What to wear with flip flops in summer 2020

In this article, we tell you what to wear with flip flops, and, moreover, give examples of the most relevant and stylish combinations. Go ahead for inspiration!


Fashion trends

It is best to enjoy summer holidays in comfortable and comfortable shoes. Designers are well aware of this, and offer fashionistas to adopt the latest options for flip flops, which in themselves are the embodiment of practicality and comfort.

  • Leather flip flops are on the fashion front this time.
  • Models with wicker or knitted elements also look stylish.
  • Laconic textile flip flops are also out of competition in the 2020 season.

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  • Another hit is options with large inscriptions and logos.
  • To give shoes a more original and stylish look, wooden, cork or wicker soles allow. Wearing flip flops on the platform is recommended for girls of short stature.
  • If we talk about trendy decor, then in the 2020 season, the flight of designers’ imagination was literally unlimited: pearls, voluminous flowers, crystals, satin ribbons, multi-colored baubles and quilted texture were used. All these fashionable delights allow you to embody the leading accent in shoes and create stylish bows with more concise and modest things.

Image Ideas

Now we propose to move on to what, in fact, we all gathered for – compiling stylish images already with our favorite and such native flip flops.

With a dress

Many stylish looks for the summer can be created based on a combination of a dress and a flip flops. Moreover, stylists are allowed to use even the most feminine and romantic models – these shoes will make the image a little relaxed and hooligan.

The balance of femininity and everyday life is obtained on the basis of an image with a loose dress and slippers. If this bow seems too original to you, muffle its eccentricity with the help of plain components.

Summer sundresses and dresses with lace and knitted inserts, with frills or frills, with asymmetry or open shoulders are also fashionable to combine with flip flops. In the 2020 season, you definitely will not lose if you opt for a white outfit. The most winning cut is oversized or wrap.

A huge field for stylish experiments is mini-length dresses. They can be not only plain, but also printed. Now flowers, peas and animalistics are in the top.

Unbelievable, but true: these shoes are easy to make friends with a working midi dress. In this case, it is better to choose a monochromatic minimalist outfit and complement it with a simple fitted jacket. Slippers will fit into this bow if they have a strict closed design, as well as leather execution. We are sure that with fashionable glasses and a miniature handbag you will be the most fashionable in the office.

All fashionistas have already heard about the amazing versatility of a slip dress made of silk. Such a model obediently withstands all experiments with the selection of shoes – but the combination with sneakers, sneakers or transparent sandals will not surprise anyone. The fashion of the 2020 season offers to wear various models of slaps with a silk dress, including variations with fur.

With a skirt

Another unconditional trend is a mix of flip flops with a skirt. Flying models of midi length look especially elegant. If the girl is tall, stylists allow the choice of shoes with flat soles. Otherwise, you should choose a model with a platform or a small heel.

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With shorts

The classic summer look is shorts combined with flip flops. It is noteworthy that women of fashion have the right to use any model in an outfit – from denim, cotton or linen. The most trendy styles in the 2020 season have a high fit. As for the shoes themselves for such an outfit, it can also be very diverse – flip flops on wedges or flat soles, plain or stitched, concise or with decor, are perfect.

With beach tunics

Of course, do not forget about the direct purpose of these shoes – participation in stylish and comfortable beach bows.

[tds_warning]Glamorous fashionistas in beach outfits can wear flip flops with rhinestones – such decor will effectively shine under the sun.[/tds_warning]

With jeans

Summer is not always happy with warm weather, and sometimes you have to put aside your shorts and get your favorite jeans out of the closet. But here you can not make changes in the terms in shoes – flip flops will also make great friends with this bottom.

We draw your attention to the fact that in the summer of 2020 it is better to look at the beige and milky colors of denim – they will turn you into the main fashionista of the season. If you are faithful to the classic blue palette, then it is better to give preference to plain light blue shades.

Many stars, for example, Gigi Hadid, are not indifferent to such a comfortable combination. It is in such images that the girl often appears in front of the paparazzi.

With wide trousers

Trendy flip-flops can turn any bow into candy. So the combination with wide trousers turns out to be surprisingly stylish and relevant with them. For summer, light textured models are preferred. If you prefer trendy high-rise trousers, feel free to complement them with a cropped top, whether it be a blouse or a T-shirt. Conservative ladies can simply tuck a loose shirt into these pants and look 100% full!

This summer, stylists are strongly advised to try out a combination of wide trousers and a top with an open shoulder line in practice. And don’t forget about flip flops, of course!

A combination of loose culottes with a top or a short-sleeved shirt will go with a bang.

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If you’re heading to the beach, you can simply use a swimsuit top to complete this stylish look. In this outfit, shoes made of straw or a tourniquet will look the most successful.

With overalls

Another great company for flip-flops is the jumpsuit. You can experiment with the choice of model, because for such a bow you can choose both denim and cotton or linen models of any length.

With linen clothes

Slippers are the epitome of freedom, comfort and relaxation. Approximately the same associations in the summer season are evoked by practical linen clothing. So why not combine these two elements in one image, many fashionistas are thinking. Hint: in the 2020 season, this is not only possible, but necessary.

Adding accessories

There is an opinion in some circles that flip flops are extremely easy on a summer look. Girls on the occasion of this stereotype unfairly refuse the most comfortable shoes in the world, and make a real fashion mistake. Stylists are well aware that flip-flops can be presented with the help of appropriate clothing and accessories as the most stylish shoes and the highlight of the image.

What details set the right mood in a summer bow? Let’s figure it out! In the 2020 season, you can replenish your collection of accessories with various leather belts (as well as learn how to fix them with an unusual…

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