fit into the office capsule, allow you to endure the heat and even rejuvenate your appearance!

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Shirt instead of jacket

In a summer wardrobe, it’s a great idea to swap out the classic blazer for a lighter shirt as the top layer. In order not to retreat beyond the boundaries of the dress code, choose a conservative and versatile white model. A basic shirt will make a fashionable pair with a plain dress, top or T-shirt.

midi skirts

You can also be inspired by fashionable looks for the summer 2023 office in combination with midi skirts. This season, slip-on models, A-line, straight cut are in trend. The role of the top can be not only a basic shirt, but also a polo shirt.

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fashionable dresses

Women’s summer 2023 fashion has announced loose-fitting dresses that can seamlessly fit into the office wardrobe as a favorite. The relaxed silhouette is ideally combined with the minimalist style.

Fashionable office dresses 2023 are also presented in wrap, shirt, pleated, belted waist and slit styles.

A business summer look for the office will turn out if you complement a light midi-length dress with a conservative elongated jacket. An elegant bag and mules / pumps / pointed ballerinas will perfectly complete the working outfit.


Lightweight breathable jumpsuit is a real must-have for a summer business capsule. A model with a shirt collar and a high waist with a belt will fit into the office style. In the role of shoes, both flat models and pairs with heels are suitable.


In summer, I want to give up dense and hot textures. Business fashion 2023 approves such a desire and presents new items from light chiffon and organza to the attention of women. Graceful texture often appears in the design of blouses and brings zest and freshness to looks with strict trousers / pencil skirt.


The pleated skirt is good not only for its feminine and versatile design – the classic loose fit also pleases with comfort in summer weather. Trendy combinations suitable for the office will be obtained in duets with a shirt, blouse or jacket.

Pants with T-shirt

The look for the office for the summer of 2023 may consist of trousers and a shirt, but stylists suggest changing the terms and preferring a laconic T-shirt/top with shoulder pads. The specified top will make the bow comfortable and adapt it for the summer season.


Culottes become the basis of many business summer looks. Thanks to the loose fit, the pants are not hot. The elegant look of the model is also captivating – with such trousers, the images are stylish and expensive.

Beige shoes

In the summer of 2023, shoes in a beige and caramel palette are extremely relevant. This is a stylish alternative to the boring black color scheme, which elegantly complements summer outfits. A great bonus: light-colored sandals, mules or pumps will make your legs visually slimmer and longer.

We told you how to dress stylishly for the office in the summer of 2023. Introduce current trends into your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to experiment and surprise your colleagues with the most stylish and trendy outfits!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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