What to wear with a green dress

A green dress is a very bright, beautiful and attention-grabbing clothing. You need to know exactly what to wear with and how to combine such a color in an image. Photos of successful combinations will help with this.

A green dress is bright in itself, accessories for it must be selected carefully.

Choosing a green dress

Green is the color of greenery and spring, very calm and gentle. It suits absolutely everyone – from blondes with blue eyes to burning dark-eyed brunettes, but depending on the shade:

  • the color type “Autumn” – red-haired or with brown hair, with golden skin and freckles, girls are characterized by blue, amber or green eyes. Bright green shades are best used as a print or pattern, and the main color should be mixed with brown – swamp, brownish green, dark pale green;

  • summer girls are distinguished by light brown hair color – light or dark, white skin, sometimes with a tint of olive or blue. Soft-colored eyes – gray-green, hazel-brown. Best of all, such ladies go with cold, mint and cabbage shades, but with a grayish tint. From warm, you can prefer herbal, coniferous and olive. Emerald – too, but better as accessories, additional to the main color;

  • Lady Spring is characterized by blond hair, pinkish or peach skin. And the eyes are light, from green-blue to light brown. Light shades are suitable for her – pistachio, khaki, as well as bright ones – lime and light green;

  • bright and expressive Winter has a dark hair color with swarthy or white skin. Eyes – rich green, cool blue or dark brown. Cold, directly “ice” light green shades will suit her. Warm colors also suit her, especially emerald green. Black and green are also wonderful for Winter, a dress of this color can easily become a basic item in her wardrobe.

Accentuate your waist with an eye-catching corset belt

There are also several shades that are neutral in color temperature – spectral green and light apple green – every fashionista can adopt them.

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Combination with other colors

A green dress can be short or floor-length, but you can’t do without accessories – bags, shoes, jewelry. You can try to pick up things in one tone – a rich green dress and a light green jacket, shoes and a handbag, but, nevertheless, too much green is also tiring. Therefore, it is worth combining with other colors:

  • with beige – light brown shoes and a handbag, a beige jacket or a trench coat on top – and the perfect look is ready. You can even use several shades of beige – it will not spoil the harmony, and the overall bow will only become richer;

You can choose dresses with spectacular print

  • with black – if you are used to wearing black dresses to parties and cocktails, then you should not drastically change your preferences. Black color and muffle a little the brightness of green, and create the right elegant surroundings in the image;

Pay attention to how you need to combine black shoes and bags with green dresses.

  • with gold, silver or red – a solemn image for special events is not easy to create, because you can overdo it. The central focus should be a dress – well-fitting, luxurious and matching in shade to the color type. The rest of the color should only be added to accessories and jewelry with stylish small touches: golden shoes and a clutch, a silver coat, a red jacket;


  • with the color of the year 2018, ultraviolet is best combined with greenish-bluish (aquamarine);

  • yellow and white colors can safely accompany a bright green outfit in outerwear or accessories;

  • color 2019 – coral also goes well with green. Throw on a coral cardigan or cropped jacket, grab a clutch in this chic trendy color.

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Fashionable coral and yellow in combination with a green dress

What to wear with a green dress – shoes and accessories

It’s not enough to choose the central accent of your image, you need to choose the right additional elements for it so that the color of the dress opens up and plays:

  • to the emerald dress, the color that is now in fashion – it is adored by all the stars of show business, chocolate and coffee shades are suitable. Light brown stilettos, neat trendy cappuccino-colored handbags, a brown leather jacket or jacket;

The combination of green and fuchsia looks very bright and unusual.

  • a dark green outfit will play in a pair with black, dark red, burgundy. You can also take a leopard print of a belt or shoes – now “animal” prints are among the trends;

  • bright green goes well with light colors: yellow and white. In white sandals under a juicy green dress, you can go anywhere;

  • lace dress – is already self-sufficient and delightful, requires concise, discreet accessories;

Golden jewelry and accessories are a win-win companion of a green dress.

  • a green dress in light shades is best worn with a silver bag and shoes. The ensemble looks similarly luxurious with golden or peach accessories;

  • for a long dress, you can choose a contrasting, brown or printed belt and clutch. If necessary, this evening outfit can be supplemented with a fur cape of natural fur colors;

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  • a short dress is best combined with a heel. Shoes should be matched to a belt, clutch or jewelry. Bold and daring girls, and most importantly, tall ones, can wear ballet flats or sneakers.

[stextbox id=’info’]Advice. The choice of shoes is very important for the overall harmonious look. The main rule is that warm shades are best combined with warm ones, and cold ones with cold ones.[/stextbox]

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Classic look and bow in ethno style

Jewelry for a green dress

If the dress itself is very eye-catching – with the help of an interesting style, lace or iridescent fabric, then it is better to take more concise jewelry. And:

  • massive jewelry can only be worn with bare shoulders or with a deep neckline;

  • green color goes well in a bow with silver, gold and bronze jewelry;

  • emeralds or other green stones in gold – yellow or white – make a great combination with a green dress and emphasize green eyes;

For everyday looks in 2019, it is better to choose earrings as jewelry.

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  • if you have chosen a large and bright necklace, then the earrings can be with elements of the decor of the necklace, but more inconspicuous, focusing on the neck and chest.

Outerwear and tights

For cool weather or for the evening, women should add to the dress:

  • to a dark green dress – dark or black tights, to light shades – …

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