What to wear with high boots in winter 2021-2022

In their collections, leading brands offer various options with which it is fashionable to wear high boots in the winter of 2021-2022. Thanks to these tips, both young schoolgirls and ladies of advanced age will be able to look bright and stylish in the cold season.

Fashionable women’s high boots 2021-2022

In the basic wardrobe of every woman, there must be high winter boots without fail. This season, the trend is mostly classic colors: black, white, beige, brown, burgundy and dark blue. Let’s study which women’s boots will be in fashion in 2021-2022:

  • Jockey. This winter, derby-style shoes will be especially popular. Leading fashion houses have released entire collections dedicated to equestrian aesthetics. Jockey boots are distinguished by their versatility and are great for everyday wear.

  • Pipe boots. This model will become a favorite of this season. Fashionistas appreciate trumpet boots for conciseness, simplicity and comfort. The model will look original with chiffon dresses, short skirts and pleated skirts.

  • Slouchy. Warm shoes with a comfortable heel with an original gathered top looks very impressive. In the winter of 2021-2022, stylists recommend wearing high slouchy boots with feminine dresses and skirts, voluminous down jackets and a classic coat.

  • Treads. Such shoes will definitely appeal to fashionistas who prefer to wear feminine clothes even in the cold season. Spectacular boots will add brightness and sexuality to a fashionable image. The combination of over the knee boots with a knitted dress and a leather miniskirt will be the most fashionable this season.

  • Army. Outwardly, this model resembles men’s berets. Rough soles and voluminous lacing look interesting in combination with delicate and flying outfits. Army-style boots are great for snowy weather.

  • With pointed cape. This winter model looks feminine and elegant, visually lengthening the fashionista’s legs. Perfectly mixes with dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers.

When purchasing winter shoes, you should focus not only on a beautiful appearance. It is important to choose boots that fit well on the leg and do not press anywhere.

How and with what to wear high boots in winter 2021-2022

High boots are great for the cold season, so stylists recommend combining them with various clothes. Consider the most effective options:

Idea #1

High boots with a pointed toe will be a great addition to your casual outfit in casual style. As a basis, you can take a warm sweater, skinny jeans and a jacket. A stylish cap will add a spectacular accent to the image. As outerwear, you can choose any option – a coat, a sheepskin coat, a fur coat or a down jacket.

Idea #2

In the winter of 2021-2022, high tube boots will be fashionable to wear with a long knitted dress. A warm cashmere coat and a stylish shoulder bag will help complete a beautiful bow. To create a monochrome outfit fashionable this season, you should choose clothes of the same color scheme. Stylists advise to pay attention to things in beige, brown, black or white.

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Idea #3

Beautiful and comfortable for the cold season, you will get a bow consisting of jockey boots, warm leggings, a sweatshirt and a short quilted down jacket. This look is perfect for fashionistas who prefer casual and sporty style.

Idea #4

Stylish over the knee boots will help to make the winter look brighter and more effective. This season, stocking boots made from natural materials such as leather and suede will be in fashion. In combination with a short dress and a knitted long cardigan, this model will look catchy and sexy. A winter look with over the knee boots, a miniskirt and a white turtleneck looks no less original. This outfit is perfect for meeting with friends, going to a club, walking around the city. Stocking boots will make a beautiful accent on the long legs of a fashionista.

Idea #5

If you combine trumpet boots with trendy leather trousers and a laconic classic jacket, you will get an interesting and fashionable winter look. The combination of things of different styles in one outfit will look very original. A black turtleneck will be a good addition to the bow. Such a discreet, and at the same time stylish, image is perfect for studying and working in the office.

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Idea #6

Another popular combination this season is slouchy boots and an oversized sweater dress. A good addition to a fashionable bow will be the right accessories in the form of sunglasses, jewelry and a small bag. As a result of this combination of clothes and shoes, you will get a beautiful and feminine look, suitable for any occasion.

Idea #7

The combination of leather shorts with army boots with rough soles looks catchy and stylish. In order not to freeze in winter, stylists advise adding a knitted sweater, a woolen coat and a warm beret to the look. Such a fashionable image will be remembered by others for its originality and showiness.

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With the help of our photo tips, with what you can wear high boots in the winter of 2021-2022, the fair sex will be able to look stylish and beautiful even in the cold season.

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