What to wear with a long skirt in autumn 2020

What to wear with a long skirt in the fall of 2020 to keep yourself warm and at the same time keep up with fashion trends? We have calculated winning combinations from stylists and are happy to share them with you in this article!

Actual combinations


The first task that a fashionista faces when creating a stylish autumn bow is a winning combination of a skirt with outerwear. Fortunately, all ready-made formulas of win-win combinations are already collected in this cheat sheet – you just have to choose the best ones for yourself and be sure to try them out in practice!

  • The classic biker jacket looks cool with midi and maxi skirts of any texture. For example, you can think of such versatile outerwear when you are thinking about what to wear with a denim long skirt in the fall – denim goes great with skin.

  • In the 2020 season, the choice of a fashionista can also fall on a denim jacket with a warming layer. Stylists recommend choosing either a shortened or an elongated model in a laconic design and combine it with a casual long skirt. Denim, leather and knitwear are considered successful textures for the bottom.

  • With plain and printed models of skirts, you can make friends with a quilted jacket, which is so relevant in the 2020 season. With such outerwear, rough boots or sneakers will look great.

  • Fashion for fall 2020 suggests wearing a long skirt with a coat, creating a particularly elegant and feminine look. If you prefer a straight or oversized outerwear cut, you can complement it with casual flats. But with a fitted coat style, it is better to rely on the success of a combination with a flared skirt and shoes with heels or platform.

Ideally, if the length of the outerwear will approximately coincide with the skirt – this will make the image look more harmonious.

  • In 2020, short faux fur coats are also popular – a trend that is distinguished by excellent versatility. So, this fall you can wear a pleated long skirt complete with a sheepskin coat.

  • Another win-win option is a sheepskin coat, which today is appropriate in both elegant and casual outfits.

When choosing outerwear, you should definitely consider the style of the skirt. For example, a flared cut looks better with a shortened coat, down jacket or fur coat. An alternative option is outerwear at least a palm below the knee without a narrowed cut.

Top Options

With the advent of autumn, fashionistas have overstated requirements for the selection of the top for a skirt – it must be not only stylish and beautiful, but also warm. In this article, we present to your attention the most winning options.

  • A sweater and a long skirt will make a great pair for the fall look in 2020. This top does not have to be tucked in anymore – it can be worn at the outlet and, if desired, accentuate the waist with a leather belt.

  • Instead of a sweater, you can use a basic turtleneck – from such a change in the places of the terms, the bow will turn out to be no less warm, but more refined and elegant.

  • Love eclectic styles? Then combine a feminine skirt with a hoodie, sweatshirt or sweatshirt. Such experiments are now at the peak of popularity!

  • If you consider a long skirt to be the perfect piece for work, you can pair it with a tailored shirt, plain jumper, turtleneck or jacket combined with a belted waist. As shoes, you can choose loafers, ankle boots or boots with a stable heel.

  • With the advent of autumn, your favorite long skirt can be advantageously complemented by a spacious jumper or pullover. To add elegance to this look, you can complete it with high heeled boots.

  • A button-down cardigan can also act as a stylish top for your long skirt. For example, in the 2020 season, it is important to make multi-layered casual sets, playing over the base layers for a cardigan.

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If your choice falls on a skirt below the knee, then you can’t think of a better companion in a fashionable bow for her than high boots. Matte or glossy leather or noble suede are the most stylish reference points in 2020 when choosing the actual material for shoes. The main hit of the season is accordion boots, which look great in tandem with a feminine skirt.

Stylists emphasize that if the clothes are presented in an airy and elegant design, they will always look most advantageous in combination with heels.

In a stylish look, you can maintain an almost exact match of the color of the shoes and the bottom – this simple trick will visually lengthen the silhouette and make it more slender – a great bonus to a fashionable look, isn’t it?!

If, when choosing outerwear, your attention will be given to a jacket, down jacket or sheepskin coat, then you can choose shoes that are more casual and relaxed. For example, modern fashionistas simply love to combine long skirts with sneakers, rough boots or casual ankle boots.

However, it is worth noting that straight and tight skirts in a strict office design will not look with the marked shoe models.

The game of layering

In the fall, when drawing up fashionable combinations, layering often comes to the fore – a stylish technique that perfectly protects against the cold. Let’s give specific examples so that you understand how layering works in practice.

With the arrival of autumn, almost any top can be complemented with a jacket or cardigan – a top layer that looks great in everyday and work outfits. The most interesting thing is that the jacket in the 2020 season can be successfully combined not only with shirts or turtlenecks, but even with a sweater. To make such a bow look even more stylish and interesting, it can be supplemented with a leather belt – and not only on a jacket, but also on a jumper.

You can always throw a sweater or jumper over the jacket to keep you even warmer.

Another trendy layering technique is a combination of a shirt paired with a jumper or sweatshirt. A similar trick can be embodied in a stylish look for everyday work.

In 2020, you can go beyond just one outerwear to protect yourself from the cold. Now modern fashion does not prohibit complementing a laconic quilted jacket with a plain coat.


In the 2020 season, the monochrome technique, which involves matching the top to the color of the bottom, does not lose momentum in popularity. According to this principle, it is important to make ensembles in beige, powdery, emerald, blue, red and burgundy colors. In the fall of 2020, you can also wear a black long skirt in a monochrome ensemble – and so that the final bow does not look too dull, you can dilute it with bright contrasting accessories or shoes.

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