What will be fashionable to wear in winter 2020-2021

What will be fashionable in the winter of 2020-2021 – with the approach of cold weather, this issue becomes especially relevant for women around the world. After all, women of fashion do not want to lag behind fashion trends and want to be aware of the latest design innovations. From the article you will learn how to look stylish and elegant in the new season.

Main trends – winter 2020-2021

Clothing for the winter is quite democratic. Fashion specialists have fully adapted the images from the shows for real life and are now ready to present the main current trends for women to replenish their winter wardrobe.

First of all, you should look at the most fashionable and practical things, let them be comfortable, but not without interesting and original details.


Among the current images, pay attention to the combination of different fabrics, for example, the combination of leather and fur, suede and lace will look attractive. Such a tandem is able to make the bow more stylish and luxurious.


Do not be afraid of unusual combinations. Wear dresses over turtlenecks, sheer blouses over other clothing. Layering and originality is only welcome.


This is another stylish trend that has been popular for several seasons. Oversized loose clothing will also be relevant in winter fashion 2020-2021. Things with additional volume will perfectly warm in cool weather, and, despite their bulkiness, emphasize the harmony and fragility of the female figure, hide minor flaws.


Winter outfits in the “military” style are incredibly stylish and feminine. Clothes with decorative pagons on the shoulders, a pea coat, a military palette will look especially attractive.

Must have fashion wardrobe for winter 2020-2021

Any woman will look stylish and fashionable if her wardrobe includes knitted sweaters and wool sweatshirts, straight-cut dresses, warm skirts and cardigans of various styles.

If there are not enough winter things in the closet, it’s time to go shopping. Among the variety of trendy things, special attention should be paid to the following options for fashionable clothes:

  • trouser suit made of natural dense fabrics;
  • coat in military style;
  • outerwear in white;
  • things come from the 80s of the last century;
  • floor-length jackets and coats;
  • maxi skirts;
  • shirt dress;
  • products with fur trim.

Do not forget about stylish winter accessories that will not only keep you warm in frosty weather, but also perfectly complement any fashionable bow, make it original and more interesting.

To look as attractive as possible, stock up on the following accessories:

  • Hat and scarf, made in the same style or the same color scheme. Well, if you can buy a complete set of warm winter products, consisting of a scarf, mittens (gloves) and a hat.
  • Get a practical small bag with a long strap. Avoid models on a chain.
  • A stylish collar to match the main outfit or a contrasting color will make the image original and more interesting.

It is also worth remembering that when using bright details in the image, you should give preference to outerwear in soothing colors and a more restrained cut.


Coats, jackets, fur coats, parkas, sheepskin coats – all this is simply created for winter. The most trendy outerwear option will be the aviator sheepskin coat.

No less relevant will be a fur coat made of faux fur. The trend is still models of interesting colors. As for the length, preference should be given to products to the knees.

For girls who prefer elegance and restraint in their looks, as well as women over 50, in the winter of 2020-2021 it is better to wear a fashionable classic coat with fur trim. Pay attention to single-breasted and double-breasted models, A-line and A-line coats.

To create a youth look in a casual style, you can choose a warm denim jacket or a thick cardigan coat.

Down jackets and parkas are the constant favorites of any winter season. They seem to exist outside of time and fashion.

In the new season, outerwear will delight not only with the beauty of the models, but also with a wide selection of colors and decorative finishes. That will allow you to create a truly stylish and beautiful winter bows.

Knitten things

Winter is the best time for warm knitwear. Fashionistas should definitely get a knitted dress or a large-knit sweater, as well as a beautiful knitted suit. Interestingly, designers offer not only sets consisting of a sweater and a skirt, but also options with trousers and even shorts.

Leather and denim clothing

Convenient, comfortable, stylish and original clothes made of leather and denim do not lose their popularity for many seasons. The most fashionable things from these fabrics will be trouser suits and overalls. Images using such clothes will look very stylish and attractive.

[tds_note]Stylists do not recommend fashionistas to combine leather and denim products in one look. The exception is the tandem of jeans and leather jackets.[/tds_note]

Whereas total bows made of these materials will look simply gorgeous.

Fur clothes

Fashionistas should not disregard the clothes made of fur and with fur trim. Jackets, vests, fur coats and hats made of artificial and natural fur – all this is the best fit for the winter season.

With the help of fur trim, you can very successfully transform any outfit. You can decorate the collar, pockets or hem of the product with fluffy material, make a stylish pompom on the hat.

trendy mini

Despite the trendy maxi length, mini models will also be popular in winter. Girls can pick up seductive fitted dresses, skirts and shorts. You can add such things with the help of high boots or over the knee boots, combine with long outerwear.


To look stylish and fashionable on the streets of the winter city and in the office, you can not do without beautiful and fashionable trousers. To create an image in a business style, models of a classic cut with arrows, wide trousers and flared trousers are suitable.

To create a freer and more relaxed look, culottes are suitable, models with an original cut, narrowed to the bottom, with turn-ups. Pipe trousers in tandem with a fitted jacket will also look very attractive and create a fashionable outfit.

As for the material for trousers, stylists recommend products of their suede, leather, wool.

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Among the many trendy models of skirts, for the winter, stylists advise giving preference to long models with a print. For slender women, fashionable straight-cut skirts are the best option, while in the full winter of 2020-2021 it is better to choose floor-length A-line models.

The colors of trendy models can be any – from monochrome to animal print, checkered and striped models.


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