What to wear with a straw bag in the city

If you love straw bags, but don’t know what to wear them with in the city to look beautiful and stylish at the same time, we invite you to find out right now. Straw bags are very easy to fit into different styles and go well with a lot of things.

Trendy straw bags 2021

The beauty industry has long supported sustainability, and wicker accessories fall into that category. Therefore, if you are a conscious woman who wants to look beautiful, then a straw bag is the perfect choice for you.

Let’s see what fashion designers have prepared for us this year:

  • Volumetric. Large bags can be called very practical, because they fit a huge number of things. But still, you need to know the measure and not overload the oversized model with too much.

  • Tote with handles. Bags of this type usually have round handles. The tote bag looks very stylish and successfully complements many interesting bows.

  • Shoulder bags. A handbag that is worn over the shoulder is suitable for a walk, because it is small and holds few things. In addition, such a thing will never go out of fashion.

  • Bags. Bags-bags look a little casual, so bows with them are very light and laid-back. This model is suitable for going to the store or for a walk.
  • With leather details. An ideal thing for a business woman, because due to leather inserts it looks more luxurious.

Fashion trends in 2021 encourage fashionistas to pay special attention to straw bag models. As you can see, there are many models of such a thing so that you can stand out from the crowd.

What do straw bags go well with?

Carrying a straw bag is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, it fits quite easily into bows from different styles. We offer you several win-win combinations:

  • With loose and comfortable summer things. A straw handbag will look perfect with shorts, skirts, flying sundresses, linen shirts and dresses, as well as with shoes like sandals and sandals.

  • With business and smart things. The straw accessory will also fit into fashionable looks with midi or maxi length dresses, trousers and skirts. And also it can be a great addition to the style of sport-chic.

  • With denim. Straw bags are harmoniously combined with denim items. It can be denim pants, shirts and jackets.

A straw bag is quite versatile, so you can show your imagination and try new interesting combinations.

Examples of stylish looks with straw bags 2021

To make it clearer for you how to wear a straw bag in the city and every day, and in special situations, we will give you the most striking examples of images. We invite you to carefully consider them, choose the most ideal for yourself, and repeat if possible.

The first image is bright, juicy, colorful and truly summery. White high-rise shorts paired with a puff sleeve top are the perfect outfit for summer outings. But the main accent of this beautiful bow is a straw bag with pink inserts.

The following look shows you how to wear a trendy woven bag in a sporty chic style. The basis of this image is a long, light, black dress with polka dots, which they decided to combine with sneakers. A straw handbag is a great addition that makes the look more feminine and calm.

Consider another everyday look. It consists of white loose-fitting trousers, a black sweatshirt and stylish loafers. Accessories complement the bow and make it much more interesting – glasses and a straw bag. But in this case, it is not simple, but very original, because it has white leather inserts.

You can wear wicker bags in the city as part of a business image. Take a look at the following photo – here the model is wearing a stylish black suit consisting of trousers and a jacket. A white top is hidden under the jacket, and loafers adorn the legs. And, of course, in the hands is a beautiful and very stylish straw bag.

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The main character of the next photo is a very roomy square straw bag. In this case, she was added to the look with loose-fitting denim trousers and a black blouse. We took classic pumps as shoes, and did not forget about sunglasses. It turned out to be a fairly versatile and moderately restrained image.

In the summer of 2021, the original straw round bag can be worn as part of the look you see below. The girl is wearing white trousers, and a delicate cream-colored blouse is tucked into them. This bow is suitable for a simple walk, and for some special occasion.

The bow from the next photo is also worth your attention. It combines everything – femininity, tenderness, good taste and ease. Its basis is a midi-length straight-cut skirt, as well as a blouse with puffy sleeves. Shoes with a pointed toe are used as shoes, and glasses and a straw basket bag, which we all love, play the role of accessories.

We tried to explain in detail to you what you can wear a straw bag with in the city to look stunning. We hope you pay attention to this chic accessory and be sure to buy it for yourself!

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