What to wear with leather shorts: photo

Leather shorts will definitely not let you get lost in the crowd! Only a reasonable question arises: “What to wear them with, so as not to look vulgar, but to pass for a style icon?”. Fortunately, win-win combinations have already been invented for you, it remains only to learn about them and implement them in your fashionable outfits. Go?


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Secrets of a successful choice

In order for leather shorts to serve you faithfully in creating the most stylish looks, you need to make sure that they fit your body type. Our tips will help you with this!

  • The optimal length of the shorts is mid-thigh. Elongated models to the knee are allowed only in the wardrobe of slender and tall fashionistas, because they have the insidious property of visually trimming the legs. Short options are also suitable only for girls with a perfect figure.

Optimal shorts length

  • If you want to show off your chiseled waist to the world, high shorts are definitely the way to go.

  • A mid-thigh or lower short skirt is the most versatile style that a girl with any type of figure can afford.

  • For those with a pear shape, we recommend choosing a knee-length model with a semi-adjacent fit.
  • For girls with a “rhombus” figure, a style with a high waist was invented.
  • Women of fashion with the type of figure “rectangle” are recommended styles with an extension to the bottom.
  • Lucky women with an hourglass figure can try on absolutely any model of women’s shorts.

Choice of shorts by body type

  • Tight-fitting leather shorts remained in trends a few seasons ago, today it is a definite taboo, because they have a direct association with vulgarity and bad taste. The most fashionable style assumes that there is such a distance between the legs and shorts that a whole palm can easily fit.

Correct shorts width

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What about shoes

Not every fashionista decides on leather shorts. But as soon as she does this, all admiring glances will be directed only at her.

Such a bright and daring detail of the image requires a combination with concise and understandable shoes. It should not have active decor and crazy prints. Better bet us modesty and classics.

[stextbox id=’info’]In the cold season, ankle boots and ankle boots will come in handy. Combination with boots is also possible, but you need to be extremely careful with them..[/stextbox]

Summer shoe wardrobe is impossible to imagine without ballet flats, sandals and moccasins. All these models will find their use in combination with leather shorts.

Classic boats will help to maintain a feminine mood in the bow. True, in this case, the top of the ensemble should be as elegant as the shoes.

If you prefer to wear leather shorts with a jacket in a similar material, pair this combination with suede ankle boots, flats, sneakers or low boots.

Sports looks are not easy to put together, but if you have a great sense of style, mix leather bottoms with sneakers.

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7 trending ideas for the off-season

  • If you plan to pacify the aggressive mood of leather shorts, it makes sense to choose the most calm and restrained top for them. We suggest for this role to choose a simple blouse in a neutral color (perhaps even with a print) and a jacket that can be loose or fitted. This idea of ​​combinations is actively used by celebrities, and now you can safely copy it too.

  • 80s fashion is making a triumphant comeback for the 2019-2019 season, which means bright and cool looks are in store for us. For example, the combination of leather shorts with a rich blazer or an elongated jacket is relevant. Choose the most juicy or even brilliant colors and be on the wave of the main trends.

  • The combination of leather shorts with a rocker jacket in the spring is almost a classic. Choose a simple T-shirt or shirt for such a combination, and prefer sneakers or suede ankle boots as shoes. A stylish and slightly daring look is ready!

  • If you are afraid to make a mistake when combining a leather bottom, choose the simplest possible top for it. You can borrow the idea of ​​​​the image from this girl. She complemented the shorts with a basic white T-shirt with a simple print. The black jacket perfectly completed the look and made it more strict.

  • An option for the most daring fashionistas is leather shorts combined with knitted stockings. As shoes, you should choose shoes to match the stocking – this technique will make your legs long and slender. Also wear a plain shirt in a neutral shade. If it’s cool outside, complete the set with a knitted snood and a beret.

  • Leather is in perfect harmony with knitted things. Be sure to use this combination for cozy everyday bows. For example, you can combine leather shorts with a sweater of the same shade, dark tights, ankle boots and a wide-brimmed hat in one look. The final touch is red lipstick and stylish glasses.

  • The current trend of 2019-2019 is monochrome. You can wear one color from head to toe, or you can choose similar shades as in this look. An incredibly feminine palette is obtained by combining dusty pink with several tones of beige. And paired with a shirt and jacket, shorts are a practical option that you can’t go wrong with.

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Leather shorts in winter? Why not!

  • A severe minus outside the window requires total warming, but this is definitely not a reason to forget about your favorite leather shorts. Just mix them with a warm plain blazer, thick tights and a coat. Wear simple boots or boots on your feet.

  • A comfortable and stylish look for every day can be created by combining a straight coat, sweater, thick tights and shorts. The best shoes for this casual look would be boots or sneakers.

  • Fashion bloggers have long understood how chic white things look in winter. Therefore, they have no problem with the combination of leather shorts. A light coat, a sweater of the same shade, high leather boots, a miniature clutch and a luxurious street style look are ready.

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Note! Stylists do not recommend combining black shorts with nude tights.


  • Another answer to the question “How to wear leather shorts in autumn or winter?” this image will be. Fashionable this season, heeled stocking boots are perfectly combined with an elongated coat and a plain knit top. A laconic black bag completes the stylish bow.

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Hot summer looks

  • What could be easier than pairing shorts with a plain T-shirt? But despite its obviousness, this set looks very stylish. Just what you need for a hot summer day!

  • The approval of fashionistas and stylists deserved this image. It is based on a combination of a leather bottom and a denim top. Very…

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