What to wear with a white jacket

You need to be able to wear a luxurious and stylish white jacket, and know what to combine it with, and what it is better not to wear.


Who suits the white jacket

White is the color of purity, light and nobility. Psychologists believe that a person in white always wins over and makes a positive impression. A white jacket gives the image of aristocracy, grace and dignity. Every girl can safely wear it, it only remains to choose the right style and choose what to wear it with.

White jacket – a stylish example from the stars

Which style is better to choose:

  • as an evening dress – you can safely wear a short jacket made of expensive fabric with beautiful buttons. It is suitable as a set for any evening dress or skirt. You can pin an elegant brooch and emphasize your grace and sense of style;

  • jackets of any length, classic cut are perfect for work. They look great with trousers, business dresses and skirts;

  • for everyday life, the jacket can be more free-style, made of light, unusual fabrics, with stripes, lapels, unusual buttons, cuffs and a collar of a different color. With what to wear such a white jacket for a woman? Yes, with your favorite things: with jeans, even with torn ones, with shorts, with light dresses;

  • for a walk with friends, a sports or military jacket is suitable – so as not to look like they ran away from the office;

  • for girls who are too thin, you can take not a classic model, but a jacket with frills, with a peplum, decorative ruffles – this will add the necessary volume and seductive forms where necessary;

  • for obese women or ladies with wide hips, it is better to take an elongated jacket – it will visually make the hostess slimmer;

  • to highlight the chest and emphasize the neckline, it is better to choose a single-breasted jacket with one button, always fitted and tight;

  • for ladies with full arms, it is forbidden to wear jackets with short sleeves;

  • short ladies are better off staying in short styles.

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Color selection:

  • white with white looks elegant, elegant and sophisticated. Some women of fashion add something bright from accessories or jewelry, which further emphasizes the grace and taste of the owner;

  • with gray – the image is softer, not catchy. Ideal for office work and strictly dress code. But for those who find it boring, you can take a yellow, blue or green handbag or wear red shoes;

  • with black – a black dress, black trousers and a black top looks strict and concise. Girls can add zest to the bow with bright shoes or accessories. On a black and white background, any shades will harmoniously look;

  • with bright shades – trousers and a skirt can be of any color, a white jacket muffles them and allows you to wear them anywhere. In order not to look too bright, let the top be light too.

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Advice. If you want a stylish, bright, attention-grabbing look, combine a white jacket with a bright solid bottom or even with a bright dress. Even colorful dresses and sundresses are suitable. With a white jacket, they will look great in spring and summer without being too flashy.


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What to wear with a white jacket

Many mistakenly think that under such an aristocratic-looking thing, you need to select other elements in the same spirit. This is not necessary, although a white jacket looks flawless with classic black trousers or a tailored knee-length skirt. Only elegant pumps are suitable for such a formal look.

You can look at the photo of the best bows, how to wear a white jacket in the most stylish way in 2019 and what is better to wear it with.

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Let’s create stylish looks together

We combine the white jacket with:

  • with bright trousers straight or tapered. And also, such a top looks great with slightly flared pants – these are just very popular in 2019. It is better to support a bright shade of the bottom with matching shoes or accessories;

  • with jeans. You can choose frayed, with holes and holes, boyfriends, with turn-ups and create a stylish and laid-back bow. Or choose more strict styles and use this look for going to the cinema, parties or walking with friends;

  • you can try to combine an all-denim bow (jeans and a shirt) and a white jacket. Looks absolutely unbanal;

  • with shorts, straight black or dark blue, you can safely wear a white jacket to the office, adding a neat blouse or blouse and elegant shoes. And if you choose denim shorts, you can spend at least the whole weekend walking and shopping. In combination with short shorts, a jacket on a naked body will create a bold and sexy look;

  • with a striped top and jeans, you can create bows in a marine style. Vests and striped blouses came into fashion in the fall of 2018 and continue their current procession;

  • with a skirt, you can also create both strict and comfortable everyday looks. For work, choose now fashionable pencil skirts and a bell. For parties, the same skirt is suitable, but decorated with sequins, or any style of non-tight, fluffy skirts, flared and semi-flared;

  • with dresses – you can choose whether the bow will be street, business or evening, choosing the style of the dress. The jacket can be classic. Outrageous women of fashion wear very short dresses, which may not be visible at all, or barely visible from under the long top – in this way you can wear both rough boots and neat boats, or ankle boots;

  • leather dresses or skirts can be safely worn with a white top – this will smooth out the audacity of leather clothing. But choose better tight, concise styles of dresses. With overly frilly or embellished leather dresses, a jacket can look superfluous;

  • a checkered jacket is best combined with plain elements of clothing. Although some fashion designers offer to combine different prints in one look. But this already remains for the choice of the fashionista herself.

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Choose top:

  • a blouse, a light-colored shirt – a standard set for a black skirt or trousers. No strictest dress code can find anything “criminal”. You can choose a fashionable blouse with a ribbon-bow at the neck to decorate the look;

  • if you combine a white bottom with a white jacket, dilute the bow with a blouse of a different color – green shades, red, blue – any that match the color type will do. It’s great if a coral-colored blouse turns up – like the color of 2019 according to Pantone, all things of such a vitally positive shade will be in trend;

  • T-shirts and jackets also go well together. And you don’t even have to wear jeans. You can play on a barely noticeable contrast and win a successful and tasty bow;

  • if the warmth of a jacket is not enough for cool days, you can safely wear a sweatshirt, light sweater or turtleneck. Main,…

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