What to wear with a basic T-shirt: stylish ideas

Dear editors campaign for reasonable consumption and a careful attitude to trends. You can assemble a wardrobe-constructs and periodically dilute the new fashion in doses. An example of the right approach: a photo selection of ideas on what to wear with a basic T-shirt, which you probably already have in your closet.

What looks can be made with a basic T-shirt


A fresh take on the basic tee, a monochrome look that gives a second chance to the familiar. We advise you to choose non-trivial shades – for example, light and pastel monochrome looks elegant and expensive.

If you want to play big and create a spectacular toral white look, we advise you to stick to a warm temperature – even if the shades differ in saturation, they will look harmonious together.

With bright color

If you have a white tank top in your arsenal, be sure to try pairing it with the brightest colors in your wardrobe. A light color scheme will balance the juicy color, it is guaranteed to fit it and inspire the most stylish experiments.

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With a jacket

The indispensability of the basic T-shirt lies in the huge number of possible images. Stylists offer to expand the range of successful combinations and introduce a T-shirt not only into beach outfits, but also into business outfits. For example, a combination with a jacket promises to look fresher than a classic duet with a shirt.

T-shirt becomes a stylish addition to the image with your favorite trouser suit. This outfit can be diluted with a multi-layer necklace around the neck – very stylish!

A jacket and Bermuda shorts paired with a ribbed tank top are the next look for our stylish readers to replicate.

With pants

What to wear with a basic t-shirt to look stylish? We suggest experimenting with all kinds of trousers. For example, a tandem with leather pants promises to look mega-stylish.

In the hot summer, more than ever, you want freedom and lightness. Natural fabrics and a spacious cut allow you to achieve the right feel. The combination of a T-shirt with loose trousers claims to be the favorite summer look.

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Stylists advise trying to combine the specified top with business trousers and balance the look with laconic accessories: this technique will perfectly refresh a strict outfit.


The basic tee is an important attribute of trendy layered ensembles. If you are just starting to experiment with such a technique, a T-shirt will definitely help – combinations with shirts, jackets, dresses are created in minutes and look mega-stylish.

If you have not tried the combination with an unbuttoned jumpsuit, now is the time – such a duet is exactly in line with the fashion trends of the season!

With a showy skirt

A basic t-shirt is the second chance you should give to all the accent skirts in your wardrobe. If in your closet skirts with sequins, accent decor or a bright print have been sad since corporate days, a laconic T-shirt will tell you how to wear all these things on weekdays.

Images with a T-shirt look elegant with the addition of a silk texture. You can combine it with a slip skirt and fall in love with such a feminine look.

A basic T-shirt will help to fashionably beat a denim skirt – a real must-have of recent seasons. When choosing shoes, improvisation is welcome – both graceful heeled sandals and your favorite sneakers are acceptable.

With jeans

A simple white t-shirt and basic jeans – what could be simpler?! At the same time, this combination looks stylish and fresh – a win-win option for everyday life!

The next fashionable level is adding accessories to the look with jeans and a t-shirt. For example, a trendy metal necklace will be a stylish addition.

A time-honored pairing of jeans, a ribbed shirt and an open shirt. Simple, but how stylish!

We hope you have noted for yourself a lot of stylish ideas on how to wear a T-shirt and be in trend. Don’t be afraid to use familiar things in fresh combinations – you will love the result!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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