What to wear with a tulle skirt

The tulle skirt went to the masses after the appearance of Carrie Bradshaw in it on TV screens, but many girls still do not know what to wear it with and whether it is relevant to do it today. Let’s figure out which models will be fashionable in different seasons of 2019, and how to combine them so that the image looks stylish and not hackneyed.


Variety of models

The classic tutu skirt is already becoming obsolete, but it still has a place to be. Gradually, the basic model is being replaced by products of different lengths with tiers of frills expanding downwards. Midi and maxi with asymmetrical wedges are no less in demand.

Carrie Bradshaw and her fashionable images

[stextbox id=’alert’]With the onset of the warm season, the tiers of the skirt, as a rule, become smaller. This is especially true for models that ladies can safely use as part of the creation of evening dresses.[/stextbox]

Fashionistas borrowed tulle skirts from ballerinas

A tulle skirt in itself is a bright and noticeable element. Initially, it was not decorated with anything, after which satin ribbons appeared. They have already managed to fall out of the fashion stream, and instead, designers offer models with tassels or stones sewn to the upper tier of the skirt.

An interesting model of recent seasons has become things made of tulle, sewn in one layer. They are completely transparent and in combination with underwear look too defiant. To interestingly combine them with other things, you need to have an excellent sense of style. That is why, in ordinary life, they can be seen extremely rarely.

Tulle skirt with petticoat

Comfortable in everyday life are models with a petticoat. As a rule, the latter is sewn from a dense opaque fabric, and tulle layers are placed on top of it, giving the image the desired splendor. The length of the lower skirt can be shorter or completely coincide with the upper tier.

As for the length of the mini, it should be left to girls, as well as teenagers. On adult women and girls, they look too childish.

Typical images of teenage girls

Trendy colors

As for colors, most often girls choose black tulle skirts for themselves. Creating the desired splendor, they visually hide volumes and visually reduce the waist. The same function is performed by models of other shades: dark blue, green, etc.

Large selection of colors

As for light shades, they add volume anyway, so they are recommended only for very slender girls.

[stextbox id=’alert’]If you still want a light-colored skirt, but see that it makes your bottom heavier, choose a model with fewer layers of tulle.[/stextbox]

Biker jacket and models to the floor

An interesting alternative to light tutus are pastel and smoky skirts. Due to the many layers of translucent fabric, the color is deep with smooth transitions.

What to wear in winter

You can wear a tulle skirt in winter if you live in a region with a temperate climate. In sub-zero temperatures with the wind, you will freeze.

However, in the cold season, tulle skirts can look appropriate. To do this, they need to be supplemented with tights. The most interesting in the images look dense caprons to match the bottom.

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[stextbox id=’alert’]This is exactly the case when colored tights come in handy and will be more relevant than ever.[/stextbox]

To create the perfect winter look, skirts and tights in black, navy blue, emerald and burgundy are suitable. Any light shades should be avoided. It will be difficult for women to make a bow with white or beige caprons. In addition, things of this color are impractical in winter due to weather conditions.

Sweater and floor length skirt

As for the top, the choice is clear – it’s a sweater and pullover. Its pattern can be anything from ethno ornaments, suitable for creating eclectic images, to classic braid knitting. It is important that the knitted fabric drapes well.

A rough sweater with a straight or flared silhouette, coupled with a tulle skirt, will give you extra volume. This is clearly visible in the photo.

Examples of unsuccessful images

[stextbox id=’alert’]Be sure to tuck the selected sweater or pullover into a skirt. Thus, you will emphasize the waistline.[/stextbox]

As outerwear, pick up a warm cropped sheepskin coat or a sheepskin coat made of faux fur. Please note that with such skirts, products look good, the bottom of which reaches the waistline.

Otherwise, the proportions of the silhouette are violated, and instead of a feminine lady, you get the image of a “woman on a samovar”.

Mono bow in the case of a tulle skirt makes the image sophisticated


In spring and autumn, there are more than enough options for creating a fashionable bow with a tulle skirt. As a top you can choose:

  • blouse
  • turtleneck;
  • longsleeve;
  • thin knitted sweater, including striped;
  • A combination of a shirt and a pullover will look good.

Skirts and blouses

[stextbox id=’alert’]Thin matte tights without lycra perfectly complement these images.[/stextbox]

As outerwear for the off-season, you can choose:

  • jacket-leather jacket of a shortened plan;
  • straight cut jacket;
  • elongated sheepskin vest;
  • coat.

A-line skirt

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If it is better to choose shortened jackets, in the case of sheepskin coats and coats, attention should be paid to the skirt. It doesn’t have to be fluffy. Otherwise, the image will be comical.

Biker jacket and tulle skirt with flounces

[stextbox id=’alert’]Wearing a vest, you can emphasize the waistline with a belt.[/stextbox]

Skirt and trousers

This is a very unusual combination that can be found on the catwalks or on the streets of cities where fashion weeks are held. Composing such a bow, girls choose cropped jeans or trousers and put on dresses or skirts made of single-layer tulle over them.

Unusual combination of skirt and trousers

Advanced fashionistas or residents of large cities who are ready for such experiments and the possible bewilderment of others can try to try on such images.

Summer looks

In the hot season, creating stylish images with a tulle skirt is the easiest way. The most interesting option for a fashionable bow is a crop top. It suits both young girls and older women who have a good figure.

Pairs well with a skirt.

  • sleeveless blouses;
  • tops with thin straps;
  • T-shirts tied at the waist or tucked into a skirt.

Summer looks

Evening looks

With tulle skirts, you can easily create an elegant evening look. To do this, it is enough to complement the lush bottom with a beautiful crop top. You will get an elegant bow if you pick up things from high-quality materials in matching shades without any decor.

elegant bows

A spectacular and festive look will help you create a top embroidered with rhinestones, stones or embroidered, as well as a lace top.

Images with a tulle skirt are very bright in themselves, but if you need to complement them with some other jewelry, try to match them with earrings. This year it will be large and asymmetrical jewelry.

Images for what…

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