What to wear with sneakers in summer 2020

The topic of today’s fashion review is the most relevant ideas of what to wear sneakers with in the summer of 2020. Such shoes have long become an indispensable item in a summer wardrobe, but fashionistas and stylists do not get tired of coming up with new combinations with their favorite pair.



The combination of dresses and sneakers today is no surprise, but such images are still considered a stylish and relevant idea. Interestingly, the length of outfits is no longer strictly regulated – winning looks can be made with both mini-length products and elegant dresses with a midi and maxi mark.

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A rather interesting look will turn out if you add a light dress with a trendy floral print to the sneakers. If the product is presented in a short length, it can be supplemented with a top layer in the form of a trendy cardigan or denim jacket.

For comfortable and carefree looks, a shirt-style dress can be an excellent basis. This model can be worn both in a free variation, and paired with a belt or belt.

In the basic wardrobe for the summer of 2020, you can safely include a laconic dress with thin straps. Such a stylish model in a favorable light will emphasize the figure and create a stylish and comfortable look paired with sneakers.

A combination dress made of fine silk or satin will perfectly fit into a feminine look with a casual mood. It is now important to combine such models not only with heeled sandals, but also with sports (often even massive) shoes.

Among the current collections of the 2020 season, loose dresses of midi and maxi lengths have taken their rightful place. Many of them were presented with charming decoration in the form of layered ruffles, frills or frills. Also, a worthy leadership position was taken by romantic motifs – these are mainly flowers in various variations. These trends will look stylish in combination with sports shoes, and these shots just confirm it.

As basic dresses in everyday outfits, you can use models with a universal wrap-around cut or comfortable loose silhouettes. Also, dresses with buttons do not lose their relevance.

This summer, exquisite outfits in pastel colors turned out to be in demand among fashionistas. The most trendy tones are represented by lemon, pistachio, blue and lilac flowers. Sneakers in light colors can be the ideal shoes for such new products.

For plain shoes, you can choose a dress with an active print. It is also possible to change the places of terms in such a combination.


If you wear sneakers along with various models of skirts in the summer of 2020, you can also make a lot of fashionable bows. Such a tandem presents a huge scope for imagination, because in addition to sports shoes, a fashionista can pick up a pleated product, a straight or flared skirt, a mini or midi length model. But the combination of a silk bottom with a laconic T-shirt and sneakers has become a win-win formula for a stylish look in past seasons.

In a casual look, you can choose a T-shirt, shirt, hoodie or top as a top. In the event of a cold snap, the image can be completed with a top layer in the form of a jacket, cardigan or jeans.

Perhaps one of the most relevant ideas of the 2020 season will inspire you to experiment with style. We have in the form of a combination of a beautiful pleated skirt with your favorite top in a straightened variation. This fresh approach will create a relaxed and extremely comfortable look.

In multi-layer combination

With the advent of the hot season, multi-layered ensembles will not lose their relevance, which allow you to look interesting and stylish even in familiar everyday things. The most popular ideas for implementing this trend are shown in the photo. You can combine a slip dress with a plain T-shirt in one look, or combine a sundress with thin straps with a laconic shirt.

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With jeans/shorts/pants

As a versatile bottom for a casual look with sneakers, you can choose your favorite jeans, trousers or shorts. In such practical combinations, it will be possible to wear sneakers in the summer of 2020 and for women over 50. This season, stylists advise betting on high variations of the bottom, which will favorably emphasize the figure and draw a feminine silhouette in the image.

With a suit

Suits in various designs have become a real must-have for the 2020 season. In summer, such models are especially relevant if they are presented in a free cut and natural texture. If a trouser ensemble can be hot in hot weather, then a trendy suit with Bermuda shorts may be a better idea. In such images, sneakers can repeat the color of the set, or they can effectively contrast with it.


The fashion trends of 2020 of the season have decisively returned the status of a favorite to light sneakers in tennis design. Moreover, now it is not at all necessary to rely on a classic light pair – gray, black, red and pastel models are also involved in the current collections.

Stylists offer to combine such a novelty with other things that make their history from the tennis court. For example, a great and relevant idea is a tandem with mini-length pleated skirts or with a polo-style t-shirt. Such combinations are perfect for every day and will delight you with excellent comfort.

In monochrome

The monochrome principle of compiling an outfit is still considered the unconditional trend of the 2020 season. According to fashion rules, shoes can also appear in such an image, which will support the chosen palette of the image. Interestingly, in the new season, not only the usual light range for a monochrome outfit is welcomed. A more non-trivial color will look much more interesting – there are many tones in the trends from delicate pastels to juicy fuchsia.

With monochrome, you can pull off another stylish trick in the 2020 season – dilute it with plain sneakers with bright contrasting inserts or laces. From such a transformation, the bow will become more spectacular and stylish.

With socks

To create a stylish look in the summer of 2020, you can pair sneakers with high socks. We can responsibly declare that now the days when short and inconspicuous tracks were picked up under sports shoes have finally passed. According to the latest trends, in the summer season you can choose high socks or even knee-highs to pair with sneakers. A doubly cool bow will turn out if such a highlight of the image has a stylish print or inscription.

[stextbox id=’info’]Modern stylists suggest that now you can add socks to looks with jeans and trousers, and outfits with skirts. In a word, there will be experiments![/stextbox]

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