What will be fashionable in the fall of 2020 for women

This article is a storehouse of answers to the question of what will be fashionable in the fall of 2020 for women. In one place, we have collected the most key trends of the season for you!


chocolate delight

Along with “delicious” caramel shades, the chocolate range is recognized as relevant in the 2020 season, which is perfect for creating elegant and noble autumn outfits. A variety of actual textures allows you to reveal the beauty of this fashionable palette – chocolate is good in its own way both in silk and in coarse knitwear.

[stextbox id=’warning’]As for the stylish combinations of chocolate tones, here you can, without too much modesty, draw inspiration from the top shows. Designers have clearly demonstrated that the most winning duets are obtained with beige, terracotta, coffee and caramel shades.[/stextbox]


Fashionistas have fallen in love with elegant capes so much that they do not intend to say goodbye to them in the 2020 season. This is a stylish choice that meets the requirements of practicality, versatility and sophistication. In addition, the cape fits perfectly into a business, casual and romantic wardrobe.

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Some readers believe that the currents of modern fashion are changing at the speed of light and it is almost impossible to keep up with them. But still, there are trends that remain relevant for an enviable time. For example, fringe decor will only continue its triumphal procession along the world catwalks this fall.

Designers are resolutely expanding the boundaries of such jewelry – now they are not only an association with Western and boho styles. Fringe has been seen on numerous outerwear and even evening gowns. She was also present as a fashionable highlight on quite basic and everyday things.


It is unlikely that we will surprise you with the information that leather items are still the key trend of the 2020 season. Many women of fashion succumbed to the spectacularity of this texture and purchased leather novelties last year. This fall, you can safely continue to wear such trends.

If you are just starting to get acquainted with the spectacular leather texture, you will probably be wondering what purchases are most relevant. Yes, almost everything! The fashion collections include trench coats, dresses, skirts, shirts, tops, overalls and jackets. When choosing colors, it is not at all necessary to rely on the practicality of black leather clothing – there are many more non-trivial and interesting shades in the fashion palette.


Latex has become a worthy competitor to leather things. Such provocative and daring things are seriously planning to find many fans in the autumn season. The glossy shine of latex in the 2020 season is presented not only in the usual black color. The designers also decided on brighter colors. The range of latex clothing also pleases with variety – here are discreet midi skirts, and cool tops, and spectacular outerwear, and daring overalls. A stylish idea for the most daring fashionistas is to make a total look from latex clothes, which usually do not even need additional accessories.

iridescent fabrics

If you want your autumn bow to be remembered for sure, pay attention to iridescent fabrics. Now they are appropriate not only in luxurious evening dresses as in the photo, but also in everyday sets – for example, in the design of a trouser suit.


The fashion trends of the 2020 season proved that knitwear is not at all boring and conservative. If you want to replenish your basic autumn wardrobe with a fresh novelty that will cheer you up every time, you can rely on the relevance of a sweater in pastel colors. Your favorite trendy color for fall 2020 can be blue, pistachio, sand, light green or lilac. With such a top, even an everyday bow with jeans will be transformed.

Many readers will surely rejoice at the fact that various models of knitted cardigans are rapidly leading the list of autumn trends. Yes, yes, such practical and cozy clothes can also be trendy. In the modern assortment it is difficult not to decide on a favorite – after all, the trend is free and tight-fitting, plain and multi-colored striped models, variations with accent sleeves, large buttons, asymmetry and other design delights.

Sweater dresses of various models are another statement about what will be fashionable in the fall of 2020 for women over 50 and for young girls. It is better to prefer a loose fit (which, if desired, can be combined with a belt) and any comfortable length.

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Bright monochrome

Monochrome again? – perhaps, you ask. But the new version of this technique really deserves attention. Now it’s not just a combination of beige or black things. In autumn, you should decide on the brightest and juiciest embodiment of monochrome – for example, red, purple, orange or lime onions will look very stylish. A great tool to disperse the autumn clouds and cheer up!


With the advent of autumn, feminine design techniques do not fade into the background, but only increase their influence. In your outfits, you can safely use a floral print, pink, pastel shades, an emphasis on the waist, pleating, frills, ruffles, bows and puffy styles of dresses and skirts.

Riding boots

The fashion of the autumn 2020 season presented the world with an interesting novelty in the world of shoes – boots that resemble riding models. In this decision, several leading designers were consonant at once. Many fashionistas will surely focus on this trend, because its comfort and practicality are obvious. But still, stylists recommend going beyond the usual combination with jeans. Among the most stylish ideas is a tandem with a flowered dress or with a metallic shade model.


Slits are recognized as a key decor element throughout the 2020 season. Do you think that they have no place in autumn clothes? Then you should definitely get acquainted with knitted dresses, skirts, jackets and raincoats with slits. Moreover, the fashion of the 2020 season is categorical: the higher, more asymmetrical and more creative these elements are, the cooler.

Purple dress

By the fall of 2020, designers have offered a worthy alternative to the little black dress. Such an honorary role deserved outfit in a deep and rich purple color. Most of the models were presented in exquisite silk performance. And the variety of models literally excites the imagination – the trend is the classic cut of the shirt, the wrap model, the version with wide sleeves, various draperies and assemblies. The style itself is not so important, everything is decided by a fashionable and beautiful color.

A similar direction will be fashionable in the fall of 2020 for overweight women. Muted tones with a matte texture perfectly hide the fullness and sit beautifully on any figure.


It is quite expected that with the advent of autumn, a trouser suit will only strengthen its position of relevance. If in warm weather it mixed with …

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