What to wear with corsets: trendy looks of the season 2023

A corset is a spicy and feminine detail of the image, without which it is simply impossible to do without in the coming season. Having rapidly gained momentum in popularity last year, fashionable corsets continue to hold the attention of ladies in 2023. And now even the most modest fashionistas can safely wear them, because many models of corsets look rather restrained. We list what is in trend today, and also give some stylish bows as an example.

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What corsets are in fashion in 2023

Before experimenting with creating fashionable images, it will not be superfluous to find out which models of corsets are in trend today. We list the top options. We are sure that among them there will certainly be one that will appeal to you.

  • High. A laconic version, devoid of overly catchy details and cutouts. Such a corset completely covers the chest, waist, stomach and generally looks quite presentable. It goes well with both classic trousers and jeans or straight-cut skirts.

  • On straps. Another elegant model, found in both shortened and classic versions. Corsets with straps may well replace tops and T-shirts in everyday and business looks. They fit perfectly into multi-layered bows, help to emphasize a beautiful waist.

  • Lace-up. Very romantic and bold model. Lacing looks seductive, adds spice to the image, and in general makes the corset more interesting to perceive. Ribbons can be intertwined on the chest, on the back, on the sides, have a practical or decorative function.

  • Sleeves. Corsets with long or short sleeves are one of the main fashion trends of the season. Such a thing can be worn even in the cool season. It will help to create elegant images for all occasions. Sleeves can be puffy or tight.

  • inframammary. One of the most popular models for spring-summer 2023. Corsets that are worn under the bust often have a practical function, that is, they tighten the silhouette. They are added to fashionable looks over clothes: shirts, blouses, dresses, turtlenecks, T-shirts, which looks quite original.

  • Corset vest. A very stylish model that will organically fit even into the strict office fashion-2023. It goes well with jeans, knitted dresses, silk blouses and cotton shirts. Such a corset will beautifully emphasize the chest and waist, add elegance to the bow.

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As for the material, corsets made of eco-leather, satin, velvet and denim will be very popular this season. Lace models are still trendy, captivating with their sophistication.

What to wear with a corset in 2023: examples of stylish looks

Creating a stylish look with a corset is quite simple. You can come up with something yourself, or you can be inspired by the bold outfits of influencers or celebrities who pay great attention to corsets. The easiest option for beginners is to assemble a monochrome bow, for example, from denim or in black. It is also worth remembering that minimalism is in trend. Therefore, you should not overload fashionable images with a corset with unnecessary details.

Below are examples of stylish bows.

  • With jeans. In 2023, even exquisite lace and delicate satin corsets are combined with regular jeans, often even “torn”. It is very fashionable, simple and stylish. You can choose any style of corset. But jeans should have a loose or semi-loose cut and a high fit. You can complement the image with a classic belt with a metal buckle.

  • Long shirt. If you want to wear a corset on your clothes, then feel free to look at an elongated shirt in white or any other light shade as the main element of the image. The solution is not new, but still relevant. If the length of the shirt allows, wear it instead of a mini dress or with trousers/shorts/leggings/leather leggings.

  • With a fluffy skirt. How to wear corsets in 2023 to create a spectacular look for going out? We offer a solution: choose a puffy layered skirt as a bottom. And to avoid resemblance to a la cabaret style, rely on elegance. Choose a laconic model of a corset without ruffles, bows and frills. Take a fluffy skirt, mid-calf length.

  • With a jacket. Almost any model of corsets are ideally combined with a jacket. Moreover, you can create an image in several ways. The first is classic, when a corset is worn under a jacket. It’s win-win and tasteful. If you’re up for something a little more daring, wear a corset (leather is best) over your blazer. Examples of spectacular bows in the photo below.

  • With trousers. Beautiful, feminine, elegant fashionable images can be created by combining a corset and trousers. Moreover, the latter can have both high and low landing. However, open the stomach only if the figure allows. As for the bow, it will turn out to be laid-back. If desired, it can be used for an evening out.

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A relative novelty of the season can be called a corset with floral decor. In the spring and summer of 2023, such a model will be incredibly popular. We recommend buying it to create the most trendy looks.

In today’s review, we told you which corsets will be in trend, as well as what they should be worn with in 2023. We hope that the presented images will inspire you to fashion achievements.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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