What to wear with flared jeans: the best combinations

We figure out what to wear flared jeans with and create images with a top style for different occasions. We promise: in our photo selection of ideas, each reader will select combinations to her taste!

Who go

Stylists are convinced that flared jeans suit all women, it is only important to choose a model in accordance with the type of figure.

So, short girls are recommended to choose a model with a high fit and moderately loose legs. A combination with shoes with a high rise in tone is welcome: such a duet visually stretches the silhouette.

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For women with plus-size parameters, a high fit and a flare from the hip are recommended.

Tall and slender girls fit flared from the level of the knees. It will also be acceptable to combine with shoes at low speed.

What to combine

A relaxed shirt is the most common top option for flared jeans. If you complement such a top with an elongated jacket, you can adapt the image for a loyal business dress code.

Loose jeans are perfectly combined with an adjacent top, providing harmony in the figure. You can choose a bodysuit to look trendy and attractive.

Stylists emphasize that flared jeans turn into the main accent of the outfit, so they welcome the combination with laconic basics. So, a solid T-shirt or turtleneck will be a worthy pair for the original bottom.

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To maintain the hippie mood of flared jeans, match them with a colorful printed T-shirt: Tie-dye motifs and rock band portraits look great.

In the cold season, you can bet on comfort and complement your favorite jeans with a cozy sweater. The perfect shoes to complete the outfit are ankle boots with a stable heel.

Your favorite combination with flared jeans can be a total look, compiled in a single palette. The original cut favors the use of one neutral color and a minimum of decor. So, the image with flared jeans looks stylish in black.

Flared trousers will easily freshen up an outfit with basic things. For example, a stylish idea would be a duet with a trendy striped longsleeve – a win-win combination for fashionable everyday life!

Flared jeans will gladly support the retro mood in an outfit. Try it for yourself with a colorful print blouse, fringed accessories and chunky heeled boots.

To enhance the effect of ease, a vintage belt with scuffs will help.

A dainty beret, a cropped cardigan and ankle boots are the next idea for bringing a retro vibe to your look.

A fashionable companion for flared jeans is a crop top. Such a duet perfectly emphasizes the waist to visually add harmony. This effect is easy to enhance if you choose the top and bottom in a single color palette.

To enhance the degree of elegance in the image, choose the right outerwear. The classic elongated coat with an English collar will perfectly cope with the task.

What shoes to wear

Looks with flared jeans can embody the style of sport-chic in the image – you just have to choose the right shoes. High-soled sneakers or minimalist sneakers will perfectly fit into a casual look.

Shoes with flared jeans can keep the hippie vibe going, such as clogs, wedge sandals, chunky heels, or cowboy boots.

Ankle boots with flared jeans will look good with a tight-fitting top. A beautiful reception is obtained when only a steady heel peeks out from under the trousers.

In tandem with flared jeans, loafers, laconic boots with tractor soles or with lacing also work well.

In summer, we advise you to choose the perfect pair among platform sandals, sandals with large straps or stable mules.

We hope the flared jeans look from our selection has inspired you to experiment with your own style! This style boasts the versatility and expressiveness of the design – what you need for fashionable outfits!

Author: Victoria Drozdova


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