What to wear with flip flops in summer 2021

Still not sure what to wear with flip flops in summer 2021? Do you think that these are shoes for the house, or, at the most, for the beach? Wrong! The collections shown at the New York and Paris Fashion Weeks prove the opposite: flip flops are a great option for a stylish street look!

What flip flops are in fashion in summer 2021

The key to a modern fashionable image – flip flops should look bright and spectacular. More decor details, a mix of materials is welcome. But it’s better to forget about the classic narrow flip-flops.

Most often on the podium there is a universal model – pantolets. These are slippers that open both the toe and the back of the foot. Moreover, the top of pantolets this season should be wide, covering almost the entire ankle.

A wide platform and wedges are also welcome. Moreover, not only in classic and evening styles, but even in sports. Another know-how is the multi-layered slap. Shoes should be textured and massive enough in appearance, but, of course, comfortable to wear.

Decor can be varied:

  • in the city you can wear bright flip flops, sometimes even aggressive models with spikes, studs and chains;
  • for an evening walk, date or meeting with friends, options with bows and rhinestones are perfect;
  • flip-flops this summer are perfectly combined even with office style (of course, if this does not contradict the work etiquette of your company). In the office, choose more strict monophonic, or, conversely, contrasting models.

If we talk about the material, here the world’s designers are not limited to something specific: they use natural leather, leatherette, textiles, sometimes even silicone and plastic. The original design, popular on the catwalks – straw models.

The ubiquitous love for logos has not gone past shoes. For example, Chanel offers quilted models with textile inserts and a large metal logo.

Fashionable images with flip flops for the summer of 2021

If you are going to wear flip flops every day in the summer of 2021, be sure to think of some winning outfit combinations. A holistic image will help you stay stunning in any situation! We offer several options for any situation.

With jeans

With jeans this summer, in fact, you can wear any style of flip-flops. But pay special attention to options with a closed toe. Slippers-loafers without a back are gaining popularity. They are perfect for both casual and business wear. And in order to focus on shoes, choose cropped styles of jeans or roll them up a little above the bone. Culottes, including denim, go well with slippers.

For a fashionable everyday option, it is best to opt for leather slippers with a rather tight top. Buckles and large stones will not be superfluous.

With skirts

In order to visually increase the length of the legs, it is advisable to wear flip-flops with heels or on an “inflated” platform with skirts. Styles with a square cape look very original. These are the ones that Givenchy demonstrates in their collections. You can also meet woven mules in masterpiece extravagant images from Bottega Veneta.

With shorts

The most comfortable option to wear flip-flops in the summer of 2021 every day is to combine them with shorts. For this purpose, espadrilles are best suited – slippers with a wide jute sole. Very stylish and, last but not least, comfortable. Even orthopedists recommend preferring models with a slight rise, rather than completely flat ones – this way the load is distributed correctly, the legs get tired less and the load is removed from the spine.

With dresses

To create a light romantic look, styles with thin straps are best suited. These flip flops, which were at the height of their popularity in the nineties, are now once again haunting fashionistas on Instagram. Shoes with a low (5-7 cm) heel-glass look great in combination with cotton sundresses and a light, “airy” cut.

Some festive models literally resemble works of art: with voluminous, multi-layered decorative elements, with rhinestones and fluff. The main thing when choosing flip flops for an evening look is to consider how comfortable it will be to stand (or dance) in them all night! Well, do not forget about the perfect, preferably bright pedicure. After all, if you are already going to draw attention to your feet, then be on top!

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To the beach

Consider the original purpose of the slap – for a resort holiday. Of course, the most convenient options are rubber slates. But in the summer of 2021, you should not limit yourself to simple models: take a closer look at the “marine” options with pearls and shells, floral decor, and bows. Having harmoniously picked up the slippers to the swimsuit, you will definitely become the queen of the beach!

Henceforth, wondering what to wear with flip-flops in the summer of 2021, remember the incredible flights of fantasy of world fashion designers and do not be afraid to add variety to your looks! The most important provocation of this season is the combination of slippers and socks.

Yes, designers have come to the conclusion that it is fashionable. And to use such ideas in real life or not, the decision is yours.


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