What to wear with a fashionable blouse with a bow: the best combinations

How to wear a blouse with a bow to match the trends and create the most beautiful looks? We have compiled a cheat sheet on successful combinations for different occasions, which prove the indispensability of a fashionable blouse. Look!

In a romantic style

An obvious, but incredibly interesting use of a blouse with a bow involves composing images in a romantic style. The easiest way to maintain the right mood is with the help of a delicate palette – pastel monochrome ensembles are in trend. An example for inspiration is a combination with blue or white jeans and heels.

A silk skirt, well matched to an elegant blouse, will support a romantic mood. With a monochromatic design, choose a contrasting top and bottom for a showy outfit.

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Business style

A blouse with a bow around the neck is a real find for girls who are not averse to adding zest and expressiveness to conservative business images. The feminine trend will bring freshness and novelty to familiar looks with strict skirts, trousers or a suit.

If the constituent images are made in a single-color design, it is permissible to choose a blouse with an unobtrusive print. For example, universal geometry only diversifies the business capsule.

In a business style, it is permissible to tie ribbons not in the form of a bow, but as an impromptu tie.

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With jeans

To add sophistication and elegance to your casual look, try adding a romantic blouse to your usual jeans. The flared and loose-fitting denim trousers look especially good – this look has an interesting aesthetic of the 70s.

A fashionable bow in casual style will turn out on the basis of a duet of a blouse with straight jeans with a high waist. Tuck in the top for a trendy look.

Bermuda shorts

To combine two current trends in one look, wear high-rise Bermuda shorts with a blouse with a bow. It is important to tuck in the shirt to create a graceful accent at the waist.

With trousers

Stylists cite a combination with flying wide trousers as an example when answering the question “What to wear with a blouse with a bow?”. Such an outfit will turn out elegant and spectacular.

If the choice fell on the actual oversized blouse with a bow, pick up a pair of straight or tight trousers – the final image will turn out to be harmonious and stylish.

With leather texture

The game of contrasts is a key trend of modern fashion, which is designed to diversify the usual images. An actual example of a reception is a combination of a romantic blouse with a daring leather texture. For example, a skirt, trousers or shorts made of leather can act as a successful bottom. The resulting contrast promises to look fashionable and expressive.

Another fashionable example of the play of textures is the combination of a delicate top with suede or velveteen.

With a skirt

A blouse with a bow will perfectly diversify the office capsule. As part of a business look, a combination with a strict pencil skirt below the knee looks good. Pumps or high heeled boots are suitable as shoes, depending on the season.

A sophisticated look with an emphasis on femininity is easy to create if you complement the blouse with a tweed skirt. This Chanel-inspired bow is perfect for a date.

An image with a mini skirt will turn out to be flirty and playful. If you need to create an elegant mood, bet on a length below the knee.

With a suit

To add a touch of sophistication to a strict look, try wearing a romantic blouse with a bow around the neck under a business suit. Fashion trends allow the company of flat shoes in a bow with a suit. For example, loafers or closed mules will be a stylish finish.

Fashionable images with a bow blouse are the best proof of the need for this trend in women’s wardrobe. Stylists confirm that a beautiful model is appropriate in images for different occasions: in everyday, business and romantic ensembles.

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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