What will be fashionable in summer 2012

For the upcoming summer season 2012, designers have created a range of collections from which you can choose the main range of fashion trends. These trends are not limited to a particular style. They are very diverse and reflect the state of modern fashion.

In summer, sundresses are the most popular element of women’s wardrobe. What does summer fashion offer this year?

This summer, sundresses can be with one slit, and the waist of the dress should be located under the very line of the breasts. This season, charming women’s sundresses should be on two thin straps or strapless at all.

The novelty of this season are outfits, including sundresses, on one strap, which starts on one side of the outfit and, passing along the neckline, attached on the opposite side of the outfit, over one shoulder. Fuchsia, turquoise, lemon, gray, olive and aquamarine will be trendy sundress shades in 2012. The midi length was a hit last season, and this season the preferred length will be mini or maxi.

Floral prints will be the hit of the upcoming season. The floral pattern on women’s dresses differs from last season in that this year roses will be most often used as flowers and the flowers will be a little smaller and brighter. A woman will look like a flower in such a delicate outfit. As for the quality of the fabric, knitted sundresses will be in fashion.

In the summer of 2012 will be fashionable, loved by all sheath dress. Every year designers come up with new and stylish designs for these dresses. This sheath dress is useful for every woman, both for everyday life and for formal events. This dress can be worn in combination with shirts, blouses, trousers and leggings.

If you want to have all the attention on you, just purchase one of the sparkling dresses, the designers have provided ample selection of such sparkling dresses. Try silver or gold dresses, or go bolder in green, blue or red.

Incredibly popular in the summer season will be lace dresses or dresses with lace inserts. Lace this season has become thinner and more lush.

Striped clothes are in trend every summer season, but this season’s outfits are distinguished by intricate stripe patterns. In the outfits there is a mix of a straight strip with a diagonal one, as well as a wide strip with a narrow one.

Banana-shaped cropped trousers, that is, with a voluminous upper part, will be very fashionable. It is necessary to wear such trousers with high-heeled shoes and cropped sweaters and jackets.

Every woman’s wardrobe should have a white shirt, as it is a basic item. But in the summer season of 2012, every wardrobe should have a shirt in a different color than white: pale pink, gray or blue. Shirts with pockets on the chest, as well as striped shirts, will be relevant. If the shirt is plain, then it must be supplemented with colorful accessories.

Shoes are an integral part of every women’s outfit. In the summer of 2012, wicker sandals will be very relevant. Bright colors and unusual ways of weaving made these shoes a hot new item for the upcoming season. Such shoes will also be fashionable: on a high platform, with elements of transparent materials, shiny gold and shiny silver, laced, bright and pastel colors.

Fashionable summer handbags are also subject to design change. So in the upcoming summer season, knitted handbags of different sizes will be fashionable, as well as leather handbags with bright and bold patterns in the form of food, fruits, as well as handbags.

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