What to wear with denim skirts in summer 2022

Denim is a must have in any wardrobe. It is comfortable, versatile, practical and always tops the trend lists. Beloved by millions of fashionistas, jeans, as well as dresses and shorts, do not lose their relevance from season to season. Skirts are no less in demand among women of different age categories, to which today’s fashion review will be devoted. So, a denim skirt: what to wear with it in the summer – 2022. Let’s analyze a few current looks.



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We create fashionable outfits with a denim skirt for the summer season – 2022

This year, the most diverse models of denim skirts are in fashion. This is a frivolous mini, and the ubiquitous universal midi, and a feminine maxi. Models can have an asymmetric cut, decor in the form of buttons, fringes, zippers, embroidery or pearls, combined with other textures, such as leather or velveteen. The trend is denim skirts made in the style of patchwork, grunge, casual. In more detail popular options can be studied in this review. Our goal today is to tell you what it is fashionable to wear a denim skirt with in the summer.



  • With blouses and tops with dropped shoulders. This is an example of a very feminine and fashionable outfit. Off-the-shoulder blouses and tops are all the rage right now. So why not combine the two trends? For walks around the city or a date, choose a democratic denim mini skirt that can be worn with high-lacing sandals – they will emphasize the beauty and slenderness of your legs. For business meetings, look for a more strict midi. And as shoes for him, pick up comfortable wedge sandals. It is better to choose a blouse or top from a light fabric, with puffed sleeves or flounces as a decoration.


  • With an oversized shirt. Oversized continues to be one of the main fashion trends in 2022. It is relevant both for outerwear and other significant elements of women’s wardrobe. For example, shirts. To create a stylish bow, choose an oversized shirt, light-colored or with a discreet print, for a denim skirt. And you can wear it in several ways. The first involves tucking the shirt into the waistband of the skirt, but at the same time leaving the cuffs unbuttoned. The second – with a knot tied at the waist or under the chest. The third is the most interesting when a long oversized shirt peeks out from under a short denim skirt. This outfit looks very creative and stylish.


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  • With a jacket. And again, we are talking about the combination of two mega-popular trends. A denim skirt is a classic of the season, and a jacket is an absolute hit. Choose stylish sleeveless jackets for especially hot weather, and playful fitted models with sleeves for evening outings or business rendezvous. Under the jacket, you can wear a classic white T-shirt, a silk top with thin straps, a seductive crop top if you want to show off a thin waist, or a tight-fitting shirt for cool weather. For shoes, take ballet flats, loafers, shoes with miniature heels, or sneakers.



  • With jacket and denim shirt. Fashionable women’s denim skirts of the 2022 season allow you to create a lot of diverse outfits for all occasions. But, if we are talking specifically about trends, then we advise you to turn to total looks. That is, boldly combine skirts and denim jackets, as was customary in the distant 80s and 90s. Today, this combination is again very popular, as is the tandem with denim shirts. For everyday outings, it is difficult to find a more convenient and versatile kit. Shirts can be worn tucked in or loose with midi and maxi skirts.



  • With a light tunic. Stylists advise full women and girls to wear denim skirts with light summer tunics with an elongated or free cut. It is these models that will best help mask problem areas – a bulging belly and massive hips. At the same time, the skirt itself should have a length no higher than the middle of the thigh, and also have a high fit. Choose a thick fabric so that it reliably hides all the hated folds. For shoes, consider flat sandals or wedge sandals.



  • With a tee and t-shirt. For the summer of 2022, this is perhaps the most versatile bow. Printed T-shirts and obscenely comfortable T-shirts can be easily combined with a denim skirt of any style. Wear them fully or partially tucked in at the waist, with a knot at the waist and generally loose, if the style allows. As a result, you will get a casual bow that both very young fashionistas and women over 50 can afford. Long and short denim skirts can be successfully combined with T-shirts and T-shirts. Bright sneakers or platform sneakers will be the perfect completion of the image.



In 2022, it has become incredibly fashionable to combine denim and lace. Pair your favorite skirt with dainty fishnet tops and blouses for a feminine look in any occasion. Examples of the most successful images are presented in the photo below.


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Denim skirts are an important attribute of every fashionista’s wardrobe. Today we told you what to wear them with in the summer of 2022. Take note of the examples given or come up with your own unique fashion combinations. Moreover, there are a lot of opportunities for this.

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