What will be fashionable in the fall of 2019

“What will be fashionable in the fall of 2019?” is the most frequently asked question today. Therefore, for women who strive to always look stylish, further in the article we have given the main trends and hot trends of the upcoming golden season.



Of all the new products presented at fashion shows, we have chosen the most relevant and wearable products that everyone should have in the wardrobe of the coming autumn.

  • Poncho. These representatives of outerwear are back in fashion and have become a real hit. As for the style, these can be models of a classic cut, as well as voluminous options that resemble a woolen blanket.

The color palette here can also be different and range from calm beige shades to bright printed colors.

  • Animal print. Clothes decorated with patterns in the form of leopard spots or tiger stripes tenaciously keep in trend.

Moreover, not only natural colors will be relevant, but also contrasting combinations of bright acid tones.

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  • Knitted dresses. Weightless feminine dresses made of fine woolen yarn are an undeniable must have.

The style of these products can be the usual straight, and with bat sleeves or even on the straps in the form of a sundress. There are no special requirements for colors either, and not only plain products, but also color options from a melange thread will be welcome.

  • In a cell. In the fall of 2019, the checkered print will be the most fashionable. It can be a standard checkerboard, “Royal Stewart”, “dog tooth”, “houndstooth”, and more informal interpretations.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Stylists recommend wearing several products at once in one look, designed in a checkered print, which may differ in color and size of the pattern.[/stextbox]

  • Trouser suits. A basic classic that no fashionista can do without. In the coming season, in addition to black models, combined options will also be popular, for example, with a collar or belt in a contrasting color.

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Do not ignore the printed products that will make your look more colorful.

  • With broad shoulders. Exaggerated shoulder line is another fall trend. Indeed, according to many couturiers, it is these products that emphasize the elegance and fragility of the female figure.

Saint Laurent Collection

This result is achieved with the help of a cut and shoulder pads that visually deform the shoulders.

  • Leather. Skirts, dresses, trousers, coats, etc., made of leather of natural or artificial origin, will be extremely popular.

As for the color palette, monochromatic options of blue, burgundy, red and green are allowed, as well as printed ones. But the most popular will be jet-black leather clothes, which should be worn in a total look.

  • From denim. Denim is in trend right now. It can be not only your favorite trousers, but also dresses, sundresses, jackets, bombers, shorts, skirts and even long closed overalls.

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In 2019, designers proposed many interesting styles of shoes, among which the following models will be the most fashionable and wearable this fall.

  • “Cossacks”. Cowboy-style boots have been a trend for several seasons in a row. Classic models of brown shades and multi-colored printed options remain relevant. Lace-up products are also welcome.

  • Ballet shoes. This year they must be with a pointed toe. As for the design, in addition to leather or lacquer, velvet and textile models will also be fashionable. The color palette should be necessarily bright and catchy, so you should not bypass the options with animal print, checkered, floral and even peas.

  • Boots. According to most representatives of the fashion industry, it is these shoes that fit perfectly into both everyday and evening looks. The style of boots can be different, ranging from classic models with stiletto heels with a narrow toe to products with tractor soles. But the real hit will be massive lace-up products that completely repeat the design of men’s berets.

  • Sneakers. Stylish, relevant and, most importantly, comfortable to wear shoes that have long been loved by modern women. Products with a hypertrophied sole and with an abundant amount of decor in the form of inscriptions, voluminous contrast lacing and rhinestones continue to be in fashion. But the novelty of the season was sneakers, decorated with fur inserts.

  • Treads. Boots that are higher than the knees this year literally flooded the fashion catwalks. Stylists recommend giving their preference not only to plain products, but also to multi-colored options, decorated with lacing and chains.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! In 2019, the bow returns to fashion, in which jeans are tucked into over the knee boots. You can see examples of such images in the photos presented in our selection.[/stextbox]

  • Mary Jane shoes. These shoes have literally gained a “second wind”.

Stylish Mary Jane shoes are gaining popularity again

Bright colorful models, the highlight of which are non-standard heels, as well as decor in the form of rhinestones, several straps and bows, will be appropriate both in everyday wear and as a finishing touch in an evening bow.


As for the leading trends in the women’s accessories segment, below we have listed the main trends that every fashionista should be familiar with.

  • bucket hat. Designers decided this year to make women’s images as elegant as possible and offered the girls models of hats with an elongated crown, which are somewhat reminiscent of Panama. It can be warm felt, leather or suede models with a decor in the form of a ribbon, a small bow or a veil.

  • Balaclavas. Stocking hats have become not only a stylish addition to the image, but also very practical, since they protect the head and neck from the cold at the same time. The material of these products may vary. Both knitted models of balaclavas and those sewn from dense knitted fabrics will be relevant.

  • chest bags. Belt bags have been replaced by chest models. Their main advantage is that such babies perform two roles at once: practical and decorative. However, it should be remembered that you can’t put a lot in such a handbag and you still have to buy a second one to help yourself.

  • Gloves. There are no restrictions on gloves this season. They can be of any color, style, length and material. But their design must be bright and catchy. Models with decor in the form of lacing, fringe, embroidery and all kinds of stripes are welcome.

  • Belts. These are basic accessories with which you can not only transform the image, but also visually highlight the waistline. Allowed as ultra-wide options,…

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