What to wear with a coat in autumn 2020

From the article you will find out which coat models will be in trend in the fall of 2020 and what to wear with this fashionable wardrobe item in the new season. Stylists recommend giving preference to images in a classic style, original styles and textured material. However, in order to compose the bow as correctly as possible, it is necessary to take into account all the intricacies of the compatibility of different styles of coats with other wardrobe items, shoes and accessories.

Fashionable coat styles for autumn 2020: how to wear

Modern fashion is quite diverse and democratic. Therefore, every fashionista will be able to choose a coat for herself, which will not only fit perfectly on the figure, but will also correspond to the individual style.

To take into account all the fashion trends for autumn 2020, special attention should be paid to the models of the following styles and colors:

  • double-breasted;
  • dressing gown;
  • oversize;
  • shortened;
  • boucle;
  • in a cell;
  • duffle coat;
  • with a cape;
  • without collar.

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Next, we’ll talk in more detail about each trendy model and find out how to create a stylish autumn look with such coats.

double breasted

The style with a two-row fastener has long been popular not only among designers, but also among fashionistas around the world. At the same time, each woman can choose an option depending on personal preferences: it can be a laconic model without additional decor or supplemented with fur. In the autumn season, such a coat is best to fit into a classic or, on the contrary, a sporty look. That allows you to wear a double-breasted coat both to the office and for a walk, combining with sneakers.


The boucle model is considered beautiful and practical. Outwardly, such products resemble fur coats made of short faux fur. A distinctive feature of this coat is textured material. At the same time, the fabric is very light and pleasant to the touch, does not wrinkle, but perfectly protects against autumn bad weather.

Preference should be given to straight models up to or slightly below the knees. This style is universal, as it suits almost any type of figure, softens the silhouette, visually slims. A coat in a delicate nude palette looks especially feminine and elegant.

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You can wear a bouclé coat with clothes of both classic and sports style. They go equally well with a pleated skirt and boots, as well as hoodies and sneakers.


Today, comfortable and practical clothing is gaining more and more popularity. If we talk about a coat, then a model that looks like a dressing gown has similar properties. This style is convenient and practical, as it easily fits into images of various styles. In the fall of 2020, experts recommend wearing a bathrobe with sports or dress pants, dresses and silk blouses.


Oversized clothing has been one of the leading places on the fashion Olympus for several seasons. Distinctive features of such clothes are an enlarged shoulder line and twice the size. The advantages of oversized models are the ability to create stylish, original and comfortable looks; such a coat does not hinder movements and emphasizes individuality. Looks best on slender and fairly tall young ladies.

They wear oversized coats with trousers and jeans, as well as dresses and skirts, shorter than outerwear.

As for the colors, beige, gray, pale ocher are relevant for oversized models.

Shortened models

A similar version of a demi-season coat is very popular with active girls, as well as with motorists. Moreover, both free and tight-fitting cut under the belt are in fashion. You can wear such a cashmere coat with short and long skirts, as well as tight trousers and skinny jeans.

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This print is not going to give up fashionable positions. At the shows of eminent designers, the cage, as before, is in trend. At the same time, women of fashion can experiment with its type, especially tartan, houndstooth, glencheck.

The main advantages of the cage are not only in its beauty and attractiveness, but also in the fact that it is able to visually correct the proportions of the figure, to make the image of a fashionista with any proportions stylish and spectacular.

If you need to stretch the silhouette, you should pay attention to the small print of restrained shades. To give extra volume, it is better to choose a coat in a large cage.

[tds_warning]Therefore, a checkered coat is recommended to be worn by both slim and overweight women.[/tds_warning]

It should also be noted that such a print is self-sufficient, so it is best to wear a checkered coat with plain things in muted colors.


If you want to emphasize your own individuality, then a collarless model is an ideal solution for creating an original outfit. The combination of business and festive styles looks very unusual, so this style does not lose its relevance for many seasons. A variety of attractive models allows you to create an attractive outfit. You can wear a collarless coat of medium length with floor-length dresses, long skirts and high boots. Straight-cut models are combined with things that are slightly shorter than coats. You can combine this style with various accessories, for example, a scarf, scarf or voluminous jewelry.

duffle coat

A distinctive feature of fashionable coats for autumn 2020 is spectacularity and originality. Therefore, girls should definitely look at such a trendy coat model as a duffle coat. The peculiarity of the style is the average length, the presence of a hood and fasteners on the loops. Such products are practical, look original and allow you to create an image in various styles. The classic duffle coat is combined with casual things, for example, an outfit looks stylish, where such a coat is combined with jeans, straight trousers, a sweatshirt or a jumper.

When choosing a duffle coat, you should give preference to solid beige, blue, gray models, as well as checkered colors. Also, carefully consider the selection of the length – the size should be 3/4 of the full height.

With a cape

This is a classic style, the fashion for which exists outside of time. The coat is complemented by a stylish cape, which makes the image more feminine and romantic.

Trendy colors

The traditional autumn palette is shades of beige, brown, gray, black. This fall, these colors will not lose their relevance, but designers offer fashionistas to pay attention to brighter shades.

If you want to create a memorable image, you should look at the coat of red, cobalt, green, burgundy and purple shades. It is best to wear such products with plain clothes of discreet colors.

If a fashionista prefers a more restrained palette, then gray or black coats with bright inserts on the cuff, collar or pockets are perfect.

Provided that a coat is selected in …

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