What to wear with trousers in spring 2020 – fashion combinations

Fashion is fickle, the relevance of the wardrobe changes every season. Therefore, knowing what thing will be popular this spring is important for everyone who follows fashion trends. The spring of 2020 will bring not only interesting models of dresses for girls, but will also please with new women’s trousers. They will be comfortable and practical, while allowing you to create memorable bows for everyday and solemn images and occasions.

The novelties of designer trousers of the new season will be diverse, they will help to make the bow even more interesting and comfortable. With what to combine pants to create a trendy look, every girl thinks.

Classic pants

The classic remains timeless. Classic trousers for warm spring and summer should be chosen in light shades, straight cut. It will be interesting to look shortened models, complemented by an arrow. Suitable for the office and business meetings, will be a help for informal bows. A jacket thrown over the top will emphasize the business style of the owner of the ensemble of three, and a jacket with a bright print will make the bow slightly casual, suitable for walks and evening outings.

In the new season, it will be relevant to combine contrasting colors: a white shirt and a black bottom, a light bottom and a rich dark top. Cropped models are in harmony with sleeveless blouses. If the trousers are tight, then the top should be worn looser.


Flared trousers will remain with women in 2020. It is better to combine with cropped blouses or crop tops. High-rise, ultra-wide legs will be popular, complementing boring business shirts and formal jackets. Stiletto heels are suitable as shoes, while the legs should cover the heel.

For flared trousers, T-shirts will be a suitable tandem. This image suits both young girls and women of elegant age. At the same time, you should not choose overly tight T-shirts, you should prefer oversized variations made from natural materials.

Pants with cuffs

In the spring of 2020, cuffed trousers will be popular. Both narrow models and flared ones will be relevant. Cuffs are elastic or classic. Turtlenecks and sweatshirts are suitable for everyday bows, for solemn evening events you can choose a blouse with a bright print or lace. Models with cuffs will become the main layered bows. A voluminous jumper is put on the blouse, while the shirt should not be tucked into the belt. You can combine with shoes with heels, sneakers on the platform.


Leather pants do not lose their relevance for several seasons in a row. At the peak of popularity, black variations and bright shades with a glossy sheen. Straight-cut trousers in discreet colors go well with classic shirts, turtlenecks and sweatshirts. These bows are suitable for the office and daily walks. Loose leather trousers harmoniously sit on girls of different builds. As the top, you must choose a fitted top.

Narrow styles are combined with elongated T-shirts, the edge of which is partially tucked behind the belt. The image is complemented with a jacket or oversized bomber jacket.

Pants with slits

Cuts will be popular regardless of the models of trousers. This decor adds sophistication and gloss to any style, making the bow non-trivial and unhackneyed. For working looks, options are chosen that slightly expose the leg; for solemn bows, more daring models can be allowed in which the cut reaches the middle of the thigh. You can combine with printed shirts, elongated jackets and oversized sweatshirts. Lace and satin blouses will look interesting, adding spice to the overall look. For a warm spring, flying tops with thin straps, covered with an elongated jacket, will be added to trousers with slits.

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