What to wear with a trench coat in 2019

An elegant trench coat must be worn correctly. With what to combine and combine to get the most amazing images – we will tell and clearly demonstrate with photographs the best bows.


Fashionable and stylish trench coat

An elegant raincoat with two rows of buttons, a belt at the waist and straps on the sleeves – a trench coat is loved by so many fashionistas. Throwing it over your shoulders can add elegance to any look. Isn’t this one of the secret desires of every lady?!

fashion styles

Despite the fact that the classic trench coat is somewhat monotonous and hardly changes over time, fashionistas can find the most delicious and stylish options to express their uniqueness:

  • without sleeves. Girls wear elongated or medium-length sleeveless trench coats over a sweater, jacket and even T-shirts. The image is created very eccentric, the fashionista should be ready for this;

  • short models are best worn by slender girls, but not necessarily tall – even short, petite ladies can amaze others with their magnificent figure, which the trench coat favorably emphasizes;

  • a long trench coat will perfectly protect from rain and wind, but it is better to wear it only for tall fashionistas;

  • fashion designers often make leather trench coats in unusual shades – bright blue, bright red, bright green. In this outfit, the girl can not be overlooked. The rest of the clothes are better to choose very discreet shades;

  • a plaid trench coat is not so common, because it is difficult to find such a complex print in your wardrobe. If the cage is small, and the colors are calm, then such a cloak will decorate every girl. But a large cage, also of bright colors, does not suit full, short ladies and blondes with fair skin;

  • from an unusual material: suede, leather, metallic fabric – trench coats are no longer worn as a basic item. Such a trench coat should be very carefully and harmoniously combined with other clothes;

  • Of course, not every woman will dare to wear a leopard-print trench coat. Painfully, he is bright, specific and absolutely defiant. But now such a print is in trend and a true fashionista will not be able to pass by;

  • oversized style – in recent seasons, this is the longest-lived trend. Wide shoulders, long sleeves, maxi length – everything plays into the creation of a luxurious fashionable look.

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Important. When choosing an oversized style, remember: you can’t wear loose, baggy, oversized clothes under it. It would be even better if you additionally emphasize your slimness and thinness of the waist with a belt.


Classic trench coats fit perfectly on any figure. This can be seen in the photo. But you need to follow some rules:

  • a trench coat visually slims a full lady, and additionally emphasizes the waist;
  • curvy women with full legs are better off choosing an average length. It will be especially good if the trench coat ends at the thinnest part of the leg;
  • it is better for petite girls to look after themselves a short model, such a thing will further emphasize the grace of forms;
  • for girls with large breasts or with broad shoulders, it is better to choose a style without lapels, complex collars and other elements that draw attention to the upper body;
  • ladies with wide hips will suit slightly flared trench coat options.

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A color scheme

As a rule, a traditional women’s trench coat is made in beige tones – and there can be a bunch of shades: sandy, champagne, coffee with milk, honey, not to mention “fog in the desert” and “candied ginger”.

Beige shades go well together:

  • among themselves, tones different in lightness and saturation coexist perfectly in one image, creating a calm and unobtrusive combination;

  • with black: dark-colored clothes will create a gloomy look, if you do not add light. This can be done with a beige trench coat. At the same time, a bag on the shoulder or over the shoulder can also be dark in color;

  • bright clothes with a beige trench can be muffled and give an image of elegance. Women of fashion under a strict top even wear sweatshirts and pants, and the bow still does not look “sporty”.

In addition to beige, in 2019 it is fashionable to wear trench coats and other shades. In the photo there are luxurious options for bows with:

  • black;
  • white;
  • grey;
  • khaki;
  • green;
  • burgundy;
  • blue and other shades.

Such trench coats are universally combined with white, black clothes, light and dark shades of soft colors. The most fashionable image now is monochrome, when a girl is dressed in one color.

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Choosing the color of the trench coat:

  • bright colors – rich beige, khaki, black trench coat, burgundy and dark blue – can be safely worn by burning brunettes and brown-haired women that attract attention – they will not look overly defiant;
  • beige warm shades, cream, ivory will suit red-haired or fair-haired ladies with slightly bronzed or tanned skin;
  • blondes with white, white-milk skin should look at cold shades – gray trench coat, gray-brown, white;
  • the ambiguous color of ecru (pale gray-yellow) is suitable, by the way, for all girls, regardless of color type.

Versatile ecru trench coat

It is easy and simple to change the image, only slightly “playing” with the trench coat:

  • raise the collar, creating an image of a bold and decisive;
  • change the belt for a leather wide belt, further emphasizing the waist and drawing attention to it;
  • wear wide open and create the effect of layering;
  • roll up sleeves – add a little negligence and openness.

What to wear with a trench coat in 2019

Although the trench coat is elegant and strict clothes, it can be combined with literally everything, creating the look and style that girls need:

  • a trench coat makes a mutually beneficial alliance with jeans: jeans soften the rigor of a trench coat, and a trench coat makes jeans presentable;

  • with a T-shirt or sweatshirt, jeans, the image becomes even more free and not strict, however, you can always balance the ratio of sport and elegance with neat heeled shoes. Sports shoes will finally shift the focus to casual style;

  • a hoodie or sweatshirt can also be worn under a trench coat – playing on the contrast of rigor and comfort, attracting the attention of others;

  • with a blouse or a strict turtleneck and neat jeans, it is easiest to wear a beige trench coat: the image will not be defiant, but inviting and elegant;

  • with classic trousers, you can create and maintain a business image, but with wide trousers – it is better not to fasten the trench coat or mark the waist with a belt;

  • with flared trousers that are now fashionable, you can safely wear them. Heels are required;

Fashion example from stylish Victoria Beckham

  • a fashionable look in the style of Sport-chic can be created with trousers with stripes;

  • with the leather pants that are so popular now, the trench coat blends in harmoniously and does not require any additional research. However, if there are incredible, original shoes with an interesting decor, the image will only benefit;

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