What to wear with a long coat

If you have a long coat or are going to buy it, then the question arises: what to wear it with. Often there can be only one such model in the wardrobe, so you want to create a stylish look and remain different every day. How to do it? Let’s talk right now.

Long coat: we select fashionable combinations

All girls love long coats. It suits any type of figure, which means that owners of magnificent forms can safely wear it. For tall and slender girls, a variety of coat models are presented: oversized, straight, fitted, with raglan sleeves, etc.

Even girls of short stature should not refuse a long coat, as this model goes well with heels or wedges. But in this case, it is necessary to pay attention to models with a belt to emphasize the waistline.

Long coat models attract special attention, so it is important not to “overload” the image with heavy details.

And now let’s see what to wear with a long coat in order to always remain stylish and keep up with fashion trends.


To choose the right accessories, you need to decide on the mood of the image. If today you want to be romantic and feminine, then you should give up heavy and multi-layered jewelry. Complete the look with a simple silk scarf. Add earrings that will add lightness to the image, such as pearls. Romantic colors are powdery, pink, peach, pale purple.

Also, beautiful and elegant hats are suitable for a long coat. But if you want to look like from the cover of a fashion magazine, then look for fisherman’s hats. They are now in trend and, accordingly, No. 1 all over the world.

What other accessories can be worn with a long coat?

  • Knitted snoods;
  • Scarves fabric and knitted;
  • baseball caps;
  • Panama;
  • Felt hats.


I would like to pay special attention to bags that are combined with long coats. The trending options are:

  • Chain bags. Avoid thin chain handles. But say “YES” to large and massive links. Chains can be bought separately and decorate any available bag with them;
  • Ridiculi. Ridicules are distinguished by their sophistication and tenderness. Often they are made of silk or other fabric, but leather models can also be found. So that a small reticule does not get lost next to a long coat, wear it on your arm, as shown in one of the models;
  • Tote bag. Modern models are complemented by thin handles, massive chains, vintage clasps. Such a bag fits perfectly into a business style, so you can safely go with it to work in the office and to a meeting;
  • Oversized bags. Volumetric clutches, capacious baggy bags. The bigger, the better. Such models fit into any image;
  • Stylish geometric shapes. So a long coat can decorate not only standard bags. Someone decides to add small urban backpacks, and someone decides on a round, square or cylindrical bag.


Now let’s see what shoes you can wear with a long coat to get an elegant classic look and a real street style.

  • Classic coat with buttons. It has strict lines, discreet colors, light patterns. This model is more relevant for business style, so here you need to focus on shoes with heels. Even tall girls cannot wear ballet flats under a long coat. Elegant office style is heels: gloved shoes, readings, winclippers, slouches, etc.;
  • oversize. This style is characterized by freedom, independence, baggy. It is chosen not only by those who want to remain fashionable and stylish, but also by those who do not hesitate to show their character. Therefore, choose sneakers, moon rovers, jackboots, hikers and other massive shoes. Oversized can also be combined with different flat shoes;
  • bathrobe. Another stylish option for the office or walking around the city. Choose shoes depending on where you are going to go now. If this is work, then it is better to give preference to elegant classic models. If walking, then any flat shoes will do, including massive sneakers.

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When choosing clothes for a long coat, pay attention to fashion trends and seasonality.

  • A straight coat goes well with fitted or straight trousers, with skirts or dresses;
  • The robe coat has a more flared bottom, so skirts, jeans and trousers should be narrower;
  • The classic coat looks stylish with trousers, which have creases, sheath dresses, strict skirts, jumpers and blouses;
  • A down coat is less demanding on the choice of clothing, so choose it for your type of figure and cut of outerwear;
  • A quilted coat is a embossed fabric, so it is better to stay in plain colors or with a small print.

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So what is the best way to wear a long coat? As you can see, there is no single correct answer. But there are a few rules for creating a successful and stylish look, which we shared with you today.

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