What to wear with white jeans: ideas and photos of female images

White jeans are rightfully considered a basic element of every women’s wardrobe, as they can be worn with anything, whether it’s a sports t-shirt or a dress shirt. Therefore, it is quite natural that many world celebrities give their preference to just such a bottom, as you can see by looking at various photos on social networks. In addition, white jeans can dilute and refresh the image, as well as make it more elegant and festive.


Based on the looks of beauty bloggers and cutting-edge style icons, we have collected the most stylish and win-win options for combining white jeans, which are listed below in the article.

Create a trendy look with white jeans

The main advantage of white jeans is their versatility, as they harmoniously fit into absolutely any style, and are also easily combined with other colors and textures, which allows each woman to create her own irresistible and unique fashionable look. The most stylish and original combination options include the following combinations of things:

  • Shirt. It is a classic top. In the case of white jeans, you can choose a shirt of absolutely any color and texture – white, blue, black, plaid, polka dot, floral print or denim. Here the flight of fancy is simply limitless.

Shirts and white jeans are a classic combo.

[stextbox id=’info’]When combining a white shirt with jeans of the same color, it is very important that the top of the outfit matches the bottom in tone. Cream, milky and yellowish tones will look worn and untidy compared to snow-white denim.[/stextbox]

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  • Blouses. They are another basic option for women with which to wear white jeans, especially in the summer, which is confirmed by many photos with examples of ready-made outfits for models and show business stars. As for the color palette, it can also be completely different, ranging from classic black to multi-colored prints.

Outfit with blouses and tops

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! To make the outfit softer and more romantic, stylists recommend choosing silk blouses. Red beads and black pumps or loafers will also help to dilute the combination.[/stextbox]

  • T-shirt. You can also “play” with it and realize all your even the most daring and extraordinary ideas. Plain, with prints, so fashionable now models with stripes or other decorative inserts unquestioningly fit white jeans. You can wear such a top both for release and tucked into trousers. If you are embarrassed by slightly rounded hips, you can make your figure slimmer by choosing an elongated T-shirt style.

Oversized sweater and t-shirt with white jeans

[stextbox id=’info’]The main trend of the spring-summer season of 2019 is a duet of white jeans and a blue and white vest. White sneakers or slippers, as well as a belt bag, will help to complement this outfit.[/stextbox]

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  • Jacket. The combination of white jeans with a short or elongated jacket, as well as a top is considered basic. This outfit can be worn both in class and in the office. Red shoes or ballet flats, as well as a voluminous black bag, will help to diversify the image.

Examples of stylish looks with jeans, jackets and trench coats

  • Leather Jacket. It is another stylish option with which you can wear not only black, but also white jeans, which is especially true in a duet with a women’s leather jacket, and photos with images of such outfits prevail in almost every fashion publication. A fine-knit sweater will complete the look. As for shoes, in this case, designers recommend absolutely any option, be it classic or sports.

Combination of jeans with top, blouse and bomber jacket

  • Oversized sweater. Such a top would be appropriate for a light spring coolness. High-heeled sandals, loafers or ballet flats will help to complement it.

How to choose the right shoes?

When creating an image, it is very important, in addition to the top, to choose the right shoes, which will also correspond to the fashion trends of this season and harmoniously fit into the finished bow. The most popular options include the following:

  • Jockey boots. This type of footwear today is a novelty among the newfangled trends of this season. Therefore, stylists recommend wearing it with white jeans, as this combination looks concise and stylish, which is confirmed by various photos of such outfits that adorn the covers of glossy magazines. A gray closed sweater or an elongated jacket will help to complement the image.

The combination of white jeans with shoes of different plans

  • Printed shoes. It fits perfectly into a duet with white denim and will become a bright accent of the whole outfit. The main thing is the uniformity of the top, so as not to overload the image and not make it too colorful.

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  • Keds and sneakers. They don’t have to be white. It can be a variety of colors and their combinations.

Stylish outfits

  • Loafers, ballerinas, sandals and slippers. These shoes are just perfect for summer. Pair it with white jeans for a casual yet fashionable look.
  • Shoes with heels or wedges. It is an unbreakable classic. In a duet with shoes or sandals with heels, an elegant and feminine look is obtained, which, in addition, makes the legs visually slimmer.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! When creating your outfit, stylists recommend choosing shoes and a bag of completely different colors so that the emphasis is on only one item.[/stextbox]

As you can see, white jeans are such a versatile item in a women’s wardrobe that you can literally wear them with anything and at the same time make all kinds of combinations, inspired by various photos from fashion shows and other sources.


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