What will be fashionable to wear in the summer of 2020

In this article, we tell you what will be fashionable in the summer of 2020 for women. All the most important and stylish in one place!



The key color of the summer collections is white, which perfectly rejuvenates and refreshes the appearance. It is used in monochrome or in combination with dark or bright accents.

In addition to the light palette, the relevance of fuchsia, golden, red, orange, azure and mustard shades can be noted.

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With the advent of summer, no one is going to say goodbye to denim, because no one has canceled the evening coolness. With jeans, everything is clear – at the peak of popularity, an oversized fit, straight and wide cut. Adjusted for the summer, you can bet on light denim – blue, milk or any pastel.

A practical investment in a summer wardrobe that will last for many years is a denim jacket. A win-win solution is an oversized model in a shortened or elongated cut.

A practical denim skirt can serve as an indispensable base. The main favorite of the season is the midi length, which is great for women of any age. A universal move is a pencil model with a raw edge, a cut or buttons. By choosing such a skirt, you can make many stylish combinations that will last all summer. So, a denim skirt will make friends with a sweatshirt, hoodie, T-shirt, shirt, blouse or top.


This summer, you can also take on board the safari style, which the designers have given many opportunities to manifest. Classic solutions are shirt dresses, elongated shorts and clothing in a characteristic palette – sand, terracotta and olive tones. An interesting novelty of the 2020 season is safari-style jackets with patch pockets and a belt at the waist.

Interested in what will be fashionable in the summer of 2020 season in the style of a safari, many fashionistas carefully select shoes. The main hit this time was gladiatorial sandals, which in themselves look extraordinary and transform any look from laconic things.


Many readers will surely rejoice at the fact that the ethno style is triumphantly returning to the position of current trends. Every woman can find something of her own in this direction. For example, the choice may fall on a loose fit of clothing, thick lace, characteristic ornaments, embroidery, tassels or fringes.

It is not necessary to compose images completely from the elements of boho style. In order to add zest to an everyday combination, you can limit yourself to just one detail to create a mood. For example, it can be a bright silk scarf, earrings, an unusual bag or a ring with a large stone.

Open shoulders or deep neckline

In the 2020 season, many designers take great pleasure in complementing summer clothes with open elements. Women can follow this trend to create a sensual and elegant look with open shoulders or a deep neckline or slit. Of course, such details require balance in the image – open elements should be combined with restrained length or long sleeves.


Summer fashion 2020 for women gives laurels of superiority to palazzo trousers. Many women of fashion, preferring flying pants made of light fabric, do not regret such a stylish purchase at all. Such a model, subject to the current high fit, perfectly stretches the silhouette, that is, it slims and adds growth. The most top look with such trousers is easy to create if you make an addition in the form of a crop top and sandals with long straps.


If you want to be trendy this summer, opt for a long Bermuda cut over your usual skinny denim shorts. By the way, such a model can be made not only from costume fabric, but also from practical denim (in this case, the shorts almost always complement the raw edge).

The relevance of Bermuda shorts can be primarily drawn by those women of fashion who plan to create urban summer sets. Restrained length and free cut fit perfectly into such frames. In addition, the stylish design of Bermuda shorts does not have strict age restrictions – women over 50 can also try on this novelty.

When combining Bermuda shorts, you will definitely not have any difficulties, because you can choose any summer top for them, whether it be a top, a T-shirt or a short-sleeved shirt. You can immediately kill two birds with one stone and prefer a suit with a fashionable elongated jacket and Bermuda shorts.

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What is a summer wardrobe without stylish and beautiful dresses? Women admit that this is their favorite clothing for the hot season. Comfort, sophistication and romance – what else do you need from the perfect outfit? That is why we are in a hurry to share with you the key trends in the design of summer dresses.

  • Oversized cuts still have a strong influence in modern fashion. Stylists recommend that all fashionistas try on a loose model that will create a feeling of larger size. This trend is characterized by comfort and excellent camouflage functions. And if a relaxed free cut suddenly gets bored, you can always add a stylish belt to such a dress.

  • A summer dress can be incredibly romantic and feminine – frills, flounces and lace inserts will be responsible for the right mood in the image.

  • A stylish highlight of the dress can be an open back. Designers usually combine such a sensual element with a discreet and up-to-date midi length.

  • A dress with thin straps and a wrap will also be an extremely fashionable and practical acquisition for the summer season.

  • Fitted and loose shirt dresses are seriously competing in popularity in the 2020 season. It remains to decide which side you are on! Whichever model you prefer, you can complement the cut of the shirt with sneakers, sneakers or sandals.

  • A stylish slip dress can become a universal soldier of a woman’s wardrobe. You can sing the praises of such a model for an infinitely long time, but we invite you to verify its indispensability from personal experience.

  • The fashionable color of the dress can be delicate pastel or bright summery – red, yellow, green, orange or blue. All sorts of prints are held in high esteem – flirtatious peas, delicate flowers, geometry and abstraction in various forms, as well as boho style.

In the summer season, everyone will combine dresses with rough sandals, basic sneakers, sandals with stable heels, pointy ballet flats and sneakers. Choose which option you like!

As for the optimal combinations, stylists suggest experimenting with various jeans, cardigans, men’s jackets and windbreakers in the selection of the top layer.

[stextbox id=’info’]You will definitely not lose if you rely on the natural texture of the dress – cotton, linen, wool or viscose. This summer promises to be hot![/stextbox]


When it comes to shopping before the summer season, many ladies…

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