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What to wear with a long dress in the summer of 2020

A long dress is an item of women’s wardrobe that remains in demand, despite the change in times and tastes. Such decoration was originally intended for attending secular evenings and receptions – the style does not take haste and the accelerated rhythm of life, the owner of the dress is leisurely and imposing. So it was before, but the world has changed, and the perception of the garment has changed.

Long Dresses

Now the maxi dress is a fashion item that can be combined with accessories, bags and shoes in dozens of styles. A fashionista will put on a long floor-length dress both for a secular party and for a walk in the park – it remains to pick up the details, and the image is completed.

What to wear with a long dress in the summer of 2020 to cause admiring glances is easy to choose.


A suitable element of the top is the key to a bright image. Such a wardrobe item is combined with clothes of most styles – a denim vest, a classic jacket, a knitted cape. The thing is selected according to color and style, details are combined and weather conditions are taken into account. Fashionistas play on the contrast – they put on a bright skirt and a jacket of a different color, but of the same thermal group, so that there is no resonance. Popular clothing brands develop lines that simplify the search for combinations, very often suitable items are sold as a set.

dress top

Even more often, the details of the top are not used. A long sundress is summer clothes, weather conditions in summer give a chance not to overload the image with things. A bright accessory is added to the dress, which, like a jacket, often differs in color.


Changes in the fashion world have opened up a sea of ​​unusual images for women. If earlier evening dress was worn only with high-heeled shoes, now such clothes are combined even with sneakers and sneakers. The convenience of clothing has come to the fore, and thanks to this, not only restaurants and business meetings are visited in a long outfit, but also parks, cinemas and eateries.

shoes under the dress

Stilettos are still a classic option – this style is suitable for a romantic date or meeting with business partners. Shoes are chosen to match the dress, sandals with flat soles are an alternative if wearing heels is impossible or inappropriate.

White sneakers

White sneakers are also suitable for the image – this style does not restrict movement, it is easy to move around the city and countryside in sneakers. The style is suitable for travel – bright photos without fatigue and inconvenience.


Accessories add playfulness or sophistication to the image. One outfit can be worn both for a social reception and for a city walk – it is easy to complement the picture with a brooch with diamonds or a straw hat. Accessories are chosen carefully – do not overload the surroundings with dozens of rings and necklaces. The cost of jewelry is not important here – cheap jewelry is also suitable, the main thing is the color combination and attention to the style of the dress.

dress accessories

Long dresses in the summer of 2020 will make a splash – girls in this look look mysterious, and men will not disregard beauties in every style. It is important not to be afraid of experiments and choose clothes, guided by your own tastes and lifestyle.

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