What to wear with a fluffy skirt

Such an urgent question, with what to wear a puffy skirt, fashionable this year, should be considered in detail from all sides. The proposed stylish and successful combinations will inspire and allow you to choose amazing images for every day and “outing”.


Fashionable styles of puffy skirts and who they suit

The voluminous hem and belt at the waist of this item of clothing suits slender and tall girls, with a good figure, and is also a panacea for:

  • ladies with too wide or very narrow hips, successfully masking them with luxurious folds of the skirt;
  • overweight women to brighten up extra pounds – certainly fluffy skirts suit them much more than tight ones. Only the length should be midi or longer. And no oversized top and layered bottom;

  • girls with a not very thin waist – the volume of the skirt and the fit visually builds a correct and harmonious silhouette;
  • women with an inverted triangle figure – such clothes will visually add the missing volume to the hips;

  • too skinny girls. They can opt for skirts with a colorful, geometric print or striped, midi length.

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Fashionable modern styles:

  • asymmetrical bottom;

Fluffy skirt with asymmetrical hem

  • pleated;

  • with a smell – if earlier such models were used only for summer options, now it is enough to take warm fabrics, and the smell plays the role of a unique cut;

  • tutu skirt – but here you must already have a sense of proportion and style, so as not to look strange and ridiculous;

  • flounces, ruffles, frills;

  • bell – a long floor-length skirt requires a concise and tight top;

  • layering – somehow these skirts resemble gypsy outfits. They can be easily used to create boho looks.

Skirts can be of different lengths – from short to maxi to the floor and from different materials: tulle, leather, cotton, jacquard and others.

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Selectable colors:

Light and bright outfits are most often worn in the warm season, and in the cool season, more saturated and dark shades are preferred. Most popular colors:

  • Black. Maybe someone will find such an outfit gloomy, but the main thing is to choose the right elements. Stylists offer to stay on the standard, but win-win option – a black skirt, a white blouse – for special occasions and important meetings.

But also the black bottom goes well with any bright blouses, with floral patterns and other top prints.

  • White is a favorite of many, albeit a somewhat soiled color. Best of all, white bottoms are good for summer, paired with tops. A tanned body delightfully sets off such an outfit.

  • Red is a bold and bold color. Saturated and bright is suitable for the evening, and matte can be worn to work, emphasizing the best qualities – energy and activity.

  • Blue looks on the one hand more calm than red, but a lady in such clothes will be noticeable everywhere. The richness of shades of blue allows the girl to choose the very tone that she likes.

  • Green hasn’t always been in demand but is now among the Pantone Institute’s hottest colors for winter, spring and summer 2019. These are understated, muted greens.


  • for warm days, a floral and floral print looks great;

  • in winter, the cage has not lost its relevance;

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  • stripes look luxurious, both horizontal and vertical.

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When choosing a bottom with a print, it is better to choose a plain top.


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What to wear with a fluffy skirt

Skirts below the knee and above are best combined with this top:

  • with plain white – top, blouse, t-shirt or shirt. Since we recommend tucking the top into the skirt, prints and all sorts of drawings on a white background are not entirely suitable. Although, if the skirt is monochromatic, and there is a great desire to create a sport-chic bow, you can take a sports T-shirt with a number and put on sneakers or high-heeled shoes on your feet to play in contrast. A laconic small drawing will do;

  • with a black top – a skirt looks no less stylish in combination with a black T-shirt or top. Some women of fashion do not choose a completely plain top, but with a playful pattern on it;

  • wearing a fluffy tulle skirt is best for fragile and slender girls. In the kit, you can choose a tight-fitting or slightly loose top – a sweater, turtleneck, blouse, and put on a jacket or leather jacket;

  • with a lace top, it is best to wear tighter and more concise outfits of any length. In this set, it is the top that will be the accent of the image;

  • with white elegant shirts and a wide belt, according to fashion designers, you can wear any bright colored floor-length skirt;

  • with sweatshirts, sweaters, bomber jackets, fashionistas calmly combine light and fluffy skirts;

  • denim shirts should fit snugly to the body and then they can be combined with a voluminous skirt, both maxi and short;

  • with turtlenecks, so popular these days, a puffy bottom will be combined in the best way. So you can create strict and stylish images for the office;

  • leather skirts, both short and long, go well with tight tops. Especially if it is lace, translucent blouses or thin pullovers.

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Clue. The shorter the skirt, the more concise and closed the top should be. No defiant neckline.



  • for a solemn event, an elegant bottom necessarily requires shoes with heels;

  • high fashionistas can wear shoes at low speed, and low ones – heels or wedges are required;

  • It is better to wear a fluffy knee-length skirt with high-heeled shoes. See photos of the most successful options;

  • you can wear sneakers and sneakers to a straight-cut skirt and a simple design; denim skirts will look great in this combination;

  • ballet flats, sneakers and ankle boots go best with a tutu skirt. Although there is an option to combine such a thing in black with stilettos, creating a playful evening look.

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Accessories and decorations:

  • since the skirt takes on the entire accent of the bow, it is better to choose accessories and jewelry that are not too bright, concise and simple. If possible, do without them altogether or fit them into the image in color or style;
  • no voluminous and fluffy bags – laconic handbags and clutches;
  • A backpack is quite suitable for everyday and street style.


  • with long skirts it is better to wear shortened models of fur coats and coats;
  • fur vests and warm jackets, cardigans that can be tied with a belt go well;
  • leather jackets and leather jackets have long taken their place in the hearts of those girls who like to combine romantic puffy outfits with light brutality of the skin and a unique cut of jackets.

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