What to wear with a silver dress

The question of what to wear with a silver dress arises for every woman who wants to look perfect and stylish. Today there are many opportunities to create a fashionable image for an important event. It should be noted that a silver dress is an ideal option for the brave and brilliant women. No one will refuse star shine and platinum glow. However, the outfit will look harmonious only if accessories, jewelry, shoes and makeup are chosen correctly.

What to wear with a silver dress

Shoes. You need to carefully select shoes for a silver dress. The very texture of the fabric already looks spectacular and expensive, so it’s better to pay attention to classic pumps, with which you will never lose. You can consider models of open sandals with thin straps that are intertwined. If we talk about heels, stilettos are a great solution.

Accessories. It is better to wear a shiny dress at festive events, where it will look harmonious. The outfit attracts attention already in the store, but what happens if you combine it with beautiful accessories. A dress with sequins can be diluted with a medium-sized handbag, for example, a clutch. You can consider other options for models, the main thing is to observe the gray color scheme, the handbag can be darker or lighter than the main outfit. A good solution would be an accessory in white or black to make the image look organic. As for the structure, matte, lacquered or other surface can be considered.

Decorations. Massive jewelry is ideal for a silver dress. Star color is for cocktail or evening wear, so the addition of earrings, rings and bracelets will not be superfluous. It is important to observe the measure so as not to cross this fine line, otherwise the image will look tasteless. All jewelry must be of the same style.

Make up. It is safe to say that makeup under a silver dress should match the nature of the event. To emphasize the perfect look, you can use glitter in gold or silver versions. If you love arrows, why not make them sparkle, this will be a bright eye decoration. As for lipstick, it is better to stay on restrained tones, you should not focus on everything at once.

The gray color scheme in this case is best suited. If you want to accentuate the lips, choose a bright red lipstick and tint the eyelashes, but do not use shadows so that the image is not overloaded.

Tights for a silver dress. This wardrobe item is no less important, at some events it is even necessary, because etiquette requires it. Today there are many varieties of tights, but in the case of a silver dress look, you should pay attention only to some of their options. The best solution would be a product in skin tone, as close to natural as possible. But if you want to play with contrast, black is also suitable, which looks perfect with accessories and shoes of the same color scheme. Brave girls choose catchy combinations, but it is important to be careful here. It should be noted that pink goes well with silver, although this is more about the choice of shoes.

Varieties of styles of silver dresses

Sequins. Silver dress with sequins is a great evening option. This is the most common evening model, which is suitable for sophisticated events. Sequins can cover both the entire surface and some of its parts. Scales are large and small, it looks as impressive as possible. Loose hair or light curls are suitable for this image.

With smell. Such a model will suit almost any type of figure, because this detail can be either in the shoulder area or in the décolleté area. If it is located along the length, then it can be fixed at the waist with a button or belt, emphasizing the dignity.

Model with “noodles”. Owners of a slender figure can safely afford such a style. The product is notable for its original cut, which goes tightly in shape, so it is important to avoid any shortcomings. The model can be monophonic, or combined with another harmonious shade, for example, black shoes and a light handbag.

Wedding. Extraordinary brides choose a floor-length silver dress, and on this day they will look inimitable. The skirt can be slightly flared with soft pleats at the bottom. If we talk about the classics, of course, a puffy dress, under which there is a hoop, will do. No less interesting will be the “fish” style, which emphasizes slender hips.

A silver dress is a hit of more than one season; in such an outfit, any woman will feel like a real queen. From the whole variety of styles, it is enough to choose the one that suits your own figure, harmoniously combine it with accessories, makeup and shoes, after which you can go to a solemn event. Now you know what to wear with a silver dress to look spectacular, stylish and elegant.

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