What to wear with a tracksuit in winter and autumn

The question of what to wear with a tracksuit in winter and autumn is very relevant among girls. Modern fashion is not only a classic set of things, but also non-standard combinations and mixed styles. Casual women’s clothing has long gone beyond the standard set. This also applies to images for special occasions. Just by looking at the bows of world stars, you can find out everything about the trends. Therefore, a new trend is the presence of sportswear in everyday or festive looks.

Tracksuit: making fashionable looks for cool weather

Women’s tracksuits have become quite popular in casual style, and have expanded the horizons and options for creating stylish and original looks. Clothing of the presented style direction has become relevant not only for sports, but also for everyday life.

For warm suits, raincoat fabric is used, which repels water, and insulation for the lining. For a homemade bow, a velor suit is chosen. For a casual look, opt for thick knit or cotton.

Fashionable tracksuits in a combination of hoodie and pants will be a good option for sports, outdoor activities or work. Stylists recommend creating such a “sporty combination” of bright and neutral shades, made of soft, durable fabric. Completing the look will be insulated sneakers with high soles or wedges.

Sets with knitted trousers and a stylish jacket diversify the women’s casual wardrobe. This style is reminiscent of the current “pajama” style. Stylists recommend choosing such sets for girls who prefer convenience and comfort. Complement the image with low-speed boots or insulated sneakers. The final element will be a parka or jacket.

Fans of sport style in cold weather should choose a warm tracksuit. An excellent option for autumn or winter wear will be clothes on a synthetic winterizer with raincoat fabric. This suit is suitable for sports, ski resorts or walks. Sintepon and raincoat fabric repel moisture well, protect from wind, retain heat. You can complete the look with warm sneakers or boots.

To create an image for playing sports in cold weather, stylists recommend choosing a tracksuit from batala. They also offer to choose a light windbreaker with a hood or a kangaroo without a zipper on top.

Tracksuits for plus size women are available in the following combinations:

  • classic black shade with rich and colorful addition on the sides and on the sleeves;
  • suits with ¾ sleeves in bright and dark trim.

Plus size girls are advised to choose loose-fitting clothes or models where the bottom and top are different in color.

Sports suit and shoes

Wearing a tracksuit is acceptable with shoes of the same style: boots, low shoes. If the suit option is close to the classics, choose lace-up or platform boots.

Most fashionistas prefer to combine sporty style with sneakers and sneakers. However, popular fashion trends recommend that ladies choose bolder and more original options.

You can also combine patent leather shoes in a traditional shade (black, gray, brown) with sports shoes. However, such shoes are not suitable for autumn and winter, so they can be replaced with classic low shoes or wedge sneakers. A suit for such shoes should also be chosen in a dark color.

Tracksuit and headwear

Beanie hats, baseball caps and jersey headbands are combined with sporty style. However, when choosing a hat, consider the season of the year. In autumn and winter, pick up knitted models.

Hats with pom-poms are an indispensable attribute of many girls and women who love sports style. A wide range of headgear allows you to choose any model. It can be a sophisticated knitted hat with a small pompom or a large knitted variation and a noticeable bubo.

The range also includes a wide range of headwear colors. Today, hats are a stylish and interesting accessory that can complement any look.

Tracksuit and outerwear

Before wearing a tracksuit with outerwear, you need to choose the right one. A down jacket, a parka and a short fur coat will suit this look. Fur goes well with velor or velvet suits.

The combination of a tracksuit with a coat looks interesting. Many show business stars give their preference to this particular combination.

The combination of suits with down jackets looks ideal for frosts and cold weather. There are no color restrictions, so you can create interesting contrasts. The image is complemented by a voluminous hat with a pompom.

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Tracksuit and accessories

In the cold season, a tracksuit is combined with a large-knit scarf, snood.

Do not complete the image with a backpack, because it is simple and predictable. Structured bags with a minimal amount of decor are combined with a tracksuit (a popular baguette bag).

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