What will be fashionable in winter 2019-2020

“What will be in fashion, as well as what clothes should be worn in the upcoming winter season 2019-2020?” is the most frequently asked question today. Therefore, guided by the recommendations of leading stylists, later in the article we will tell you in detail about what will be relevant and what is better to forget about.

Top trends of the season

World fashion shows have long thundered. Consequently, the fashion trends of winter are also predetermined. These include:

  • black mono bow. Despite the assertions of experts from the Panton Institute, black will be the leading color this winter. Moreover, it can be not only individual elements of the image, sustained in this palette, but also a full-fledged total bow;

  • leather. Leather items in the coming season will beat all records of popularity. In this regard, fashionistas are advised to acquire not only leather skirts, but also jackets, dresses and even trousers;

  • artificial fur. Natural fur products are quite expensive, and the way they are made is not very humane. This was the reason that the couturiers presented fur coats, vests and coats, which, in terms of the quality of the pile, are absolutely indistinguishable from their expensive counterparts made of natural fur;

  • wide palazzos. Modern girls liked these trousers so much that the designers decided to present this style in winter collections. In addition to warm options from velvet and velor, summer models made from light flowing fabrics continue to be in trend;

  • “colored leopard” Print, wandering from season to season for several years. However, this winter, unlike previous years, it should not be kept in its natural palette, but in bright acid tones;

  • military theme. Large metal buttons in two rows, military overcoats, stripes and men’s cut in clothes will be no less popular among the fair sex. Such things should be combined with coarse shoes and outerwear, designed in the same style;

  • emphasis on the waist. A beautiful narrow waist is back in fashion. And in order to emphasize it, stylists recommend wearing belts on it. It can be both thin elegant options and products in the form of corsets. As for the color palette, belts can be classic black, matched to match the image, or completely contrasting;

  • a-silhouette cut. Kind of new for the season. Indeed, in those outfits that were presented at the shows, it is quite difficult to see the classic trapezoid cut, because, in appearance, they are more like equilateral triangles;

  • cell. A classic of the genre that has not lost its position for several decades. Chess, argyle, houndstooth, tartan and other variations of this print remain in fashion;

[tds_warning]Important! Don’t forget and O striped coloring, which is all so it remains relevant and is an ideal option for overweight women, as it helps to visually stretch the silhouette.[/tds_warning]

  • broad shoulders. Clothes with a very wide shoulder line are back in fashion. Moreover, unlike the 80s, this year the designers, in order to maximize this area as much as possible, did not stint and, in addition to shoulder pads, also used voluminous sleeves, decorative stitching and various assemblies;

  • deconstructivism. Another novelty, which, according to forecasts, will beat all records of popularity. Clothing “a la Frankenstein”, consisting of completely different elements, differing in color and texture of the fabric, will help every fashionista to express herself and emphasize her individuality;

  • bright colors. Eminent couturiers decided to dilute the gray weather of winter with bright, saturated and even acidic palettes not only in the clothing segment, but also in accessories. Electric blue, light green, canary yellow and berry shades of pink will successfully fit into any bow, making it catchy and spectacular;

  • bows. Decor in the form of a bow tied at the neck is again in trend. Not simple laconic options will be in demand, but voluminous and massive bows, which are just the main decorative element of the image.

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If we talk about outerwear that will be fashionable, below we have presented a list of products that have become trends in the winter season 2019-2020.

  • Capes. These representatives of outerwear continue to “rule the ball”. However, this year the designers presented long sleeveless models in wool, drape and cashmere. The design of such products is mostly minimalistic.

  • Coat. In addition to the classic double-breasted, single-breasted or oversized models, wide straight styles that look more like men’s will also be welcome.

  • Trench havelock. The model with the decor in the form of a cape smoothly migrated from the spring-autumn wardrobe to the winter one. Moreover, the choice of these products is so large that everyone can choose one or another option. These are heavy woolen or drape models, as well as lighter synthetic winterizer or cashmere options.

  • Quilts. Trench coats, coats and jackets have been undeniable favorites among fashionistas for many years. This is because they are light, do not cause discomfort to wear and protect well from bad weather and cold. In fashion, in addition to the classic options, there will be products that look like padded jackets, with colorful or fur decorative inserts.

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As for shoes, in the upcoming winter season 2019-2020, models made of suede or leather of natural or artificial origin remain fashionable.

[tds_note]There are no restrictions on the color palette either, and both basic black, brown and gray, as well as spectacular futuristic options are allowed.[/tds_note]

The styles of winter shoes can also be different. However, high models, such as stocking boots or over the knee boots, will be most popular. They can be flats, small heels or sophisticated stilettos, tractor soles or platforms, and even winter sneakers.

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We hope that we were able to help you figure out what things will be fashionable in the coming winter 2019-2020. Therefore, now you can effortlessly prepare your wardrobe for the upcoming season.

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