What to wear with a pantsuit: a fresh look

What to wear with a women’s trouser suit if the standard combinations are already boring? We will show you new looks that will surely inspire you to your own stylish experiments!

What base layer

A shirt with a pantsuit is an obvious combination that, if desired, can be given a fresh read. For example, it will be interesting to look at a layered bow with a crop top / t-shirt, shirt and jacket. Another fashionable trick is a bright contrasting combination of a suit with a base layer.

An image with a trouser suit will organically complement a turtleneck – the combination turns out to be cozy and stylish. A duet with a sweater promises to look more textured – a comfortable and fashionable idea for the cold season.

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Street style stars like to mix an oversized pantsuit with a crop top and chunky urban sneakers.

A trouser suit will take on a new look with a silk top. This base layer will create an elegant and feminine mood.

A trouser suit for a woman of 50 does not forgive boring and conservative combinations. Combinations with a T-shirt or a laconic top will look young and stylish.

The actual outfit will turn out in combination with a sweatshirt / hoodie. So that the combination does not look overloaded, you should prefer a minimalist base layer.

What shoes

A fashionable combo with a trouser suit will be sneakers. Such an alliance is consonant with modern fashion and the rhythm of the life of a business woman.

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The perfect union for a trouser suit will be loafers or mules. Great idea for a comfortable and stylish look in the office!

What shoes to wear with a trouser suit if the usual combinations are boring? A fashionable idea would be an image with rough lace-up boots. A ribbed top or a basic t-shirt as the bottom layer will help maintain the style of the shoe.

A suit with sandals will look as fashionable as possible if you tie long straps over the legs.

What accessories

A pantsuit is an excellent basis for accents. For example, a familiar look will benefit from elegance and elegance if you add a silk scarf to the ensemble.

A chain improvised in the form of a belt will allow you to create a complex image with a trouser suit. The accessory will emphasize the waist and make the bow mega-style.

If you add a leather belt to the jacket instead of a standard belt, the image will turn out to be more stylish and expressive. This technique will also highlight the waist as a bonus.

If you have already tried the combination with a leather belt, go to the next fashionable level – an image with a corset or peplum belt.

A fashionable look with a trouser suit, adapted for everyday life, will turn out if you put on sneakers and replace the classic bag with a crossbody or a trendy waist model.

What outerwear

Women’s trouser suit looks perfect paired with a midi-length coat. Such an image is especially interesting to maintain in fashionable monochrome, playing with shades of the same color.

What to wear with a pantsuit in winter to be in trend? You will surely like the combination with a fur coat or a fur coat with a double-breasted collar.

An image with a trouser suit will turn out to be unexpectedly daring if you complete it with a leather jacket or a loose aviator sheepskin coat.

Evening look

Stylists never tire of repeating that a trouser suit is an indispensable investment in a woman’s wardrobe. If during the day the set helps out when compiling business images, then in the evening the ensemble becomes the basis of a spectacular and elegant look.

Appropriate accessories help create the right atmosphere in the outfit – an accent necklace, long earrings, a shiny clutch or shoes with heels. The classic of a luxurious bow for the evening is a trouser suit for a celebration on a naked body.

We hope that after getting acquainted with the fashionable images in the photo, you will have no questions about what to wear with a women’s trouser suit. Do not be afraid to look at familiar things with a fresh look – experiments with style usually end up with new favorite looks!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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