What will be fashionable to wear in autumn 2020

Do you want to know, what will be fashionable in autumn 2020 for women? Then read our latest review on the leading trends!


Key trends The 2020 season turned out to be both bright and muted calm colors of clothes. Such a variety of shades does not give us doubt – every fashionista will be able to choose a color scheme to her taste!

The autumn palette of 2020 invariably gravitates towards beige. This is almost a classic, which a few years ago conquered fashionistas with its versatility and elegance. Actual beige will look great in a stylish monochrome look, but it can also be combined with deep noble colors typical of autumn. For example, you can combine beige clothes with wine, eggplant, burgundy or emerald things.

However, the 2020 fashion palette is not limited to one beige. The stylish range also includes shades of violet and indigo, brown and caramel, a pleasant pearl and gray tone.

Chocolate-colored clothes will also be a stylish investment in the autumn wardrobe. Designers at their shows clearly demonstrated that such colors look most advantageous with other dessert tones – caramel or coffee.

Not done in the autumn palette and without delicate pastel shades. So, clothes in lavender and lilac tones were presented as a key trend. It is incredibly interesting to include such things in ensembles for the cold season, because they noticeably refresh and transform the usual combinations.

Lime color is among the fresh accents for autumn bows. This trend is literally created in order to make the images more expressive and interesting, as well as to save fashionistas from the seasonal blues.

The most fashionable principle of combining monochromatic things deserves special mention – this is color blocking. If you like unbanal and stylish looks, feel free to combine bright clothes with a noticeable contrast within one bow – it will turn out to be edgy!

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The main king among prints promises to be a spectacular checkerboard pattern – the most fashionable variation of the checkered motif. The new trend looks interesting and stylish enough to take pride of place in autumn bows for all occasions.

Key trends

colored skin

To be honest, no one is surprised by the appearance of leather clothing in the list of autumn trends. This is a classic solution that helps fashionistas look especially impressive and stylish. In the 2020 season, designers began to use the potential of this texture to the maximum and brought to your attention actual clothes made of colored leather.

For example, the design of stylish novelties may include such trendy colors for fall 2020like red, brown, yellow, blue, green and orange tones.


For a long time, the triumph of fringe fell on the relevance of the Wild West style, but now such decor is completely not associated with a cowboy mood. Long threads are exquisitely placed on dresses, skirts, jackets, shoes and accessories and become a stylish decoration for autumn looks.

Accent shoulders

Some trends are so popular with designers and fashionistas that they successfully pass from season to season. Such a pleasant fate this time awaited accent shoulders and sleeves – an interesting technique that can look harmoniously in images for all occasions.


With the advent of autumn, every girl dreams of masterfully combining comfort and beauty in images, isn’t it? Designers, in turn, read the needs of fashionistas and offer new fresh solutions. For example, this time they opted for a layered combination of a basic shirt and a loose sweater.

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Such an outfit will organically look both in everyday bows and in a business wardrobe. And by changing the terms of the combination, you can always look stylish in a new way.

Jacket with an emphasis on the waist

Judging by the latest collections of brands, jackets with an accent will also be fashionable in autumn 2020including for obese women. It is curious that oversized models remain in trend, but now they are noticeably replaced by fitted silhouettes with their inherent elegance and femininity.

Accordingly, any elongated jacket can now be turned into a trendy one with a belt, belt or even a chain around the waist. With the help of such additions, it is easy to mask the flaws of the figure and draw her beautiful silhouette.

Another undisputed trend of the 2020 season is jackets cut to waist level. If you have long dreamed of upgrading your usual jacket, then arm yourself with scissors and go!


This fall, designers brought corsets and bras to the top of popularity. The latter are most often made of ribbed knitwear and perfectly complement the looks with fashionable oversized jackets. Of course, such a tandem would be appropriate only in warm weather.


Autumn weather at the beginning of the season is usually loyal to the stylish experiments of fashionistas. This means that you can still have time to include stylish clothes with various cuts and cuts in your bows. Among the most sensational novelties of 2020 are dresses, skirts and trousers with slits of various lengths. Jumpers and jackets with creative cutouts will also hit the trends.

[tds_note]Such a stylish decor will add a touch of sensuality to any autumn look.[/tds_note]


Tweed clothing, due to its density, is great for stylish autumn looks. In the 2020 season, this texture has undergone minor changes and was presented in fresh colors. Among the fashionable novelties were dresses, jackets, skirts and tweed suit sets.

Knitted cardigans

The absolute must-have of the autumn season is such a cozy and versatile knitted cardigan. Moreover, almost all models will be popular – from tight to free oversized. Many girls especially like cardigans with a hint of retro style, because such an exclusive can be found in the wardrobe of a mother or grandmother!


As the most fashionable decor for autumn clothes, designers presented various draperies and assemblies. Such elements have no equal in creating accents on the merits of the figure and especially interesting images.

Shopping list

True fashionistas start preparing for the new fashion season in advance. Many girls like to do thoughtful shopping with a specific shopping list. To make it easier for them, we decided to compile a guide with specific noveltieswhich deserve to take pride of place in the autumn wardrobe 2020.

First of all, many girls think about what outerwear will keep them warm when it gets cold. If you are a brave person, you may prefer the havelock. This raincoat is the undisputed favorite of designers in the 2020 season.

This time bright artificial fur coats were replaced by comfortable sheepskin products of soothing shades. Also this fall, you can bet on…

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